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Johnny Agape Nov 2018
The sky is a little hazy,
but you could see the endless sky above these dark clouds.
You could.
I thought;
some people mistake the grey clouds for the sky itself,
But I'm starting remember the exact blue of the reality of the sky.
Clouds pass.
But I'm super grateful for the fog lifting, anyway.
Been gone for awhile. Major changes are always just growing pains, but I'm glad I've found a path to peace I needed.
  Nov 2016 Johnny Agape
Ana Sweeney
You nurtured a rose
within my heart,
until she grew too tall
and I choked on her thorns.
  Nov 2016 Johnny Agape
Ana Sweeney
He's always lurking in the blackest corner of my mind, ready to attack at any inconvenient moment, and even though he knows he's unwelcome, he's still alive ,well and comfortable in the  dark home he's made in my bones.
  Nov 2016 Johnny Agape
Ana Sweeney
You can learn a lot about a poet
From his words in black and white,
The smile may be as bright as day,
But the mind's as dark as night.
Johnny Agape Nov 2016
It looks inviting.
Clean. Fresh. Sweet.
I carefully touch it's cold and tight skin,
Lifting it slightly with a few fingers.
Feeling out, all over its ripe flesh;
Feeling out the soft and moist spots,
As gently as possible with a knowing finger.
Even just by looking, I can tell that the flesh behind the skin will be juicy.

After the briefest pause to appreciate the appetizing view,
I bring my mouth down onto it
Feeling the cold skin become
very warm against my mouth.
My mouth attaches to its skin and takes it apart with skilled suction,
(I'd hate to needlessly tear the skin to shreds with my teeth)
Immediately, my mouth is suddenly sweetly flooded with those sticky juices;
That savory flavor flowing down my face, mixed in with the taste of my own saliva.
I taste and drink it in. All of it.
The taste, the smell, the flavor.
I nibble away, emphatically and eagerly;
Excited by the rich and strong taste of it,
Pouring itself out to me from underneath it's skin.
I am enraptured by the entirety of it.
I wish I could eat Pears, everyday.
I really love pears, shouldn't we all enjoy food this much?
Johnny Agape Nov 2016
I have to wonder;
If I could travel in time,
Would it even change?
Johnny Agape Nov 2016
An Island alone;
I am washed ashore against,
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