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JoJo Nguyen Jun 2023
Pounding hearts
sounds like pounding farts

Pounding meats
smells like alliterative reeks

To be young and meager
To be green and so eager
without me
JoJo Nguyen May 2023
Elder flowers and snake bites
Watch out for the rattlers
babies are the most Dangerous

Chop their heads with shovels
bury them in unmarked fields

Copper Mountain with skis
buyer's Option purchased

9 month babies without souls
JoJo Nguyen May 2023
Love them they us we she he me E.
Nous sommes ** fame; We are who hunger fame.
You want fame? Fame costs.

The costs lie broken and scattered--
Actors who didn't become Jeros.

Cast left packing up our ****--
Moving in mass Exodus.

Crossing ole man River
to the other Side--
where lurks Them
they us we Me.

JoJo Nguyen May 2023
"If there are flowers flowers
must come out to the road"

The four Black Vinegar clans:
From the North - Shanxi,
Chinkiang (or Zhenjiang) from the South,
Black vinegar from Sichuan,
And red worker vinegar of Fujian.

Furious flowers wait
across the Realms
across the Changes
"and the spiraling dead,
our black revival, our black vinegar,
our hands, and our hot blood."

we Vinegars
We got this thing
this Thing called Radar Love

(cue song)
(montage of Black Vinegar & Furious Flowers)
JoJo Nguyen Apr 2023
There's a Mystic in the Air

Birds in the sky You know how I feel

Extincted dinosaurs Seeking refuge in the blue

From barking Dog And moody Cat Clans

Forever fighting In our 2D world

I choose you Pikachu!
JoJo Nguyen Mar 2023
We dream of flying cars that never come.
Instead, warring Mars become another mining
town, if we will remember, if we have Total Recall.

Again, and again on disparate planets
They desparates arrive with risk, cuz
who else would take such dangers for so little?
Only Miner ****** with no good options
Only eager John's digging for gold
but reaping meager Death profits.

We here, at Home
depend on them, out There.

We corporate Heads
harvest gold
Depend on Hearts
to bind risk and takers.

We here, in Comfort
numb to the toxic holes
left scattered with dead
Red Ghost towns.
The word that has been sanitized as ****** rhymes with ores, like fool's gold.
The Wh we place before it, like
A silent Who,
fondled as a Fool
But is a greater Gold
JoJo Nguyen Mar 2023
Odyssey or an ill Id added on an Ego?

Here we are at the Apex!

Predators with an easy, downhill decline into senescence.

No apoptotic pyrotechnics No wizard's Dragon birth from hobbit mischief.

Iggy Pop stares us in the face voicing farcical fanfare --something about not being gentle with the good night

Smash her moon Face Punish her still
with adolescent Rage
Pounding still
for morning glory
even as holies poke
the fabric of our Universe
falsifying the theory of homogeneous beginnings

that begat us

the few, the Proud
the discreetly Great
White Snark
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