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Jordan McRae Aug 2013
I’m waiting for you.
I’m waiting for the endless conversations we’ll have.
I’m waiting for the laughter we will share.
I’m waiting for you to break down my walls.
I wait for you.

I’m waiting for our perfect imperfections.
I’m waiting to spend our nights together.
I’m waiting to tell you my every thought.
I’m waiting for our minds to read each other.
I’m waiting for you.

Because of all of this,
Because of our love,
Because of the deeper parts of you that I can’t see right now,
I will always wait for you.

I can’t see you right now,
I might not even know you right now,
But one day I will know you better than you know yourself.
So, take your time getting here
Because, I know you’re worth the wait.

*- j.m.
Jordan McRae Aug 2013
If you are new to love,
I wish you nothing but the best.
I hope your first love is your last.
I hope that your first marriage is your only one.
I hope that everything works out for you.
But it might not work out that way.
Unfortunately, being heartbroken is common.
And, it hurts like hell.

That why those who have been hurt appreciate the sight of innocent love.
It’s so pure, and all of the happiness is still there.

Those who have been hurt support enduring love,
Because it shows that there are still people willing to fight for their love.

Those that have been hurt wish the best to people who are new to love.
Because, we have been hurt.
We don’t want you to be where we have been,
Or where we are.

We’ve been in love,
We have loved, and we have loved more.
And after that love is gone, you are stuck.

So good luck to those that are new,
To those that are innocent,
And to those that are fighting.

Because most of us are stuck.
We may think that we are fine,
But we are stuck
Hoping that someday someone
Will like what they see and accept what they cannot see,
And set us free.

*- j.m.
Jordan McRae Aug 2013
When I hear the word “forever,”
I become cautious.

I’ve heard the word many times.

And each time that word is tested,
Its eternality becomes more finite
And its timelessness reveals an expiration date.

*- j.m.
Jordan McRae Jul 2013
My house wasn’t a house.
It was our home.

When we were here,
Silence turned into symphonies,
And empty rooms were filled with warmth.

We made this house a home.

This home is desolate now,
But I can vividly see memories of what used to be.

At the door, your beautiful face greeted me.

In the kitchen, I watched you cook.
We would sneak in a couple of kisses on the counter.
And then you’d go back to cooking; I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.

Eating breakfast with you at the table felt surreal.
I had shared meals with you before, but this was different.

After breakfast I carried you up the stairs to our room.
We made love on the bed, the floors, the bathroom counter, and the shower.
Our love was boundless.

There isn’t a place within this house that I can’t see you.
These memories greet me every day with a frigid certainty:
This was our home,
Now, it’s just my house.

*- j.m.
Jordan McRae Jul 2013
One day I’ll come home from work
Exhausted from the daily grind,
And you’ll be there.

Your smile will rejuvenate me.

One evening we’ll be sitting on the couch
Watching a movie
We’ll be all comfy and warm.

You’re company will complete me.

And one morning I will wake up
Rested from my slumber.
And as I open my eyes,
There you are.

Your presence will make me the happiest man alive.

I don’t know where you are now,
But I do know you’re out there somewhere,
And you’re getting here as fast as you can.

I long for the day that you arrive.

*- j.m.
Jordan McRae Jul 2013
Everyone out there wants something.
Maybe it’s wealth, beauty, or fame.

As of now, I don’t want those things.
I want someone.

I want someone that loves me for me.
Someone that sees the darker parts of me, and stays.
Someone that doesn’t run when storms are approaching.

I want someone that will fight for us
You don’t have to be perfect, because Lord knows I’m not.

If you have issues, I will help you.
If you are hurting, I will care for you.
If you stay and love me…
I promise I will love you with every ounce of my being.

I just want to love and be loved.
Is that too much to ask for?

*- j.m.
Jordan McRae Jul 2013
Do you really think I want to cut someone loose?
Do you think I want to be the cold person?

Having important people in my life makes me happy.
I want them to stay forever.
I want them to want to stay…

But when they hurt me,
When they judge me,
When they do me wrong,
After I’ve treated them like family…
That’s when become colder.

You don’t hurt me,
When I have never wronged you.

Don’t have the naivety or the audacity
To think I will continue to make room for you in my life.

I don’t like burning bridges that I constructed.
I don’t like cutting off people I’ve invested my all into.
But, sometimes it’s necessary.

*- j.m.
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