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As the blade passed from ****** to maniac.
The weapon steals a minute portion of their tortured souls.

The energy pulsating form its hilt,
Empowers its wielder with wit and agility.

The humblest of men succumb to its addictive call.

In the moment, not one ounce of guilt is felt, the dagger prevents it,
Replacing most emotions with the bloodthirsty need to ****.

Seconds before the crime, no life is seen in the murderer’s eyes.
The only emotion visible as the knife is ****** into you, is bliss.
We’re on top of the world,

The hollow scatter about

Unwittingly giving up what little they possess

To superficial servants of Satan.

They ****, steal, ****** and maim

With disturbed views of this holy land,

The god they worship, inactive and uncaring.

Mindless sheep wander with a false shepherd;

Righteous act to cull the herd.

Can you save the souls of the soulless?

Cleanse the hearts of the heartless?

Teach thinking to the thoughtless?

We are the true gods, creating our own world,

Piece by piece,

Thought by thought,

Soul by soul,

Our conversation is altering your reality.

Open your eyes.

All you desire comes to be if you believe,

We are our own creation.

Each action has an equal but opposite reaction,

No act of kindness goes unpunished.

This unstable world we live is fragile,

Requiring a perfect balance of yin and yang,

Peace and war,

Love and hate,

Harmony and chaos,

We can change that.

The very act of thinking is a rebellion.

Preaching this, a revolution.

You need only to think one thought,

To free yourself from the illusion laid before you.

I make the rules

The sky you once saw; a pale pastel.

The trees; jagged and unnatural.

Even your own body becomes foreign.

Do not fret, for your mind will adjust.

The illusion will reappear in another form,

And the fight for control will rise again.

That is, if you remember your last battle.

Each reapplication of lies

Become increasingly impossible to penetrate.

You must fight your own imagination.
The radiant heat that inspires summer love,
is slowly falling away like leaves in Autumn.

As the wave of frost billows over the earth,
hearts too, are affected by its suffocating cold.

What once was love and happiness spreading,
is now a blanket of regret and confusion.

No longer are couples joyously relaxing below the starlight skies of summer.

Those once envied for their passion,
are now distraught and alone.

Yet love likes to linger longingly.

Men struggle to impress those they admire,
while women waste worthless woe with imbeciles.

If only men had patience.
If only women had insight.

In this ever changing world,
in order to find love,
one must first find balance.

Love, love is a balance of pain and pleasure.
Where the pain they cause,
is outweighed by their passion.
Inside ourselves we strive for happiness,
yet we are riddled with conflicting emotions.

Pain and pleasure.

Joy and despair.

Arrogance and humility.

We are complicated beings.

We hie behind masks.

We threaten each others lives.

We cower in fear of one another.

Can we, as a whole, escape from this rut we put ourselves in?

Will humanity survive itself,
or will we drive the world into madness?
A kiss, short but full of passion.

You've got a tempestuous past,
fulfilling all your desires.

What about your future?

Will it be with the one you love?
Or still driven by your sensual appetite?

How will your satisfy your hunger?
A sparing array of snacks?
Or a nightly feast of ambrosia?

A god is giving you a chance now,
to see if you are worthy.

Will you take it?
Be embraced by the light?
Or continue down the path of darkness?
You can feel the rush surging through your body.

Non-stop electricity coursing through your veins.

The power is corruption stealing your soul.

Your desires in multiplicity,
acts recurring again and again.

Men become monsters hunting their prey.

Lusting without discretion,
Lilith lures their low-life souls.
Knowledge is a curse.
Given to us through deceit.

Or is it a gift?

Were we meant to be simple beings?

Did it's discovery corrupt our ancestors?

Were we always full of intrigue?


If we had kept living in the dark,
would one of our gifted, or cursed, try to lead us out?

Did God give us the ability to reason,
or did we strip it from His flesh?

Now with the limitless power to think,
will we destroy each other attempting to surpass ourselves?
Or will we prove ourselves worthy of the potent genius we somehow came to posses?
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