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Aug 2011
The radiant heat that inspires summer love,
is slowly falling away like leaves in Autumn.

As the wave of frost billows over the earth,
hearts too, are affected by its suffocating cold.

What once was love and happiness spreading,
is now a blanket of regret and confusion.

No longer are couples joyously relaxing below the starlight skies of summer.

Those once envied for their passion,
are now distraught and alone.

Yet love likes to linger longingly.

Men struggle to impress those they admire,
while women waste worthless woe with imbeciles.

If only men had patience.
If only women had insight.

In this ever changing world,
in order to find love,
one must first find balance.

Love, love is a balance of pain and pleasure.
Where the pain they cause,
is outweighed by their passion.
Christopher Hayes
Written by
Christopher Hayes
   Joshua Smith
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