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 Dec 2013 Janet
I come from
Bleeding gums
Skinny arms
And ketchup smothered chicken
From dyed blue hair
And chipped black nail polish
"There’s no use crying over spilt milk"
"You’re not the first person to fail history"
I come from
Cracked bathtubs
Cracked skulls
Crooked teeth
Oversized sweaters
Overly sweetened tea
From diabetes
Breast cancer
And depression
I come from black heads
And pimples
Frizzy hair
Half filled journals
Half empty coffee cups
Purple lipstick
Scars from dropping the oven mitt
Seared flesh on wrists
I come from
Cigarette smoke curling under summer skies
From fake fire places
Freshly baked cookies
Poetry in the form of blood cells
From mental hospital stays
From blinding headaches
That vibrate through teeth
I come from
Pentacle necklaces
And pearl bracelets
Apple perfume
New York City visits
I come from
And grass
And flowers
I come from the beach
From salty air
And sandy toes
I come from everywhere
And I’m going nowhere
 Dec 2013 Janet
Roy Vazquez
When I was younger
I liked to spin and spin
I would get dizzy and fall
and I would laugh
because things were good
and life was kind

When I was a little older
I liked to follow my brother around
I would get tired and fall
because no matter how hard I tried
I couldn't keep up
but things were good
and life was kind

The day I became a teenager
I began to internalize
and I would get dizzy and fall
because I was different
things were not good
but life was still kind

When I was a little older
I made peace with my struggles
I got light headed and cried
God made me different
but things were good
and life was kind

When I became an adult
I met my first love
We would kiss and I would fall
because I knew he would catch me
things were very good
and life was kind

When  I was a little older
I made too many mistakes
I was so sorry but I didn't fall
because I had ruined his life
and mine
and there's nothing to be done
things got really bad
and life was not kind

Now the days go by
but things are different now
and when I think about it all
I get dizzy and I do fall
because not a day goes by
that I don't think of you
and how sorry I am
for the idiot I was

but life goes on
there's not too much I can do
the little that could
was done
and we've moved on

The day I'm a little older
I'm sure I will see you that day
and I will probably get dizzy and fall
but I hope enough time has passed
where we are able to smile
because things are good
and life is once again kind
 Nov 2013 Janet
Dark n Beautiful
I divided my tears into section
With each drop, with each snuffle
With each tissue: I thread
I remembering the good times we shared
Yesterday, was your birthday
today: it’s my revelation:   I  have taken
another course in my life: unlike the blackbird
I once encounter
Who were entangled with kite strings
high in the branch of a tree
his scary beaded eyes, his Okalee  frightening sounds

His destiny had lies in the hands that set him free
I remember standing there for a moment
and wondered, what would this bird ever do for me
if I set him free
however,  as we all know God blessed heroes
that day I was his hero

Today he is my revelation.
I never thought of that bird until this morning
I suppose he is long gone,
Since, the lifespan of a bird is short
But, I would always remember that little black bird
entangled in the mahogany tree: who taught me
the true meaning of empathy
 Nov 2013 Janet
Jaimee Michelle
This is crazy
It's gone on for far too long
And the bridge between us has been burnt to the ground
No ashes remain
Just her stupid face in the picture frames with you, instead of mine
Just her laying on the side of the bed that was once mine
Anger seeps through my veins
And you'd like to call it jealousy
Not likely my snake of an ex
I'm angry because I just want to know, I want to know WHY?
WHY did you drag me through the mud for so long
That my heart still yearns for your comfort
And I'm foolish enough to allow myself to miss you still
To miss you..
The you I knew
Not that arrogant liar in the picture frames beside her
Do you.. Did he exist?
Was this all a dream?
Can someone shake me until I wake up
Until I wake up screaming shrieks of relief
To open my eyes wide, no lingering shadows of you in sight
No more web of lies to fight
Cause if my life's a nightmare without you in it...
Ill never close these eyes to sleep again

— The End —