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jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Be not shocked.
Be not surprised.
They accomplished their goal and decided to move on.

Be not shocked.
Realized they are grown.

So, mom and dad called it quit.
Be not shocked.
They raised all you to adulthood.
And admit it?
They must have done good.

And now they want to explore different path separately.
They deserve the chance to search of ways to stay happy.
They are living in reality.
While you kids living within fantasy.
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Forgive me, I'm not perfect.
I am simply pleading to you to forgive me.
Far from perfect many of us are.

A moment of joy disturbed out love.
But losing you would hurt me more.
Don't listen to many of your friends?

Pay close attention many can't keep a man.
Think and think hard within your heart.
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
You, forgot just who I was?
Until you saw my success and took a second look.
Then your attitude changed.

I could be cruel and use you for my gains.
Manipulate you into doing various love schemes.
Then I be just as wrong.

When I was trying to get ahead?
You acted like you wasn't interested.
Found others to level your attention.

Then you saw or heard just where I was?
And now you're playing like you wants to be love.
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Wicked but true and eventually, if honest?
You will admit it too.
Money, attracts.

Like a magnet does money attracts many to love.

We, hear these lawsuits here and there about athletes and celebrities.
But we are very aware many participants were chasing anyone without it.

Money attracts, if honest?
Even you must accept that it does.

No broke guy gets the woman of his dreams.
Without money she is just a figment in your fantasy
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
There are times when I question myself?
Is she worth all the love of mine from within?

Sometimes, I think what did I see in her from the start?
Make me question more why I'm giving her my heart.

Then it comes to me.
I begin to see way past my fantasies to face true reality.

That she loves me from me.
Not once ever has she tried to change me.
Taught me things that I didn't know.

So, now I know why I'm giving her my heart?

Even, on things we disagree.
I will admit being with her have been a good thing.
Still, there are times when I question myself/
question myself?
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
What have you failed to see?
That a good man still there besides you.
Doing everything to keep you pleased.

And now you only recognize him.
When he is about to leave?
Well, you're not the only one.

That saw your blessings too late.
What a big mistake?
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Too much invested.
Too much gained to lose.
So, trade her in, isn't the que
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