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Apr 2015 · 888
Shini Gami
Drawn to death like a sick moth to the flame,
The topic's toxic, turn and tossing,
Teeter totter for days,
It seems to follow me, a hollowing,
a carving of hearts,
Darkness trailing, gloom impaling me,
I'm falling apart.
There's art in death, not that it's pretty but well orchestrated
Amidst a somber tune, a hopeful light,
But in the core there's hatred.
An elegy of emptiness..
  A ghastly, dark symphony.
And when I die, please don't cry..
  Just sing for me.

I let the ink spill like i sliced an artery. Then i drink til, my mind's an anomaly.
I think ill, solitude's so ******* me.
On the, brink still, it's a lil disheartening.

But I keep writing anyways.
Believe me, there are many days,
Thinking of a way that I could find to cope with.
The fact I lost someone that I thought I would grow old with.
Sometimes life just isn't fair
And in it, there's no favorites,
Cherish every moment,
Smell the roses, you should savor it.
Apr 2015 · 400
Wait for it....
They say good things come,
to those of us that wait.
Some pay no attention to it,
Some others call it fate.
But I guess there is some truth,
to having a little patience.
Cuz you showed up and easily surpassed all expectations.
That made the wait so worth it,
There's no way, nowhere no forces,
That could separate me from a being that's so perfect.
So if I had to, I'd wait again.
Wait longer than Roman Rory,
I'd wait as long as I needed,
for the chance to start our story.
Apr 2015 · 412
Sounds we Hear
I overheard two kids talking,
They say the darndest things,
In the span of 5 minutes, they were laughing, crying, arguing.
They argued about who was faster,
They laughed at jokes I didn't get.
They whispered plenty secrets,
Double-dared and made some bets.
"I can run around you a million times in two minutes"
"But I have a glue that slows you down,
The more you run around in it"
"Mr. Fernandez, you have to pick!
Him or me, who is faster?
"Don't look at me, I'm not getting in the middle of this matter.
You both need to solve this.
Don't fight or throw a fit.
"Okay, fine! I got it, we'll play tag then and you're it!
And as they ran off laughing,
That's when I realized.
They're just kids but they know what it means to truly be alive.
Apr 2015 · 392
Where. . . am I??
When times are great,
We never ask ourselves why.
We often say that we deserved it,
but that's just a lie.
And when we're feeling down,
When you just wish you could die,
That's when you start to question your position and purpose in life.
You start to question your past,
And grow afraid of your future.
You regret that though choices were vast,
The ones you made were not super.
An optimist won't worry,
they say "It'll all fall in place".
A pessimist feels buried,
Guilty, like a lost case.
I don't know what to think.
and I don't have any answers.
Half my thoughts are scattered ink trails, rain from rambling ranter.
When it comes to life and purpose,
If you were to ask me,
I'd tell you we're all exactly, where we're all meant to be.
Apr 2015 · 2.3k
Rebirth and Overdose
30 DPC #21

Rebirth and Overdose

I drink too many toxins,
I can't sleep.

I'm feeling way too boxed in,
Sides too steep.

Don't give me the rope just yet,
I might do something I regret,

And use the rope to run away
and just forget.

**Remixed from the work of Aliza Eliora, and her poem, Overdose.
Apr 2015 · 1.8k
Backwards Idioms
I'm the one and many,
Nutty with no screws loose,
A couple eggs short of the breakfast and the cooked goose.
I'm cooler than the side of the pillow that you sleep on,
I blend in with the crowd, even when I'm wearing neon,
Beyond excellent,
feeling like a million cents,
Ever since,
I stopped,
Using my uncommon sense.
I'm the cat's woof,
With the bark to match my teeth,
I'm the bee's knees, legs, arms, eyes, feet.
I'll stop when Heaven freezes, or when the lady sings it,
Snug in a rug but not a wall-hugging insect.
Never will the raven,
ever fly the same.
The scars on broken wings,
will always remain.
The darkness that follows,
None escape its reach.
We're all touched by shadows,
But shadows can be breached.
All it takes is light,
whether small or dim.
Without light, it's blurry
Where life ends and death begins.
Apr 2015 · 326
will the ebon raven ever soar,
Feathers torn,
the seven sins tethered bore,
Hard fruit,
black and rotted to the core,
Dark soot,
Covering a brooding door.
Open it,
A deep regret if you explore,
Hoping is,
Good for nothing, evermore.

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe,
The Raven
Apr 2015 · 346
Top Ten
What are my favorite things?
Where do I begin?
It's hard to cut the list down, to my favorite ten
Naturally, at the top, I have my friends and family.
I appreciate them all,
my friends, thanks for having me.
Parents and my siblings, they don't have much choice,
But we put each other first, we come together and rejoice.
And where would we all be if we were all, without love?
It's when I feel the hate, that it's love I'm thinking of.
Cuz love is ever-present, deeply felt and omnipo-tent,
And between that and hate, love will always be my choice and,
With love comes this feeling, it's what the doctor ordered.
For any kind of healing, you should always pay it forward.
Cuz even if you're broke,
you can always give.
I swear that it's no joke, tis the only way to live.
It's the small things that count.
That really make my day.
They bring the sunshine out when we're seeing skies of gray.
We focus so much on life, we forget what really matters.
It's work for life, or loving life,
We should focus on the latter.
All work and no play,
makes life pretty boring.
I play video games and love music, they paint the bestest stories.
I love this sport so much,
some think I'm off my rocker,
So if you really know me, you'll know I'm talking about soccer.
I love all kinds'a food, but nothing beats mexican cuisine
And if you haven't tried some, then where the hell have you been?
It's heaven in your mouth,
Paradise allurin',
And nothing in the world,
can beat my momma's cooking.
Last but not least,
there's Holly, my one and only.
With her in my life, I will never again feel lonely.
She makes life worth living, loves me so, I love my life.
Knowing that one day I'll be her groom, she'll be my wife.
Apr 2015 · 248
Prosaic *Light* Fiction
In my possession is a notebook. A special notebook with the ability to **** anybody whose name is written in it. I've had this skill forever, and every **** remembered. I told myself I would use this skill responsibly. So I started putting names in the notebook only of people I thought deserved to be in there. Killers and rapists. Crooked cops and corporate thieves. I've done this so long, it's natural to me now. I've never had a great struggle with it. I always justified it by saying they deserved it. That the world is better off.
There's been a string of murders lately. Horrible, gruesome murders. To this date, the murders were the worst. And at the list of awful humans, this killer was the first, at the top, i wished he'd rot, he'd get caught by honest cops but I digress.
It's probably for the best because I'm justifying again. This killer was the worst.
One starry summer night, after hanging with the guys, my best friend and I were both sitting outside. Both drunk and incoherent, liquor lowered defense, my buddy with excuses, then off he went. He left behind his wallet. I picked it up and followed. It took me a while but I caught him. But the next scene was surprising. The tension kept on rising. My friend was standing over a corpse. Dark red liquid was slowly pouring out. Then suddenly it made sense. My friend was the killer. The one that I was after. Worst of all, the corpse, it was my lover. My rage was quickly growing. My ire surely showing. That's when I reached out for my notebook. But as I grabbed my pen and as I opened the pages...
I stopped and hesitated....
Apr 2015 · 466
Mr. Puntastic
My words are mixed messages,
The work of a madman,
My poems come in hazmats
I'm on a pen and pad ban,
My mind's running like lab rats,
Or running like a black lab,
Crazy like that lab rat's mad hat,
Tell me, did you catch that?
If not, say "no nintendo"
I think that's spanish and it means "no comprehend, yo"..

Yo no comprendo either but how can I under stand?
When I'm sitting over sneakers,
Being loud, I'm never bland,
So let me expand, this man is too big for his own good,
My bark's bigger than my bite,
I got a tree with old-grown wood,
Strong as an oak tree, lil ol' me's never board.
I'm not a playwright but I write many plays on words
And here onwards I vow to always entertain,
I'm a poet, and I know it, that's my middle name.

But actually, it's not. Because I don't have one.
Apr 2015 · 229
The Present Present
I've grown too sick and tired
Building ire, flames and fire from my hearth,
They feed the inner struggle, daily rumbles, jumbled in my heart,

At times, I lose myself, both in the moment and the essence,
I just wanna be, like Common, but my sense, it lessens me,

I called Death, weak and dying, I arose from fading ashes,
I've learned to live my life more as the present passes.
I tend to focus on the dread, the darkness,
On Death, the dead, the daring, the dauntless,
The doomed, the ******, the sad and depressing,
The dim, the duped, the drones and distressing.
When it's overwhelming and I feel the world will eat me,
That's when I realize that I wasn't seeing clearly,
The world is pretty messed up,
Sure, that part is true,
But there's lots of positivity and amazing things to do.
You can crack a joke, then a smile, pass it along,
You can share some stories, share some forties and a song,
Make some memories, make new friends and live with purpose.
You need to find a goal in life, and devote to living for this,
Whether it's start a family or change a life or change the world.
you can start today by spreading love through joy and words.

Live to the fullest every day
And every day will be your truest.
Apr 2015 · 286
Invisible Tracks
I thought you'd live forever if I wrote you in these pages.
But nothings forever, nothing can live for many ages.
Pencil can be erased.
Stone crumbles to dust.
Ink can fade away.
Metals are doomed to rust.
It seems the only way, to keep your soul alive,
Is to keep you in our hearts, and never let it die.
Apr 2015 · 296
Animal Instincts
Lately, my nights are days,
Following rays of moonlight,
A stray wandering, wondering
if I can do right.
Searching a place for rest,
A mess inside consumed.
Every night I'm crying out,
Howling at the moon.

... yet it falls on deaf ears,
I feel and fear that death nears,
I hear it's sneers and blood smears,
But maybe I'm crazy,
Amazing how our minds works,
Cuz i swear i catch your scent or see your face or hear your kind words.

Deep sleep eludes me,
so dreams are even rarer,
My heart has grown so heavy,
My hairs are getting grayer.

Lost in thought,
it's 8 a.m.
Calm me,
lunar requiem.
Apr 2015 · 886
Elegant Elegy
And here's my elegy, elegantly written,
Barely fitting, in these pages,
I'm sitting on my hopes,
and dwelling on my notes,
My back's against the ropes,
my thoughts are bursting out of me,
half cowardly,
I tremble as I move,
I'm shaking in my boots,
Replaying in my head,
feels like forever losing you,
Stuck in a place like a hamster in a wheel,
Until sick is all I feel,
Avoid thinking just to deal,
I keep on spiraling til I'm getting nowhere quick like that hamster and its steel,
Caged within these thoughts,
My prison is my cross,
The sickness is the cure,
No wonder I feel lost.

This is the longest winter,
time slowed to a crawl,
I guess it is ironic, you passed away in early fall.
Apr 2015 · 268
Dust Off the Dictionary
We throw words around like rice on wedding days,
Without realizing we don't really mean what we say.
Okay, I mean, tell me, what the hell's a love/hate relation??
You can't love someone AND hate them,
That's a twisted perception,
A misinterpretation, of what these words both mean,
You can't choose to use these at your leisure, to fit in your scheme.
That's not the way it works,
Look at the true definition,
And you'll see that these are opposites,
two different positions.
These both get thrown about, without real caution or thought.
This world could use less hate,
but is in need of more love.
Apr 2015 · 179
Time heals all, a sad misconception.
Considering I always see your face in reflections.
It's never easy, when I see your face mixed with mine.
It's like the mirror constantly reminds
me of a time,
When I could smile more with ease,
No sign of a struggle,
Nowadays, I do it just to please,
what a bother.
And it's exhausting, so when I really stop and I think.
All I can bring myself to do is bleed out in ink.

Your face is etched in my mind,
And I hold it so dear.
So much so, that no photo of you is more clear.
Because a photo is still,
But in my mind, you're alive
So if I'm ever feeling ill,
I think of you to survive.
But the ugly truth is that you'll forever sleep.
But part of you is with me in the necklace I keep.
Cuz in it are the ashes of a beautiful soul,
So I can't help it when I think of you now and weep.
And if this poem's too deep,
I give no sorry or plea,
Cuz, see, maybe then you'll get a glimpse of life now for me.

I kept two of your caps,
Out of sadness, perhaps,
Whenever I try them on,
a rain falls down on my lap.

One hat you wore last when,
you blew the candles of the cake,
Of your very last birthday, the thought alone makes me break.
But the other is much worse,
I swear I write this while crying,
Because the other hat,
is the same one that you died in.
Feb 2015 · 391
Eternal Healer
My hand has never felt this heavy.
I can barely hold the pen up.
Even as I write this, i don't know where it will end up.
But I fear it won't be good enough.
No matter what I write down.
Nothing could rightly express these thoughts, feelings, and my heart sounds,
Sad and broken, daily hurting,
Haunted nightly by these demons.
I've wasted countless hours with hypothetical ******* reasons,
And nothing seems to make sense.
And nothing seems to matter.
Nothing seems to get better,
No 'happy ever afters'.
Life is much more cruel.
The pain's almost too much.
If a heart gets broken, time will heal it,
There's no safe crutch.

No words could truly ever express,
or pay respects
but I swear I'll always try my best
To keep you in my memories.
Which is ironic, since you died in an infiniti.
I'll keep you in my heart and soul and hope this brings tranquility.
I made myself a promise,
When this mortal met this goddess,
I swore that I would always love her and be honest.

And she brings out the best in me,
Loves me ever pleasantly,
Taking in the good, and all the bad and all the rest of me.

And that's when it hit me,
how could I ever leave her?
When this goddess met this mortal,
she said she loved him, he believed her.
Together, it'll be okay,
When life gets us down, I know it sounds cliche, but
What can I say?.. it's true.
All we need for life, is me and you
..well, I guess money wouldn't hurt.

It's been a while, I had to recharge my batteries,
Get up off my battered knees,
And give in to my better needs.
The ones that I could not control,
nor did I really wanna,
To think I'd find someone to finally start my 'once upon a'.

It's cheesy. I know so.
But pleasing, and oh so,
Amazing, can't contain this love that I have for her whole soul.
She's the only thing that matters.
Let us start the chapter,
That will lead us both together to the happy ever after.
You bring life to my words,
And meaning to my life.
When I think of us, I can't help but feel so right.
I have never felt like this,
This feeling's kind of strange,
But I welcome it with open arms,
And hope it doesn't change.
This must be what they call love,
What a weird phenomenon.
Like deja vu, like deja vu,
Like glue I'm stuck, the drug I'm on,
With just benefits, zero side effects or repercussions.
The cause of open-ended, never ending deep discussions.
And all I know is this...
This feeling feels like nothing else.
You reside in the same spot where my beating passion dwells.
Jan 2015 · 680
Sweet Payback
We have the kind of love, most people spend their whole lives,
Searching for and rarely find,
What a sight for sore eyes,
And these eyes only see you,
What a sight to take in.
You put my heart together, when I swore that it was breaking.
Now I've a debt to pay,
and I'm not scared to say that,
I don't mind if it takes my entire life to pay back.
Jan 2015 · 601
Broken Hourglass
Misery loves company..
So we are well acquainted.
A zombie with some pensive thoughts
Everything, offense enough
To make me ask myself,
"If I was dead, too"? Who'd be better off?

Now, i rarely tend to dream,
But when i do, they're nightmares,
They barely get a rise from me,
At the most, they're slight scares.
Reality is gruesome, sad ,
And way more frightening.
The shock of your sudden departure hit me like dark lightning.
Yea, life isn't fair.
It's not all joy and bright sunshine.
But there's no suffering that don't ease with the passing of time.
Jan 2015 · 471
Dark, Dying, Burning Star
I have a hole inside my heart.
I fear that will not change.
A part of me, died then with you.
I'll never be the same.
When I found out that you had passed,
I nearly lost my mind.
Instead, I lost a part of me,
A part I'll never find.
How can I make this pain hurt less?
I ask and beg and pray,
If for eternal pain, I'd have you here,
I'd trade today.
Jan 2015 · 608
Lost a world, lost words
How could words explain what I feel?
Letters etch my tattered tale?
A broken shell, a hollow soul,
My heart, so cold and pale.
Now how to cope, what do I do?
I feel so lost, it's true.
The world came crashing down on me
the second I lost you.

The despair I felt was nothing like I've ever felt before.
I never thought that I could cry until my soul was sore.
I cried until my heart hurt. I cried until my eyes hurt.
I cried until I couldn't cry, and then I cried some more.
I never thought this day would come,
not this way, this soon.
Every day I wonder what I'll do now without you.
That very thought consumes me, I'm filled with grief and rage.
To think you'll never get to see your nephew come of age.
Jan 2015 · 288
3 Mondays ago, my whole life changed.
3 Mondays ago was the day I found out my brother died. 3 Fridays ago, I saw him in a casket and he looked so peaceful, so calm. Last week, I watched him get cremated. The last time I'll have seen him on this earth.

When I was young, I used to look up to him. He used to work out. A lot. I always used to poke his muscles in awe and say "I want to be as strong as you when I grow up!" Before he'd leave to the gym or anywhere else, he'd kiss me on my cheek and we'd tell each other 'I love you'. He loved his family. A lot. He was always making people laugh. Most likely where I got my sense of humor from. The way he'd always smile and make me laugh. That was just in his nature. He was so gentle, so peaceful. He'd never hurt a fly.. Except that time he broke a bottle on a guy's head because he hit my dad in the back with a pool stick. He was my big brother. I love him. So much. And I miss him so, so much. I am so proud of him. I hope I learn to be half the man he was.
May 2014 · 1.0k
Pet Peeve Therapy
So, here's something, that I really thinks lame,
Put your blinker on if you're gonna turn or switch lanes.
And don't wait til the last second, that's just plain dumb.
Blinkers are pretty useful, and not just for fun.
Here's another, a crazy idea I propose.
If you're eating something, then chew it with your mouth closed.
Cuz I can see the food you're chewing, and that's just too gross.
That cow - grazing sound, makes me clench my toes.
Here's another thing, I see every **** day.
People littering when the can's a few feet away.
Is it too much work? Are you really that lazy?
The nerve of some people... I tell you, it's amazing.
May 2014 · 477
We are beacons of light,
Shining in the dark.
Little bits of hope,
All we can do is embark,
and try to change the world.
The burden isn't light.
But it's not always easy doing what you think is what's right.
We must persevere, and try to never give in,
We're all rays of divine light shining without limit.
May 2014 · 619
Farewell Villanelle
Life is to death, what day is to night.
An endless cycle, harsh til the end.
An endless cycle, with no end in sight.

Life is to death, what day is to night.
Bitter enemies and inseparable friends.
Life is to death, what the dark is to light.

Life after death, which garners more might?
To which god will your knee make its bend?
An endless cycle, neither wrong, nor right.

Life or death, which is a scarier blight?
Both claim the lives of women and men.
Both make our lives a struggle to fight.

Life is to death, what day is to night.
An endless cycle, harsh til the end.
An endless cycle, with no end in sight.

Life is to death, what the moon is to night.
An endless cycle, sweet til the end.
An endless cycle, with no end in sight.
At the end of it, will I head towards light? ..
May 2014 · 334
I hate to admit it, I rarely dream, this is true.
But when I rarely dream, all I see's me and you.
May 2014 · 403
Here (minus her)
This used to be my only fear,
But now, it's gone away.
Ever since you did appear,
A new one took its place.
I was afraid of death.
Namely, dying alone.
But tell me, what is left,
Of me, if I were on my own?..
May 2014 · 487
Grab Bag
And then it hits me, I seem to have a hankering.
This beast called hunger slowly starts to set its anchor in.
So I'm searching frantically, but there's nothing here,
When suddenly, a crunching that's familiar to my ears.
I see the bag, color green, easily my favorite.
And in my mind, I'm already eating them and savoring.
My wife-to-be keeps eating them, my delicious chips,
On her side, some salsa, all I really want's a dip.
But to my surprise, when I attempt to reach and grab some.
All I catch is air, there're just a couple sad crumbs.
Silly poem from day 6 of the last 30-day poetry challenge.
May 2014 · 425
Doubtless Shadow
That figure that plays tricks with your mind,
Leaving you blind,
Sick inside,
Where your darkest fears hide.
The sneaky shadow, dark walker,
And ever-looming stalker.
The sense of doom you feel before and dread thereafter.
But for me, the dark's a cherished sight.
Cuz where there's darkness, there is light.

Shadows aren't always an evil omen.
So long as you keep the light and hope in.
May 2014 · 693
<3 Little Words
It's just, three little words,
that hold so much meaning,
I swear, you are my world,
you are the core of my being.
And every day we say it,
and every day we mean it.
"I love you".. Three little words
with big meaning.
Now how can I describe it?
the way I feel inside?
No words could properly define
this love 'tween you and I.
But if you were to ask me,
an answer you'd implore.
If kisses were stars, I'd give you galaxies and more.
I'd do anything to see you smile,
or lift you if you fell,
I'd walk through heaven and through hell.
I'd infiltrate a jail.
I'd moonwalk on the moon,
and fight a whale inside a well.
But three words is all it takes,
to say all this and more.
So every day I'll tell you..
I love you, mi amor.
May 2014 · 314
Esa Naturaleza
I open my door, and what do I see?
Naturally, I see the grass and street and barren, cold trees.
The air is frigid, it brings chills to my skin,
But the darkness of this world, makes me freeze from within.
When I think of all the violence, injustice and hate,
It's enough to make me wanna runaway and irate,
But I wait, and I remember, not everything's bad.
This planet's really beautiful, how could I get sad?
I mean, stop and think about it,
It's clear, I do say.
It's really quite the miracle to be here today.
How many other planets out there? And you were born here on Earth
And still, we hurt her badly and treat her like dirt.
So let's take a bit more care when we step out in the world,
And make sure we're leaving something to the future little boys and girls.
Save the Earth.
Nov 2013 · 436
It's Love
I am, highly outspoken,
and, overtly open,
wear my, heart on my sleeve,
where it's not, hard to get broken,
I love, live in the poem,
a life, full of much hope and,
'Love' in my hemoglobin, good emotions keep me going,
Don't take this life for granted, we're all granted special moments.

*I wish I could spread the word to the world,
   Love, be my slogan.
Nov 2013 · 510
Moonlit Thoughts
This world is ****** up, so we need to change it.
Some might not agree and think I'm a deranged kid.
Well, maybe I am...
... Then again, maybe not.
We need to save this planet, cuz one is all we got.
If we pull together, we can make this a better world.
But we've grown too focused on sarcophagi and burials.
It's scary though, the situation's pretty grim,
There's a chance to save it though the chance is pretty slim,
We need to keep hope alive, no way that I am giving in,
The world that I envision's better than the one I'm in.
At the most, it seems that all one can do is hope,
Let's rid the world of evil vices, things like guns and dope.
I hope it's getting through, this message that I send,
I fear I'll fight this battle til the day my life does end.
It feels like one against the world,
Surrounded desolation,
Cuz in a sea of people,
I still drown in isolation.
Nov 2013 · 742
Why I Write pt. 2
A lonely boy, writing in a cell,
Introverted silence, trapped in mental hell,
Surprised he isn't mad yet, his soul is very brave,
Sooner or later, probably sooner, he will cave.
The weight of the world on his shoulders is too heavy,
Though he tries to keep it calm, it's hard to keep it steady,
He teeters on the borderline of sane and going crazy,
To think of just how strong his bright mind is, is quite amazing.
But the answer's clear, he's sane cuz of the pen,
Though used to being solitary, poetry's his friend.
Often lost in thought, and always deep in writing.
Cutting through the hearts of readers, it is kind of frightening.
His art is beautiful, what this young kid does with synonyms,
Because he realizes poetry makes dreaming limitless.
Nov 2013 · 825
Lucid Babble
The walls are closing in,
the isolation's smothering.
This sense of dread and doom is overwhelming me and covering,
I'm loving it, the masochistic part of me's in heaven.
The other side that's dead inside, screams "I want to end it.
Beat up and physically demolished every week.
That's the last time anyone says I'm a freak.
Hold the metal to my wrists, I think the darkest thoughts,
Things could've been so different if I had received more love.
I push the metal blade in, and feel my life escaping..
But to my surprise,
Then I awaken..
Jul 2013 · 636
Do you accept?..
The truest love, you couldn't plan it,
Easily the only one for me in all the planet,
Her love's the kind of habit I could never kick off,
And I swear it's true, you, I'll never get sick of.
It's surreal when I say that you are my girl,
even Webster would be, at a loss for words.
There aren't enough verbs, adjectives in any language,
To show you how I feel and how you relieve all my anguish,
But I think I can manage, to express some,
part of how I feel, I think we make a good sum,
You plus me forever, that makes perfect sense to me.
I think I want to marry you and make some memories,
some would call me crazy, even claim that I'm insane
Well, yea, I'm freaking crazy, crazy for you and deranged.
Does any of that frighten you? Tell me and be honest.
If it doesn't, then I'm ready to make you a promise,
To love you forever and we'll never be apart,
I'll love you til the end, even more so than the start.
If you share your heart with me, you'll get mine in return.
Do you accept all of the conditions and the terms?
No need for signatures or any documents for this,
We can make it real and seal the deal with just a kiss.
Every thing I told you comes from the heart, it's true.
To summarize and put it simply, I'm in love with you.
Jul 2013 · 872
Outta my league
Let me start by saying that you always seem to make my day.
You've brought more warmth into my life than the hottest solar ray.
Your complexion is perfection, in the most literal sense,
If I'm crazy or justified, I'm sitting on the fence.
Should I talk about your lips, how I imagine fingertips, running over them, slowly, as if leaning in to take a sip,
Or how even the simplest text, makes my heart beat without rest,
So fast and hard, it feels like it'll jump out of my chest.
I could really keep on going all day long if I so wished,
I could write you novels based off a shortlist.
But the truth is that I like you. I really do, I like you.
Now tell me that I shouldn't but I really cannot help it, I kinda want you to myself, I know it's selfish, you I cherish,
But I like you, that much is clear.
And part of me wishes that your man would disappear.
I'm sorry, I really haven't slept much,
I'm not thinking straight.
But the truth is still the truth, am I really to blame?
I mean, how can I resist, thinking of your lips, the thought alone fills me with bliss.
That's some crazy ish, yea I made a wish, and well, no wishing well could grant me what I wish. I am just a fish,
Swimming, lost, captivated by precious pools of blue,
I wanna feel your soul, ever close and dive deep into you.
Apr 2013 · 1.3k
It's the, highly lyrical, pinnacle breaking, mystical, miracle making, atypical poet slash prophet.

The tricky, sick trickster, mister, tongue-twister, off the scale, Richter, freedom dream fighter.

A bit unusual and, slightly delusional, it's indisputable, beautiful written poetry.*

Words flow just like a novelette,
Make music like a castanet
A master of the alphabet,
Just tag that as my epithet.
Apr 2013 · 317
Why I Write pt. 1
Writing is my medicine,
Without it, I'd be dead.
Or inside an asylum, sitting, talking to a bed.
I'm a seed of hope,
And one day I will sprout.
Till then, my poems say,
what I cannot with my mouth
Apr 2013 · 3.2k
Hymns of the Sheeple
The poem that I'd never write..
The kind of poem that'd show me in a different light.
I scoff at Benja F bills
Women come and go,
I be popping pills that make the world turn slow.
I yolo *******,
Holler at team swag,
Money and the *******,
Tell her throw it in the bag..

That's the kind of poem that I'd never write.
The kind of poem where I ****** everyone in sight.
I keep it real hood.
Gangster all day.
Look me the wrong way,
Dead body in the hallway.
You don't want no problems,
I'm strapped like Velcro,
Dummy I don't play no games, Nintendo.

This made little sense,
something wasn't right.
This is the kind of poem I would never ever write.
Apr 2013 · 653
Rebel With a Cause
It's the pen-equipped rebel, real nutty like pistachios.
Never looking back at the past, or the path he chose,
Tries to keep his passion stowed, but it's such a challenge,
When the world's attacking me, I'm never taking damage.
I use words to my advantage, and the ink stains are my varnish,
Shielding me from any weak attempts to try and tarnish me.
I can weather any weather, whether worse snowstorms or better.
I think I got this poem thing to a Tee just like the letter.
I can turn a pebble to a mountain,
One rebel to a thousand,
Cut myself and bleed, turn my death into a fountain, of youth..
Apr 2013 · 752
The Astro Van
I remember, road trips in the astro,
Times were always great but the trips were never fast though
Such a hassle, wishing it'd be faster,
Looking like a box turtle, moved just as slow.
We'd leave almost every weekend in the summer,
I never thought any of the trips we took were ******,
In my mind were fun, they probably were funner,
Man, we loved that van, what I'd do for another.

Many great times, sand, beach and sun
Some taboo nights, lustful and fun
Thanks for the times, van,
****, what a run.
Apr 2013 · 860
Them Good Ol' Days
Remember the past? man, those were the days,
Where the hardest decision was what games we would play.
Our biggest worries were scraped knees and curfews,
Now we have to worry bout late fees and work blues,
We'd get our boo-boos kissed and healed by our mothers,
And spend countless hours playin Mario with my brothers.
those were the times, I wouldn't trade it for the world.
My childhood was awesome, I can't put it into words.
Apr 2013 · 565
The Universal Language
Hay mucha negatividad.
No tanta caridad
Porque no todo el año?
Porque hacernos daño?
Hasta los amigos mas cercanos se convierten en extraños
And I don't understand it,
What's wrong with this planet?
Why is there such evil?
If there's a God then why'd he plan it?
El hombre ha matado mucho mas que cualquier cancer.
There's way too many questions,
And not nearly enough answers.
I am a peasant, you are a goddess,
Dressed in vestments of colors like comets,
No less than, a tempest, with droplets so spotless
A present so pleasant, the bestest, I promise.
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