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I once was lost
But then you came
My night and shining armor
Is the name that you proclaim

You arose me from above
And now I'm your beyond
The magic strikes in me
And you're my special wand

*I know now the meaning of love
I will give it you .
But  promise me you will take it .
Keep it  save, its very easy  to let go.
It can run away an never come back.
someone can steal it ,but the best you can do is fight for it.
Sometimes it can come back to you hurt, but your going to be there for it.
Take it an dont let it go
With out a heart your empty....
The feeling of an empty heart
Destroyed in war
The sharp pain of trying my best
But then you're gone
Like a leaf in an autumn day
You fly away

And I, left alone

In a dark, lonesome place without you
I die inside
With betrayal left behind
Some simple lies

And I, stand alone

— The End —