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Kaleigh Vaughn Oct 2013
What's there to say
When everything is okay
Kaleigh Vaughn May 2013
Your eyes smile so sweetly
Especially when your teeth are gently digging into my flesh -your evening delicacy
There's something about your love that I fancy
Your eager hands, maybe..
And the way you make me feel so **** ****
Kaleigh Vaughn May 2013
I don't feel anything
Just a burn on the back of my throat
From all this tequila I've been drinking
Kaleigh Vaughn Apr 2013
Why does a love that does not exist still burn as powerful as the plasmic magnetic fields that boil within the sun?

Maybe one day this fascination will burst into a supernova..
And you may have no where to run..
Kaleigh Vaughn Apr 2013
There's some nights like these

When I can't resist the thought

Of your lips pressed against my cheeks

And your fingers dancing across the new ******* I bought
Kaleigh Vaughn Apr 2013
I fill my lungs with lust
And fixate my dilated eyes on these light fixtures
The room has been spinning for hours
And I keep exhaling all of this seductive literature

Sometimes my tongue gets a little wicked
My fingers keep twitching
But that's only because the good lord knows how badly this love has me smitten
Kaleigh Vaughn Mar 2013
I'll spend my night self loathing--over this glass of wine

I always end up like this, every night

But in the morning, I'm fine.
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