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Poets don't shed tears, they just spill ink.
 Feb 2015 Josh Allen
Heidi Mason
my self value
is nothing
my love for
is still, nothing

noth-ing /pro: not anything; no single thing.

the dictionary finally
has a word that describes
the way I have been feeling
about the life inside me

I can't help
but to hate
the person
that I've
allowed myself
to become

im feeling nothing
and I am nothing
 Jan 2015 Josh Allen
Heidi Mason
what the ****
I was 4 years old
and you betrayed me
you told me lies
and I loves to hear them
for not caring about me
and I hate you.
 Jan 2015 Josh Allen
Heidi Mason
hey you
I think you know
how to hurt me
and to creep
in between my skin
and I hate you
 Jan 2015 Josh Allen
Heidi Mason
you think the words
I scramble together
when I want to **** myself
are beautiful
but they ******* aren't
stop glorifying
the fact that people
want to die.
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