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Joe Satkowski May 2016
I am so sure you'll change the world with the garbage you incessantly spill.

I wonder why you care what they think of you, but honestly, I knew why before even asking.

There is no point in pulling the skin back if there is nothing there.
Joe Satkowski May 2016
bringing my hand to the lowest part of my back where the sensation has yet to return, I curl my fingers and clench my hand into a fist. I ****** it forward, in and out. No matter, nothing at all. I finally did it. I won and I am the one laughing. It ends up this was yet another harrowing joke.

I crawl for none but the sadist.
Joe Satkowski Feb 2016
stomach made of tar
acidic and empty

offering an end where there was no beginning

everything I touch
Joe Satkowski Jan 2016
nothing is meant by this pause
this encounter is an error

been trying to live it down for seven years and some days now

even if I could trace your outline, I never knew your name
Joe Satkowski Jan 2016
I say what I must to appease those that speak in tongues only my mind can seem to process

Your message is precious and I value your time

You will never know what victory really is until you lose everything
Joe Satkowski Jan 2016
a culture too sensitive to exist
you should not care what people think about you because they do not matter

at least I now know we are not meant to last
Joe Satkowski Jan 2016
the entrance is an exit
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