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I think it's sort of odd how we love something more
Once it's gone
We're too distracted to appreciate
Too greedy to be grateful
Too lost ourselves to ever listen
I see you there
I feel your touch magnified
I'm leaving tomorrow
Finally tonight
I see you
It was too sweet
My mouth salivated almost painfully
There were too many chills
Too many thrills
Long nights sugar coated and pale
My bed is my home
Where I rest my crown on sweet solitude
My sheets cover me with love
And I am rejuvenated with dreams
Of the moon, the stars, and the sea
 Mar 2013 Joseph Macias
So we were sitting around with some college dude
And talking about what we wanted to do later
And the pretty little girls wanted to be singers or artists
And the little blond boy wanted to be a movie director up in the golden city
They had star-studded dreams of art and passion
And this one guy says he wants to be in finance
And be a stock broker
And play with money
Because he likes money.
So I looked over and saw him there
Leaning far back in his chair with a purple penguin T-Shirt
And gloriously doodled notebooks
And I thought this kid
This kid
Is not afraid of losing his soul.
Perhaps he lost it years ago
And figures he's got nothing to lose.

I thought this kid
Is going places.
Perhaps not very moral places, perhaps not very clean places
But big places.

If I was a really good poet I would probably say many deep things about this kid so willing to be a Wall Street slave
But I'm also
Just a kid

— The End —