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Sep 2020 · 224
empty funeral (dark times)
i would like them to say
the flames of his cremation
paled in comparison
to the light of his life
Posted posthumously by a friend - RIP Joey.
these humans being
a plague of inhumanity
a cancer spreading
this human disease

another tomorrow
is one too many
when all life is lost
and only pain remains
waking to another day of torture

stopped stone still
gathering moss
stopped watch tells time
whats what
stopped dropped
tames flames
Posted posthumously by a friend - RIP Joey.
if the police cant police the police
then what use are they?
push the whole barrel into the sea
before the rot taints everything
if the law is to be believed
enforcement needs to be believable
but believe you me youll see
from the receiving end
theyre nothing if not predictable
because ultimately
masquerading as wolves
Jul 2020 · 148
smiling urchins
we look for wealth
amidst the poverty
searching with straining eyes
for signs of joy
so we can again look away
with our souls salved
our curiosity sated
and our lids unmoved
in our sleep
to build a life with no tools
is not an option with no rules
is no defence in law
crime is the occupation of the untaught poor
Tories give you nothing then blame you for having it
Jul 2020 · 154
sometimes the pain is a relief
i can stop grieving for a moment
im not mourning me
im crying for what could have been
there is a wisdom in agony
that allows the penitent to make his atonement
no regrets is a fallacy
when one comes face to face with eternity
high and dry
sounds like a place
youd want to be to me
a preponderance of possibility
so why does it feel
like im drowning in it
frowning cynically
while your wisdom of crowds
is our rule of the mob
and where you are profound
we are obstinate
when you are always right
and we are always wrong
we're all going to have a problem
moving on
Jul 2020 · 78
it only takes a step back
from on the attack to see
that a confrontation can be
a coming together
if aside or astride
are the only stands you believe in
youre better sitting it out
on your own
i was just getting started
found my way
after years in the wilderness
many moons wasted
going in circles
facing growing indifference
but subsistence was still existence
now with my path laid
a destination at last
on my way to an early grave
i wish i could say
that i got what i wanted
too much pain
for too much time
nothing to gain
from continuing
to live like this
just dont want to die
all thats left for me
uncertainty certainly
until terminal arrives
my only surety
however tortuously
the end is nigh
aim to die old
with the cold
in your bones
so the ground
when it calls
feels like home
or live your life
like the fire
burning brighter
than your funeral pyre
hotter than the heart
of the sun
Jun 2020 · 56
eternal rebel
even the most contrary die
though with a smile on their face
and a fire in their eyes
that burns on
Jun 2020 · 109
whats another word for
this certain person
has always been
the certain person
i could call upon
when i had certain needs
quality and satisfaction
were a certainty
a certain something for after
what do you think
you can do to me now
when all you can add to my pain is flavour
i have already lost everything i ever found
but itll cost you your liberty
to do me a favour
was it that I was born and raised here
brought up under thatchers less than benevolent gaze
uneducated in the baker days
when they changed the game midway
made Es of our Ordinary As
no jobs no grades no hope no escape
youd try to explain to the dole
that reaping what theyd sown meant
paying for what theyd created
but noone evades DSS
putting ticks into boxes
slaves into cages
befehl ist befehl is the refrain
of the nasty collaborators
blaming us for the failings
theyd baked into their fortunes
Jun 2020 · 53
it was a false dawn
on a dark day
the last time i saw you
what i thought were stars
falling like rain
were tears with wishes
washing through them
as you walked away
nothing i could say
could turn you
from the path youd chosen
loved to watch you leave
when you were coming back to me
eternal truth
until it wasnt
Jun 2020 · 46
scene (tape trader)
is the font of originality
from which necessity sups
thus suckling us
infusing music unique
the names of the notes
no education no emulating
nothing not ours is good enough
self bias raised
everything to gain
giving everything
make a tape of the songs
demo #1
then its on scene
Jun 2020 · 60
rudimentary introvert
waiting ******* shaking in the gents
breakfast coming back up
with all the courage that ive drank
setting up the kit on rubber legs
no words of encouragement
can make this fright any less
sit upon the throne
the whole world changes
now i am the drums
about to make the place my slave
cant hide
all eyes looking my way
loudest ******* in the building
beating his chest and making waves
when youre in a fight
youre in a fight
dont stop swinging
any chance to breathe
gives your enemy
a chance to beat you
if you come in waves
defeat lays wait
within the spaces
attack your foe
as tsunami
as one
to wash away all traces
mass equals volume times destiny
Jun 2020 · 50
one small man
cant sleep for fear of waking
unbearable pain
a daily undertaking
escape a dream of death awaiting
no more days spent fading
constantly contemplating
what comes next
how to take the step
from now to nothingness
a leap of faith for the faithless
falling further faster
the closer it gets
the harder it is to hit the eject
no head for the exit
Jun 2020 · 60
you only walk alone once
waited a lifetime
to see it again
wasted a lifetime
since then
is it a coincidence?
all seasons end
my existence
began and ended red
Jun 2020 · 69
they are us
and we are all
and what makes us the same
are our differences
until we can see that
we are parts of a whole
we will never be healed
of this sickness
churchill was a mouthpiece
poor soldiers won the war
surrender is the dunkirk spirit
not propagandas fawning stories
cult of personality
nothing less nothing more
but britain is the land of dreams
to the tory bigots snoring
redundant and rhetorical
just talking lots whilst saying nothing
repeating lies ad infinitum
droning on and on and on
drowning out dissenting voices
all sense is lost
forestalled momentum
the country is going nowhere fast
conservatism at the helm
brrruuuuuhhhVICTORY! brrruuuuuhhhENGLAND! brrruuuuuhhh!
every once in a while
the world requires a wildfire
from fallow to fertile
takes a force of will
if all you aspire to
is to acquire whats denied to you
righteously do what you have to do
light the fuse
be the spill
twisted firestarter
off with the ex
and onto the next best
picture in the paper
only naturists dress less
open to all takers
thinks that *** equates to success
her ego and her **** inflated
rated for her *******
plies her trade upon the pavement
of the info superhighway
advertises with a sextape
source of pride her gaping ****
teaching tricks to tweens
so she can take their cash when theyre teenagers
morals of a quean
still requires a king to make her famous
ive got more respect for a crackhead street walker than the likes of a kardashian.
Jun 2020 · 53
choke late in the 4th
I need to leave
my rage
at my feet
in the dirt
beneath me
to make peace
with my being ceasing
defer to deaths wish
instead of trying to beat it
submission the difference
between clawing and easing
my way into my grave
**** the police
theyre not on your side
make them obsolete
make your peace your pride
know your enemy
know that the thin blue line
will never leave you be
with itself to justify
isnt what it used to be
blindsided by divided times
lessons lost
past still passing
generations gone for nothing
wars were fought
who won forgotten
whys and wherefores
paths retrodden
shock where wisdom
should be common
seen it all before
Jun 2020 · 74
i stand alone

in a sea of same

one of them
there are things i want to say
to the nobody listening
youll be somebody some day
if you live long enough
so settle in
do everything your way
the lessons in the learning it
the journey not the destination
death decides the terminus
time is neither measure
nor a tether on your consciousness
its time to take no notice
when the watch is on anothers wrist
the sooner you remember to forget it
then it doesnt exist
the longer you can stay in the now
because thats all their is
be ignorant of others wants
with full awareness of their wishes
try to help where you can
never harm
unless they raise their fists
violence begets violence
when youre in a fight
remember this
words can take a bigger bite
so try to end it with your lips
many a night began in anger
became morning kisses
we could speak the same language
but we all respond to it differently
reaction has a knack
of turning nothing into certainty
perspective requires distance from the self
to ever truly see
whats in front of it
having suffered the shoah
you should be ashamed
national socialist
in all but name
a fascist dictatorship
eugenically made
and educated in Germany
antisemitic if i dare to say
youre the same
the way you treat the Palestinians
reminds me of the ghetto tales
you told to help pave the way
to the gilded land of Israel
shalom to all but the zionists
a flash of light in the dark
our fiercest flames merely a spark
compared to what they are
we are the fire tamed
our embers rearranged
contained within their grated hearths
these tinder men of means
afraid to be seen
near any one of us
for fear the fires free
to take their twigs for kindling
burning everything
that maintains their hated hearts
your tree is an affront to this Green Man
everything is logistics
the mundane to the mystic
plans be ******
you cant wish yourself
all the way
set the target
already missed it
stamp your feet and try to insist
you werent educated in an inner city
in a state of decay
May 2020 · 63
tomasko too
i loved you like you wouldnt believe
when i lost you i was on my knees
with my future torn away
on a breeze that had become a storm
you were my kite
you had me flying
propelling me forward without trying
lifting me up with a grace and an ease
that belied the load
you have the heart of a lion
wanted what was yours from the moment you arrived
on my doorstep
i was sure that you were mine
because you showed me so
now youre in my thoughts as i lay dying
forever more
until the end of my time
forever yours
next time around ill come and find you
never let you go
all time is one
wanted to say hello
before my goodbyes
didnt want to die
with these thoughts still inside
so long ago now
i hope you can smile
when our times come to mind
as i smile when the smile in your eyes
comes to mine
for my wrongs i apologise
you were right
to spread your wings and fly
i was so proud
to hear your dreams arrived
i always knew they would
this world ends with me
ill close my eyes
breathe my last goodbye
to this husk of the could have been
retreating inside
winking out like a light
becoming more
than the sum of my humble being
post human
past and future concentrically
time has no meaning
til darkness eternals curtain
pierced explosively
reveals a new beginning
universal certainty
May 2020 · 53
wake up call
drunk all the time
balancing out
banging lines
too tired to be trying
to be patient
in work as in life
all alone
or with the wife
on a path
to a situation vacant
May 2020 · 38
life was a lie
because i wanted it
it wasnt for me
nothing i ever wanted
came to be
i wish i believed
in something
i could have faked
until i made it
more real than this reality
ive faced my fears and beaten them
in turn taken a battering
far from fearless
shed my tears
alone in aftermaths
now the ends approaching fast
forcing my hand again
my mother taught me that
invent after the fact
face your enemy
and try to make a new friend
if ya cant beat em, join em
im hurting
none of it is the pain
all the same
because of me
the people i care for
are fearful
dying is killing
in my name
Im so sorry
the lesson you missed
because oblivious
you were earning
is that while you were feathering your nest
your tree was burning
Aug 2019 · 291
sharpie (erase a head)
it is as time for drastic measures
as it ever was
make up your mind to make your mark
make it indelible
so when they try to rub it off
they take their flesh with it
remind them riches have a cost
the more the less you accept
herein the lesson ends
theyll hear every word you said
like your voice inside their heads
when they look in the mirror
Aug 2019 · 212
state of the onion (layers)
what is the State
if not a state of mind confined
and like all minds
sorely in need of changing
no mans thought persists
even within his lifetime
existence is flux
constantly rearranging
conservatism is the most unnatural of political doctrine.
change is the only constant. law is a gaol.
Aug 2019 · 148
that which you covet controls you
keeps your soul in its grasp
makes you do what it asks
then consumes you with the tasks
it requires of your time
to be held in your hands
whilst never defining
who owns who
the calm that escapes me
waits for a space in the cloud
patient now
breaking down
destroying and remaking
my mind up
im burning all my bridges so theres no way back
my only defence for them is on the attack
in the end theyll understand that there was method in the madness
anger is the antidote to sadness
infinite sadness becomes ultimate wisdom
Jul 2019 · 248
im not strictly suicidal
but all i live for now
is to die well
to get to the end
friends and family beside me
exit stage left
in the right state of mind
Jun 2019 · 295
(dont) stay grounded
we're all carrion in this carry on
prey to the vultures up above looking down on us
we should be soaring in the sun
as one or all must fall
no law can come before
the wisdom of the albatross
Jun 2019 · 216
innocent of nothing
if insight is inciteful
should i look away?
cant unsee the lies
with an eyeful
see what Im saying?
say what i see
cant deny i say it seethingly
if thats a crime
then im a criminal
not guiltily
repetition is the mom of *******
replace a tongue with yours
you own the conversation
before they know
youll own their souls
their gold
their nation
theyll even praise you
for your every definition of dictation
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