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The radiant heat that inspires summer love,
is slowly falling away like leaves in Autumn.

As the wave of frost billows over the earth,
hearts too, are affected by its suffocating cold.

What once was love and happiness spreading,
is now a blanket of regret and confusion.

No longer are couples joyously relaxing below the starlight skies of summer.

Those once envied for their passion,
are now distraught and alone.

Yet love likes to linger longingly.

Men struggle to impress those they admire,
while women waste worthless woe with imbeciles.

If only men had patience.
If only women had insight.

In this ever changing world,
in order to find love,
one must first find balance.

Love, love is a balance of pain and pleasure.
Where the pain they cause,
is outweighed by their passion.
Knowledge is a curse.
Given to us through deceit.

Or is it a gift?

Were we meant to be simple beings?

Did it's discovery corrupt our ancestors?

Were we always full of intrigue?


If we had kept living in the dark,
would one of our gifted, or cursed, try to lead us out?

Did God give us the ability to reason,
or did we strip it from His flesh?

Now with the limitless power to think,
will we destroy each other attempting to surpass ourselves?
Or will we prove ourselves worthy of the potent genius we somehow came to posses?
A spark to start my life,
A crutch to guide me through the chaos,
A mentor to teach me to think.

A child leaving to get his way,
searching for freedom,
attaining a curse.

A new young adult,
wise yet naive,
learns from his mistakes.

You are not just a dad to me
You are my Father.
My desires are insatiable.

My attempts to move on
only reassure the necessity.

Were I to ask of you
where your passion leads,
would you let me down softly
or take me by the hand?

In this age of chaos and revolt,
one must be loved by another.

Times are changing and so am I.

I've come out from my cocoon
entered a pig, escaped a man.

This transformation is in distress.

Requires more attention.
Needs more intelligence.
Hungers for contact.
Thirsts for love.

— The End —