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Jesse Madison Jan 2015
When the doors are closed
and its cold outside
would you,
sell your soul for one last try
to search for the life you could never find
just push those bad thoughts to the back of your mind
and the wind starts howling and lights up your bones
with an undying hope that reminds you of home
you know that you've never had no place to go
but the feeling is real
so don't ever let it go (oh, oh, oh)
Cause your heart is Gold (oh, oh, oh)
Don't let it go
And her tragedy lies in the depths of despair
in a room where lit cigaretts fill up the air
she sits in the corner and twirls her hair
and her tears fall and burn from the pain she cant bear
but your beauty reflects your soul
and your heart is made of gold
so don't let it go (oh, oh, oh)
cause your heart is gold (oh, oh, oh)
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Jesse Madison Jan 2015
But he was broken
and she couldn't understand
no one ever does
Jesse Madison Jan 2015
Once the depression becomes routine,
Happiness never really feels comfortable again.
It comes around
now and then,
like an old friend.
You laugh and drink
and reminisce about all the plans you had that never panned out.
All the hope you invested,
in the jobs, the relationships, the dreams and goals.
And you laugh at how foolish you once were for ever having such ideas.
But the laughter dies out
And your smile fades
And you know in the back of your mind
that soon, your happiness will be gone again,
and you can never quite forgive it for leaving.
You cant blame it,
All you ever did was hold it back.
Maybe somebody else could make better use of it.
And the depression,
Well the depression is no Stranger.
Jesse Madison Dec 2014
I was off!
"to hell and back," I said.
But now I cant quite seem to find my way back
Jesse Madison Dec 2014
Throw love to the winds
may it blow through the broken
And warm tired bones
Jesse Madison Dec 2014
Her lips were poison
The flower that bled venom
now coursed through my veins
Jesse Madison Dec 2014
Sometimes a sadness comes over me.
And I drag myself under the porch  
like a wounded dog,  
injured and ashamed
ready to die, alone
I never let the rest the world see me like this.
My friends and family,
What would they think?
probably the worst,
Maybe they wouldn't think about it at all,
It didn't make much difference.
I howled and moaned and wept,
And sooner or later,
when I built up the courage,
Usually, after a night in a tall glass,  
drunken spit,
and flickering cigarettes,    
I drag myself back out.  
I shake out my bones,
and start all over again.
I know one day
I wont have the strength to crawl back out from under the old porch ,
But that's  okay.
We never really had a shot anyway
did we?
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