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Jordan Nov 2013
Band Of Mystics
Jordan Aug 2013
Jordan Apr 2013
If the bible was so great, would it really need to call itself holy?
Jordan Oct 2013
The sky wept lifeforce, potential and love. Draining into a sea of tears on a seafloor of fears. Coral encrusted ambitions bathed in shallow inhibitions as we lost what the clouds could not bare. Alone and dieing our chances ceased to exist amongst the lost splendor of this once plentiful abyss.
Jordan Nov 2013
Her habit was herion my spell was depression, we adressed eachother in murmurs and groans, together we died and were reborn. It was sadder than the last day and gloomier than before, but we were closer when furthest away, like each time we stepped out we came home.
Jordan Dec 2013
letchor blood currdle like wild flowers melting in the mid day sun, let your fire dragon breath beneath the mess of leaves falling from a calm breeze.
Bring peace to a world where silence is comfort and passion is the tulip under the shade. Let the water trickle across your from and watch the skies turn from blue to grey.
The world is a heartache but a heart none the less, you needent suffer because suffering come from ones whose enlightenment leaves no mess.
Be a star in a sea of diamonds. croon for the howling of a dewwy morning.
Believe in a seed that can plant a whole world, never let the thoughts alter your disposition. Your true calling already exibits strength, quite lying to yourself, sleepless this and sinner with saints.
An enegmatic dissolusion of propriety and oath, formless and scouring we delve deeper into our shelf.
Cables and wires sing with praises of stables and liars, klu klux ****, peanut butter and jam, what a contravity of mystery and a hairless dogs epiphany. We told you once and we'll tell you again, your night stand secrets bar no weight in this land.

soldiers ships sail without a captian your ballroom gown looks like a tale unfathomed. please exsist in me as i believe in you. let your gaurd down and let me take the bow. please let my love pass through you like grasses ablaze, set my lingering sentient body free i have no more purple haze.

the morning will come and the night will shrink an exhaled body as yours dissapears in a blink. Together and forever a seemless reality, one blood runs through the oceans and cowers down the river stop breathe, you exist in moments like these

everybody sees you but no body nods, your a stupid little quip on someone elses radar. help yourself before you **** another be your best friend your mother your father your brother. let the ragsw turn to riches and the wine into the blind, let yourself ferment and **** the cat that explains your time. keep to yoursel fan dnever let them in, your a blind man with a stick and everyone else is screaming let me in. to each there own and to own a martyr is a shame, refrain from self obscurity and procrastinate your brain. Reach for the truth kept in a jar glass with the words mason like the illuminati keep in there car. your a vehicles for self enhilation a explosion of confusion, embrace this mess, it all you have to keep. like a safe bares a rope your only job is to escape..

brimming with hatred and filled up with angst your an emotional writer trying to die on the page.
**** yourself kindly and **** yourself well, your death will be celebrated like a child blowing out the candels at his birthday from hell. tears hit the icing and the presents all rott, something was a miss did his mother forget to love him not. the poor childs life went up in ruins the cycles of existance dug him into ruins bleeding and rotting a child life ion time be the future self that your chilhood friend can find. Be with your death like your beside your life. in the middle lies the truth betweent he lies of existing between pictures of books that no one took the time to read. death of a salesman the drowning of a rat, **** yourself with kindness eat your cake until your fat.

whats the problem with that? *******. you ****, you did it you ****! lol. :) ;) emote.

dying by numbers

illusions of granduer
life in a breath
**** the pitch man and take your breath

dont edit yourself absolve yourself

write for a feeling it is fleeting write for death and become alive
Jordan May 2013
“To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now.”
Jordan Aug 2013
You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as this universe. You didn't come into this world; you came out of it. Like a wave from the ocean - Alan Watts
Jordan May 2013

The Philosopher’s Stone is not just a spiritual metaphor but an actual substance that can transmute lead or mercury into gold. The Stone is a product of Alchemy. Unlike chemistry, which only deals with physical matter and energy, Alchemy makes use of etheric and astral energies to reconfigure matter at the quantum level. Alchemy is to chemistry what a cube is to the square; it is a superset of chemistry and is capable of so much more.

How Etheric Energy Overrides Physical Laws

Alchemical achievements require successfully gathering, concentrating, and multiplying etheric energy. When this energy reaches a critical threshold, it overpowers the normal laws of physics and allows seemingly miraculous processes to take place. I believe it does this by biasing probability. By amplifying the probability of minor quantum effects, which are normally limited to the subatomic scale, they manifest on the larger atomic scale. In this way, one element spontaneously transforms into another.

The world around us is made of subatomic particles that regularly undergo unpredictable jumps, teleportation, bilocation, superposition, and other strange quantum behaviors. Why don’t everyday solid objects do likewise? Because the random quantum jittering of their subatomic particles collectively average out to zero. Think of a large crowd of people; seen from the air, the crowd as a whole is stationary, even though individuals within the crowd move in seemingly random directions. It’s because their movements are random and uncoordinated that they average to zero net movement on the whole.

The world we see around us is merely a crowd of subatomic particles whose individual quantum jumps aren’t apparent because they average to collective stillness. Physical laws that govern our everyday world, known as the deterministic laws of classical physics, are merely the laws of the crowd. These laws are what’s left of quantum physics after the unpredictability is removed through statistical averaging. They are not absolute laws; they are just the most probable manner in which matter and energy behave.

Physical laws can be bent. While the probability is incredibly low that enough coordination and coherence develops among the quantum jitters to manifest on a collective scale, that is exactly what etheric energy does. It alters probability and thereby skews the laws of thermodynamics, gravity, electromagnetism, and chemistry.

Alchemy does not violate the laws of physics, nor does it always follow them, rather it bends them as needed. It operates upon the quantum foundation from which these laws arise in the first place, via etheric energy affecting the probability of quantum events.
Jordan Dec 2013
when heaven meets the universe only god will know how to deicipher moments like these
living in moments not monologues.
i can see you sweat i can feel you cyring through your gut. we were brought here to free you from slavery.
to all that you know, be here to show, all that you know.
Jordan Dec 2011
drinking drops of poison you think u are better beacuse society says its the norm, u drink more than u need because u dont see the irony. killing the one within, leaving source and drowing ur soul. i know there is better out there, because i have seen the sights and listened to the sounds, i sent myself a post card from the depths, asking myslef to get me out of here, and as i crawled my way out of the misguided representation of myself, i slowly but effectively learnt that life is greater than we allow it to be... So i tell you this not because i think ur ready but because if u ever are, it could help.
Jordan Aug 2012
what if we have known eachother forever, like one day in a cosmic soup we said hello, then from there on in for the next thousands of years we have incarnated in different forms just to be with eachother, maybe it wasnt always romantic but maybe it was, maybe i seen u at the diner or maybe it was on a spaceship to mars...either way i see you and i feel you and i have always been by ur side...waiting, hoping, wishing for the moments when we realize whats down deep, deep down inside.
Jordan Jun 2013
i don't want to become one of those people that passively watches life through a computer screen.
Jordan Apr 2013
I want to speak out for a life beyond the illusion, perpetuate dreams and friendships for a life that stands out miles above the clouds.
Jordan Feb 2013
Together in a surrealists dream, we smile and joyfully connect with content, beautiful and alive in our hearts electromagnetic tent. Causually but with purpose we persuade dreams to manifest, we are perveyors of magic to this our souls can atest.

I leave you here now with but one little notion, together as one drinking this textual potion. Let yourself shine and be one with your kind, embrace the light and sing with the devine. Be proud of who you are and honest with your mind. Stay true to your heart and love is what you'll find.
Jordan Aug 2013
look at things more as an album rather than a song. Enjoy a one hit wonder, but dont hold it in the same light as a box set.
Jordan Apr 2013
i **** and cry, i breath and i die. this shallow child has no appreciation of the depth, this child hasnt stepped off the edge of the cliff. not to scream and splat but to catch oneself and soar into the eagles nest. where o where is the power within to stop yourself from reaching your ****** at the bottom of the canyon of sin. why o why do children cry, when all they need is there mommy to reassure them that gods inside. please little one open your eyes, speak wild and dream big for heaven is god's blue sky. teach yourself to love oneself. never be afraid to fail, for failure is a present wrapped in ****, teaching you to get a hold, get a grip.
Jordan May 2013
you can only eradicate a defunk system by replacing it with a better model.
Jordan Mar 2013
Dissolve the illusion of what you think you've been. Instead focus on the truth by turning your power within.
Jordan May 2013
"Black ink bleeds deepest into ivory emptiness, creating a message void of noise or color. Between polar opposites there is no compromise..."
Jordan Dec 2013
life is a series of signals some of them messages, no all of them messages. signals from the heart saying i love you...where are you? come back home.
Jordan Apr 2013
only the light of truth can disperse the darkness
Jordan Aug 2012
machines fill the space of empty silence, open doors and unlocked rooms.

pleasure drifts like trees on the island, golden locks tussled upon sandy shores.

if being alive wasn't romantic enough, then living would be even more.
Jordan Jan 2013
take me to the wilderness let me dance amongst the trees, with the night sky above let me feel the souls of my feet. spinning and twirling and whirling beneath the starry sky, comet trails and moon beams, with a twinkle in my eye. I am connected here, one with the earth, i live in a trance like beauty much freer and deeper than this dirt. through it i am connected but beyond it i exist, like the dreams of an endless saturday, motionless but still alert
Jordan Aug 2013
higher than lightning, louder than thunder
Jordan May 2013
Share your land, share your food, share your kindness, share your talent. Work together to create something better.
Jordan May 2013
plasticized packaging of ******* another supermarket shelf.
give me another reason why i should give a **** to reason with myslef.
alone and i'm dieing, crippled self. beat and im broken another discarded self.

together we're dreaming, dreaming of dieing, set us free, alone and i'm dieing, liberty.
give in, give up, wasted space. thoughtless protrusion, it isnt me.
giving and taking always mistaking. forgive and forget, I hate myself.

endless illusion, sanity. believing and defying, alone and im crying.
heartless conclusion inflated contusion
lets just breathe.
give it away now, insanity.
bringing it back now, releasing me.
holding my hand now, unity.
Jordan Apr 2013
Lauren Catherine M
you've got it worded wonderfully

Rene Gade Love
fresh off the press
my brain just did a push up
or a pull up if you think it lifted up towards my soul
Jordan May 2013
also i cant help but think about when i asked you about where you want to live and how that might of got you goin, and how today i was thinking about you livin on this property...

life is amazing like that, when you notice one thing take you to the next. i think we were just talking about that as well. or no that was prob with the kids at the skate park, but how one converstaion subject matter can lead you to a video about that conversation inadvertenly and so on and so forth. a series of dot connections, insigated by ur influences...which now that i think about it stems from where you put ur energy and who you let in your life and what you do with ur time...holy! it really comes all right back to you. the rest of the world is just a mig feedback loop. creations in time to help you find your purpose based on your piont in space and time.

also i was thinking how we might be born as clean slates and then are environment just influences us to create individuals...not sure what all this means but i am thinking nature is clever. how do u remain a not identifying thinking and keeping an open mind and heart i guess...but then maybe that just leaves you with the best of what your experience creates. then there is the whole soul thing but not sure about all that...anyways ramble ramble. good stuff.
Jordan May 2013
the direction i was goin with that vibe thing is like when ur in the zone its all instantanious IE. when your feeling with your heart, communication or vibes are beyond time and space and you pick them up or they get picked up right away. its beyond language, language of the heart, electromagnetics that exists as one body throughout the fabric of creation...we are the fabric, tune into your heart center and the world is a magical pond that reflects your focus and mirrors your intent. Syncronicity and abundance baby!
Jordan Sep 2013
our hearts bound by universal glue we stuck to eachother like a ***** to a spoon
Jordan Apr 2013
flowers...we can smell them, this is amazing.
Jordan May 2013
don't believe them when they say they did it for you...they did it for themselves and they want something in return.
Jordan May 2013
she had eyes that could mine gold from mountains and a heart that ran like a wild stream
Jordan May 2013
free your mind, channel the divine, creation beyond space and time.
machines don't feel, we feel.
instruments of mass delusion
create harmony and joy, bliss is the angels kiss.

Rene Gade Love thinking about space travel...and going through the fabric of the understanding of nature to harness its power.
not sure if this would make space travel a worthy endevour based on the theory of being in harmoney with things...but thats what i am looking to machines that are aligned with nature, but i guess its comes back down to the human point of are you using it to create life, or destroy it. I mean it should enhance life, is my piont...while leaving the fundamental nature unchanged...oooo ???
23 minutes ago · Edited · Like

Rene Gade Love how to create without destruction, or disconnection.
22 minutes ago · Like

Rene Gade Love like a creator god and not one in training, lol.
22 minutes ago · Like

Rene Gade Love would love to see where this has all gotten us.
21 minutes ago · Like

Rene Gade Love or machines that enhance our ability to transend duality...consiousness machines...thats probly more like time travel.
20 minutes ago · Like

Rene Gade Love better yet the fundemental understanding of nature and ourselves to become this vessel of higher intelligence, maybe human is just where its at though, cause we arent really god and we aint really not just go with it.
Jordan Mar 2013
Intrinsic threads, attached to intricate webs, dance upon a lovers pull.
Jordan Feb 2013
the earth shakes beneath tectonic plates
a misery of mistakes weaved from the same rope that will hang the united states
as empires fall we withdraw
compassion for killjoy a complete and utter moral cleanse

dictators or dollars it doesn't make a difference
retrograde deviants persuing misanthropic leaniance
together as one bleeding out of every orface
the love of god flickers as the sign for hope is resurfaced
Jordan Aug 2013
Do not let others behavior destroy your inner peace
Jordan Jul 2013
How much do we have to take before we can go without, how long before the draught? death by entertainment, it seemed so glamorous how could one go without?

I knew better to begin with, now its time to have faith in my oneness. opening a new chapter to a story that has no end, doing away with infinite incarnations perpetuated by masochistic sin. Death to the creator, the created, the masturbated, incubated, presipitated falsehoods of pajentry. Death to all the silly megabytes of pompous epiphany. Death to the beast that thrived off of insecurity. Death to all that which is no longer me.

Unsimulated, unappropraited energy that is free to be anything but alerts on a screen. False flags of fullfillment waving endlessly with self pity. Perfectly punctuated cries for help and lol's that reeked of nothing but "I hate myself."

Cut the net, it's a trap for something fluid with that which doesn't connect. Don't bother looking here for love, it is already in all that doesn't limit itself.;=player_detailpage
Jordan Aug 2013
Yes, I do believe in something. I believe in being warmhearted. I believe especially in being warmhearted in love, in ******* with a warm heart. I believe if men could **** with warm hearts, and the women take it warmheartedly, everything would come all right. It’s all this coldhearted ******* that is death and idiocy. - D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Jordan Jan 2013
I lost her to the sea, she drifted away form me, swept out by the tide, spun out in the sand, I lost the love of my life to the vast ocean's mysterious plan.

It is plain to see i cannot shake this life, but yet here I stand in stormy weather looking for a break in the clouds to set me right.

Let me be, let me see, I scream in laughter. Let me die upon wounded knee if pain is all that I am after.

Let the sun sing and melt away the ice, let the birds swing and shine bighter than the starry night.

I can not go on living like this, like a ship wrecked boat with all my treasure sunken to the bottom of this worthless sea, as my heart screams, let it be, let it be.
Jordan Dec 2013
i cant get into any bars because im under age. none of my friends would take me anyways because i like to disco rave. people say i am sleezy and kind of weird, but they dont know the difference between here and there.
Jordan Jan 2013
**** the solution that doesn't solve you, a systematic break down of years gone by
this troublesome dialect between ******* branches of human consiousness rotting you from the inside
bred to believe in the maginificance of your race, attach a cross and spit in the face of any religious intervention that takes place

Killing in the name of your own blind-sided distrust, you seek familiariity and are robustly unjust
no matter however, because they are all like you, blind, unkind and groping just like a pedaphile at the zoo.

So let the darkness take your health, as you chase its dreams of promises and wealth
you will die alone and unfullfilled unless you stop and wonder
why oh why is this place ******* me in the *** and taking my spirit through the preverbial meat grinder
Jordan Apr 2013
It is arrogant of man to disregard nature and slander its wisdom by his own hand. But I guess one must embrace the Devil before he can respect God.
Jordan Nov 2013
"Finding God's Match For Me" On Christian Mingle
Jordan Mar 2013
Pent up like a rat in a zoo, all I have are fond memories of you. Watchin’ kids cartoons and laughing at the evening news. Beautiful and broken, we were eachothers golden tokens. Lost in a gaze, every day was like a race through the maze. Believing in time well spent, lost love letters and hand prints in cement. It was true, you could make grey skies turn blue, for you i’d sing any tune, whispering back and forth I love you’s.
Jordan Jan 2013
cry with me delila, **** some sadness with me, break down these levvy walls and watch the town sink below, women and children screaming as horses drown tied to wooden posts.
Jordan May 2013
Red and blues flashing, the electrons in a game of TRON dashing.
Forgive me not for i haven't sinned, it is your lack of congealing that keeps you trapped within.
An omnipresent empire built of circuitry and solder.
Please leave me be for I am not waste, refuse, master or martyr.
Jordan Aug 2013
Your voice is like a shower to my chakras, your energy like a baptism.
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