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The sun it's rise ever creeping the sky
Morning the dew it stirs flowers do bloom
Sunlight it bathes the green in light soon fading
The cold will creep yet light remains victor
Cloudy the skies gloomy its tears do fall
Yet blooms do fight the gloom and light succeeds
All I see are castle walls
My limbs are broken
So I’ll just crawl
Because I won’t stop for them
But this fight won’t be a brawl
Because all this work has left me weak
I’m not a person
I’m a freak
The people yell curse him
Yet love is all I seek
I’m just a ******
I’m just a geek
Pathetic and weird
A ******* creep
I stand alone
A sea of sheep
It’s like they know some truth
That I don’t
Nothing can soothe
Or maybe I just won’t?
Cuz sometimes being sad
Is easier then fighting it
Why can’t hearts be ironclad
Why can’t dark paths be torch lit
Why can’t you never be mad
Why does life feel like ****
This isn't word for word my own experience. I wrote this thinking about being a teenager in general. Will probably see some revision, but I'd like to see what people think ^.^
I've often been asked
The season my heart belongs
It’s fall
The leaves turn gray
Yet their beauty stays true
Perhaps because
Their beauty means rue
The death surrounds us
Color’s eminent coup
Yet hope remains
Despite devil’s due
For this dying color
Means life will begin anew
And life is only beautiful
When death receives his due
Deaths due
First poem I'm posting on here. I'd love any and all criticism as long as it is constructive. Even if mean, I want to improve. Just have it be a thing I can work on, not that it just *****.

— The End —