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Jan 2021
It's funny
Our Paths
Split                     Break
Off from                             Away from
each other.                                          one another
We loop and twirl          We zig and zag
         every now and then
     Only to lose each other                Never quite making
In the ether                                                            ­   the connection
Until One day                                                            Un­til we reach
   When we feel                                                        A point so low         
    the farthest apart                                  That we've given up.
We suddenly realize                                      It becomes so obvious
How foolish we've been.                        How blind we were to not see
The person we love.      The person we cherish
Has always been walking  
right by our side  
if we had only  
opened our eyes
Joel A Doetsch
Written by
Joel A Doetsch  St. Louis, MO
(St. Louis, MO)   
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