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Joseph Macias Oct 2016
I have to think
No wait
I'm tired of thinking
What am I going to do
Someone save me
Is there an end
When will a new story begin
Catastrophe coming to an end
Never again
I must learn
Not all love burns
Joseph Macias Sep 2016
Let me begin with this
I am with you
I'll try to make you see
It's nothing like you've had
Faith is all you'll need
You'll overcome many things
I'll show you the way
Just don't forget to breathe
Its the hardest thing to do
I am with you
I'll help guide you
Now hold on tight
Keep your eyes on me
I'll keep you safe
I'll make you strong
My love will flow upon you
I am with you
Joseph Macias Sep 2016
I want to be clear
I gotta be honest
Let me just say
I can't live without it
You think of me to be foolish
It's all I got left in me
I hope one day you'll understand
He lives inside of me
Even if you don't feel me
I will still believe
What He's done for me
I wanna share this with you
Even though it might cost what I got with you
You seem to need this more then me
Trust me
I'm not judging you
You're my brother
You're my sister
Never a stranger
I can help rescue you
Joseph Macias Sep 2016
At this again
I thought I was through
Why must you be selfish
We can all win
Give it a chance
You'll find something from within
You and I go around
I'm tired of this merry-go-round
I'll leave you on the ground
No more dead weight
That day will come
Just you wait
See me rise
Rise to the top
All the way up
Ain't no stopping me
You'll be a past memory
Joseph Macias Sep 2016
It's not that I'm broken
I'm not
It's not that I don't care
I do
I'm learning to care about what's important
I don't want to be nice to everyone
I just want to be what needs to be
I desire more from myself
I just need more
Settling isn't in me
I try and I fail every time
I desire more from myself
I desire more from others
That might be selfish
I truly see the best in others
I love being a mentor
I give more because I want more
I'm ******* myself
I see what I can be
I truly believe in myself
I love myself
Hardest lesson I had to learn
Learned that a long time ago
I desire more
I need and want more
With or without you
I will be more
Joseph Macias Sep 2016
Here we go again, this feels like a mystery, I'm inside of you, but I just can't read you, feeling like a crazy game, but this isn't Sorry, I know you see me try a lot, I know you do a lot, but for some reason we can't get together in the same slot, I'm hungrier then I've ever been, thirsty poets write as though they got nothing from with in, rhyming like tomato, tomahto, in need of a rhyming dictionary, save me from the misery, I'm the realist **** ever, I dare you to compete with me, trust me, I saw your arrival, but its time to go, you're about to go suicidal, let's end this with a goodbye and never say hello
Joseph Macias Apr 2015
The air has escaped my lungs
Let me just begin to breathe
I want to say so much
My tongue has no movement
My mouth does not open
These lips stay together and yet
My mind begins to wonder
It wonders into a million thoughts
There's no clarity, no reasoning
I believe this to be true
The way to say these things
Love, truth and compassion
They continually escape from me
I'm consumed with frustration
I bite my lips for any relief
There is none, no forgiveness
I won't give up
These thoughts, these true thoughts
I need to find them
I need to breathe again, I need too
I will find my inner peace
My thoughts will recognize the good
My life will have value
These words will know love
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