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Why don’t you believe in Athena
When it comes to your teeth
Well, kind sir it is because
She is the god of war and not teeth
Why don’t you worry about
The chords all around
Well, kind sir it is a safety hazard you see
You could end up dead
Why don’t you like me sleeping
In my lounge room
Especially when it is more comfy for me
Well, kind sir I reckon we all
Should sleep in our bed
Why don’t you let me have expired tablets
I think they still ****** work
No, kind sir you will ***** like mad
And end up in the morgue
Why don’t you hate me eating chicken
Well past it’s prime
Well kind sir you will end up with saminella and others and it could be your time
Why don’t you feel sorry for tourists
On border security who have two bags of
Prohibited goods
Well, kind sir it damages our land
And that isn’t good
Why don’t you fell sorry for
The people on rbt or highway patrol
Because, kind sir they drive so dangerously
Really really really
Why don’t you like our prime minister
Even if he tries to mend ties
You see, kind sir a lot of us
Are really dying like flies
Why do you want criminals to get away with ****
Well, kind sir some people didn’t do their crime
Why don’t you like Facebook and Instagram you see
Because kind sir it is social media
And you must be careful you see
Why don’t you watch YouTube
With you relatives at your house
You see kind sir we don’t have much data
And squeezes us quiet as a mouse
Why don’t you get the data
By telling the internet provider you watch YouTube so you need more data
Well, kind sir I ain’t that interested in the things you are
Why don’t you support NSW
Instead of the maroons
But kind sir, I am loyal to Queensland
More so than the blues
Why do you like the queen
And at the same time want us to be a republic
Well kind sir I like the world
And everyone and thing in it
Oh yeah bow bow
Mr albonese
Mr Anthony albanese
Mr albonese
Mr Anthony albanese
Mr albonese don’t you quit
You see it has been ages
Since we had a labor government
And albonese is the best
You see he will help age care
And Medicare oh yeah
He will provide support for covid
And hold onto the NDIS
He started out in public housing
And look where is now
You are a success story albanese
You will be the best leader albanese
Mr albanese
Mr Anthony albanese
Mr albanese
Mr Anthony albanese
Mr albanese don’t you quit
You got voted in
And I am sure you will do your best
To help the pensioners
To help the people living in public housing
To help people understand you
And I am sure you will
Make the court rules tougher
So people can get justice
I know you will help each communities
Gain community spirit
That is what they want albanese
I am sure you will do it albanese
Mr albanese
Mr Anthony albanese
Mr albanese
Mr Anthony albanese
Mr albanese
Mr Anthony albanese
I am mighty glad labor is back
Me performing on Venus super dome

First song

Australian all let us rejoice
Please help being bullied yeah
Help the women getting *****
That will be a good idea
Help the kids avoid the paedos
Oh yeah watch kids fight back
Like Daniel and William and poor little Cleo
Let the captor get years for
What they did oh yeah
If history has shown us anything
To fight for our kids
Instead of giving one punch attacks
On innocent people no
Fight for our kids
In joyful strains let us sing
Advance australia fair
If you want the other countries to like us yeah
Stop molesting kids
I feel like I want to party
But i am in a hospital
Waiting for the courtesy car
Like you do in a club
But I am in a hospital
I am watching my sports fix
Cheering for my team
But I can’t cheer to loud
Because I am in a hospital
People act like I am too cool
To be in a hospital
But everyone was conceived here
Everyone who gets into a car accident
Comes to a hospital
You dance to every song
And cheer in front of tvs
In a club
But I am in a hospital
But the vunerability
And the sick
The wounded
The insane
The disabled
And each one wants to have fun
But they are stuck in a hospital
I am waiting for my lift to f..n come
So I can get out of the hospital
There is a hole in the budget
Liberal mate listen
There is more taxes from labor
To help the pensioners
If you don’t want to help them
Get ****** ya fucken ****
There is a hole in the budget
Mainly with liberals
Morrison doesn’t care
For anyone but himself
Albanese will give pensioners
A chance to be wealthy
congrats to anthony albanese
I love iris smith
We knew each other at vinnies
I remember back in 2005
When Sydney played west coast
I was for the east
Iris was for the west
East was then
But next year it was the west
I ribbed her first year
But next it was her time
But enough about footy
Iris was a really nice lady
She made scones
And she loved flowers
She had a giant family
And I am sure they passed
Through the vinnies door
Once in a while
Covid is bad
I have covid
I feel hot flushes
Where I need to turn on the fan
On a cold day
And then I get cold flushes
Where I have to turn it off
Maybe put on Heatre
I find it hard walking to the shop
I need to stop and rest
Every 2 minutes
I want rails on every footpath
Easy for me
I feel someone is poking me
But I want to be tickled
Like my daddy used to do
Now I am siting waiting for
A f..n lift to get out of hospital
And back home again
Can’t wait till covid goes
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