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My favorite Irish poet
has a poem
called Chugat.

Which means "To you".

And my favorite three lines maybe ever written

translate to

"salvage your heart
never say I left you
say I drowned".

It basically describes my thoughts on love.
slánaigh do chroí
ná habair gur thréigas thú
abair gur bádh mé
 Feb 2023 Joel A Doetsch
What did I do with my glasses?
I had them a minute ago
They’re always disappearing
I don’t know where they go

My eyes don’t focus without them
Now that me youth has gone
One of the things I’ve learned is
You don’t stay young very long

I waste so much time just searching
Can anyone tell me where?
I could be being useful
Or having a kip in the chair

I asked my wife to help me
With a roll of her eyes she said
Try where your hair used to be dear
They’re on the top of your head
Bursted tyre, alone,
She tasted 'highway despair',
Lift offer, uplifts!
 Dec 2022 Joel A Doetsch
His ink flowed with fervour and speed
Certain the world had a need
To read his verse
But his thoughts were perverse
For nobody else agreed
 Dec 2022 Joel A Doetsch
Lily Mae
When the tender reappears
after years of scorching pain
a peaceful calm fills the air

I surrendered to the fire
Once…just once
now the scars are being kissed by fate
A fate full of sweet offerings

Standing here now in the delicate
there is only grace flowing through
these veins
…love born from the divine

You don’t need to love me in
my simplicity
Because I do.
There is a stranger in my home
looks familiar but is not known
I wake up and he is all I see
Why is he in the bed with me
I guess he wants to take me down
to see my smiles turn into frowns
turn my light into dark
have me not use my giving heart
In the shadows he waits to pounce
Progressing uncertainty ounce per ounce
He is a liar this I know
Tell me the truth before I go
Who is this stranger that I see
Why is he still in my home with me
Grief has to many phases and passages to name
In life we can take one path or many pathways
There are people who lie and then there are liars
People who are kind or people who show kindness
People can be great or they are grateful
People who feel safe then others who need a savior
We only have ourselves to blame and be held
accountable for our mistakes
     With knowledge and struggles comes strength
We are never truly alone...

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