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I wrote a poem about a girl
In fact I wrote a few
Truth be told I will admit
This girl I never knew

Often she’d tell me things
Things I couldn’t hear
Then she’d show me things
But they weren’t always clear

I’d like to say I knew her
Just so I could say it’s so
Honestly she’s a mystery
So I guess I’ll never know

I wrote a poem about a girl
Tis all I can really say
Maybe one day I’ll meet her
Before I’ve gone my way
I have this weird feeling that how I mattered won’t be revealed until I’m gone. And I can’t help but wonder why.
What good will it do me then?
4d · 32
In your corner
I like the unnoticed ones. The ones that think they’re ugly or unwanted. So alone even when by themselves. The ones that’ve given up talking because they’ve gone so long with nobody listening.
Not because I think just the opposite of them. Not because I want to be with them. I don’t deserve to be with anyone. I just can’t stand the thought of them going their whole lives feeling like I have for mine.
5d · 112
Where were you
Sometime, somewhere
Between my next breath and my last
Before my hearing goes or my vision fades
If it’s not to much to ask
I’d like to know
What it’s like to mean something
To someone
Instead of being an expert
On being nothing
To anyone
May 15 · 36
Not good for much
Jamison Bell May 15
It's the only thing I was ever good at
Just as the sun nourishes the dandelion
Just as the rivers guide the course of the lives that depend on it
I can see to it that her needs are met
If she likes a particular meal
I'll learn to cook it
Should she like the bed made a certain way
I'll see to it
I will listen and I will watch
So that when she cries
I'll know why
Should she need a smile
I'll find the joke
Crafting has never been my suit
Nor can I write her a song
Though there is that one thing
I can do
I can make her feel safe
Warm and loved
For as sure as the sun will rise
Not a day will suffer
Where she can question
Whether or not I love her
Apr 11 · 39
Jamison Bell Apr 11
I’m sorry.
Jamison Bell Apr 10
You may not remember meeting me.
I’m just not that memorable.
Though I’ll never forget it.
I imagine it was like my first time seeing a candle.
Though I’d seen it before.
I thought it was just a dream.
I couldn’t have imagined you were real.
The moon was waxing gibbons.
Tempered spirits that never as so much crossed paths as to crash into one another.
Apr 9 · 45
Rain and scotch
Jamison Bell Apr 9
Is it a measure of strength, resolve, or stupidity?
To say I love you.
Knowing full well,
you’ll never hear those echoed back.

Now I’m just an old man.
Waking up everyday.
Heart in hand.
Holding it up to the sun.
Only to watch it pass me by.

Not much will be said about me.
Maybe a passing thought.
Though at least it can’t be said
That I didn’t love
Jamison Bell Apr 6
I can’t help but think
That there has got to be
At least one perfect
Combination of words
Lying just beyond my reach
I keep writing
In the hope
If even by accident
That I find those words
I have to
Writing I love you
Didn’t work
Jamison Bell Apr 6
You there lad! Fetch my quill.
And the ink bottle there on the windowsill.
Now fetch more coal and parchment quick.
And shut the door lest I get sick.

There’s this thought that has come to pass.
It’s about a thing that wouldn’t last.
Forgotten people worth forgetting.
A different song in a forgetful setting.

Long ago I watched you by
Some passing stars up in the sky
I set about to know you then
Shooting stars don’t shoot again

It’s that person that you’re sure you know.
If not from now then long ago.
And there you are so sure of them.
But you don’t know where much less when.

But then there’s this unspoken thing.
Annnnnd I just lost interest in going any further.
This is just awful.
You should go shower.
Jamison Bell Apr 6
I’ll probably just take a walk through the stars like I would a field of wheat.
Run my fingers over the reeds of starlight protruding from a time long dead.
Spend a day with the sun. Take a nap on our quiet moon.
Then I’d like to awaken in an ancient forest by a silver waterfall.
To build a fire. So if you should ever want to find me.
Apr 5 · 50
Jamison Bell Apr 5
I never got that sunset with you and now my skin feels heavy. Auburn moons and crimson leaves, yes. Not one sunset though. Dragging my quill like an oxen with its plow, my hands as blind as they are always seem to find you.
Tell me again. While I can still hear you. As if it were a whisper from the other room. That something you say from under your breath because the power that keeps you from saying it is failing you.
It feels bound at times. As if hindered by barbed wire. Like a lamb that was frightened by the storm only to find itself ensnared. The more it struggles, the worse it gets.
Jamison Bell Apr 4
Just prop me up against the fire and pour me a drink.
My seraphim gave up on me today.
She couldn’t stand the cold any longer.
Hence the blood and broken glass.
She covered herself with the first pair of wings.
Told me where to go.
Unfurled her other two wings.
Took off like a **** in the wind.
And I'm pretty sure she stole my butts.
Because I can’t find them.
She said something.
Something about futility.
Practice something.
Oh. That’s right.
She said I'm a practice in futility.
In the distance there I can still see the fallen windmills and burning bridges.
A stray dog stole my last shoe.
Cerberus I think it was.
After Pan tied me to this post.
He said they didn’t know what to do with me.
That’s when I gave it all away.
So when you find me.
Tied to this post here beside the river of fire.
No shoes, bitter, and with nothing to validate who I am.
Just know.
My seraphim left me today.
And I’m positive she stole my butts.
Apr 3 · 29
Hallmark toilet paper
Jamison Bell Apr 3
We could say we’re here and there when we are not together.
On each other's minds regardless of the whether.
We should be side by side or a thousand miles apart.
If ever I should need you, I need only touch my heart.
Jamison Bell Apr 3
I like to imagine each new day is like a fresh page in a book.
As the day starts it’s spiral down the drain, I rarely hold the quill.
I’ve always kinda just let it do it’s thing.
Because I didn’t care.
At the end of the day I skim back over the page.
I don’t read it, the events of the day are of no matter to me.
I’m just looking for your name.
As long as when I look, I can find you there.
I don’t have to tear that page out.
Jamison Bell Mar 30
And just as the morning sun forages through the forest floor.
Like it’s looking for a dropped contact lense.
So too I, a mercenary of reason. Waking and trudging through each day.
Starved for purpose. Understanding.
Instead I’m asked to just choke it down. The hypocrisy, the indignant righteous illusion of free will.
Tongue scraped with charcoal. To the point I question whether or not.
Would it not serve me better to just bite down on my own throat?
To clench my teeth and pull back just far enough to watch the light fade from my eyes.
A poem like the ghost of a memory that was never real. Floats just out of reach.
Jamison Bell Mar 27
I envy the preacher and shaman. I envy their faith and their flock.
Those deluded non sensical *******, just running down time on the clock.

I adore the rabbi and lama, the beards and the tans are the tops.
And whenever I want to party, the imam is pulling no stops.

They live in worlds of certainty, where convictions are set in stone.
While I’ve been somehow left to wander my world all alone.

While others were able to forgive a world that can’t be rationalized.
I got stuck, became enamored, and now I’m pasteurized.

So I’ll laugh until my eyes bleed from staring at the sun.
And if we meet again one day we’ll say “yeah well that was fun”.
Mar 27 · 38
I really like your mom
Jamison Bell Mar 27
There runs a path just to the north where wrinkled giants stand.
A thorny worm as it were that yields upon a river.
There’s not much light along the way.
It’s too sad a place for the sun.
Ancient ghosts whisper their tales along the riverbanks.
There are those that visit here once.
The sad ones.
Jamison Bell Mar 27
They tell me to write what I know.
Pen out the feelings inside.
Well I’ve been holding this quill and smoking all night.
And I think that I’ve already died.

It’s like reaching into a vase.
And finding nothing is there.
Cold blind hands scraping the walls of nighttime in a bottle.
What’s worse is I can’t even care.

So I put the vase outside to soak.
And watch it grow cold in the sun.
In the fall it fills of death, in the summer it’s colors will fade.
And sadly no where to run.

A moment unknowingly waits.
This vase will surely break.
From water and mud it came, to ash and dust it’ll be.
It suffered for sufferings sake.
Jamison Bell Mar 26
Fingers dragged kicking and screaming across an illuminated dance floor as if this were some new age line dancing competition for people who have no idea what they’re doing.
That’s what this is.
It’s like being asked to sculpt out a scene from MacBeth in jello using a chainsaw after doing blow with a hyena who has a grudge against HR over the comprehensive dental plan.
Do you see where I’m going with this?
Mar 26 · 35
Relax your throat
Jamison Bell Mar 26
Candle wax and sweaty backs
Empty packs of butts
Balled up pants, and a passing glance
What more could there possibly be

Empty bottles the hard **** waddle
And the chicken got left out
Your kid is crying, I’m over here dying
Surely we are blessed

A morning beer dost make things clear
Underneath that callous sun
A new day calls I scratch my *****
Truly this is heaven
Mar 24 · 33
Jamison Bell Mar 24
My heart has grown quite heavy and I’ll like to lay it down.
To leave it here amongst the wood, on the moss by the stream.
To bask in what light finds its way between the leaves and branches.
Where the ravens watch the wolves who watch the moon.
Where eyes like emeralds caught in the light of a dead star.
I could leave it with her. And she could keep it company.
Though I won’t come back for it.
Mar 22 · 58
How I met your mother
Jamison Bell Mar 22
So then I told her I toss off dolphins as part of my charity work.
She talked about her ex, the pastor, and I said that he’s a ****.
Her sweaty calloused hands then seized upon my thigh.
I know it’s called vitiligo but her face just looked like rye.
The night was going swimmingly so I ordered another drink.
I put it on her tab again and asked about her kink.
She said she’d like to have dumpster *** and probably get chinese.
I scattered soiled diapers down so she wouldn’t hurt her knees.
We ordered teriyaki sticks and I think she got chow mein.
I took a cab and let her walk as she said she liked the rain.
Back at her apartment she was over thirty minutes late.
I said she owed me **** and there would be no more debate.
Well I didn’t like the **** and I probably wasn’t very clear.
So that’s why I’m in the hospital, now tell me why are you in here.
Mar 22 · 30
I’m high and bored
Jamison Bell Mar 22
We’re coming close to the end of things, of things I’d like to say.
Here’s a list of some of those things I said before I pass away.
I called an old woman a **** one time for reasons that are my own.
I don’t regret it not one lil bit and let’s just leave it alone.
I once told a small child I’d cut off his face and use it to wipe my ***.
But to be fair he was stirring my scotch but he went and chipped the glass.
Then there was that time in church when I said “what in the **** is a ******”.
Or that time I told my girl that I might as well go **** a sturgeon.
The end.
Don’t forget to tip the coat check girl. She’s homeless and afraid of homeless people.
Mar 21 · 165
Zoe will tell you
Jamison Bell Mar 21
I don’t want your help.
I want you to help them.
So that there’s no one like me left to help.
Jamison Bell Mar 20
Next time.
Next time someone says “I love you”.
Ask them why.
If they say something to the effect of
“because you make me feel blah blah blah”.
They’re looking for something that makes them feel a particular way.
So it’s not you they love, they love the feeling you bring about in themselves.
If someone says “you make me feel warm, safe, and happy”.
Well then you can be replaced with a blanket, a gun, and a bag of ****.

It’s not your job to make someone feel a certain way.
Love is a constant unconditional thing.
It’s not hindered by feelings.
Feelings are flawed, ever changing, and easily misconstrued.

Actual love is evident in the giving.
The giving of yourself.
You have a garden of flowers.
You love this garden.
So you devote time to it.
You nurture it, support it.
You’re giving of yourself regardless of how you feel in the moment.
The garden becomes as much a part of you as you do it.
It can’t go on as it is without you and you can’t let it die.
Jamison Bell Mar 19
It’s ok.
I know her.
I’ve known her all my life.
She told me she’d wait.
Though if I ever needed her,
I need only die.

I hear her when the pain in my heart rouses my sleep.
A soft whisper as if from another room.
Her breath curls up around my neck and falls down over me.
It’s a warm sleep she offers.
An end to my pain.
Mar 4 · 46
Tranquil intoxication
Jamison Bell Mar 4
Were you to ever take me there, to that place you find yourself
In the darkness amongst the rows of pines like terracotta soldiers
Bioluminescent dragonflies floating wistfully through the mist
Ensnaring sapphire streams of fire cold and hungry
Sleepless hours wandering aimlessly throughout
I’d ask only to stay a while longer
If it meant I could know you more
Jamison Bell Mar 3
Where the wind runs it’s fingers through the fresh grass of spring
Or those moments of solace to which we all cling

Where the waters are warm to touch with cloud capped dunes
And fireflies play under soft crescent moons

Where the mist gathers and turns the world cold and grey
When you think of that night, that story, that day

That’s where you’ll find me if you’d fancy a chat
Just look inside
I’m where you’re at
Mar 2 · 27
Jamison Bell Mar 2
The harshest of realities
Is when you realize
They feel the same way about you
As you do
Jamison Bell Mar 1
There might come a time when you think of me
If so, put the sun to my back.
Can you see me?
Am I smiling?
Just remember, it’s probably because I’m there with you.
Reveling in the moment.
You meant so much to me,
I hope you knew that.
I’m just going to leave you with this lil message.

I miss you too.
Jamison Bell Feb 25
I don’t have anyone to write for, or to-
I do my best writing when it’s inspired
So now it’s just muscle memory.
If I don’t write my fingers will go on strike.
I think they’re sad though, like me
They know that with no one to write to
It’s all in vain
Unfortunately, it’s all they know how to do.
They don’t get held.
So, they write.
If for no other reason than spite.
They write.
Feb 25 · 71
To, the moon
Jamison Bell Feb 25
I do not fear death
It’s widening jaws await
Nor do I fear time
Cells die off like stars
I bring my own pain
Self wrought and nourished
Tis but a thought
That weakens my resolve
A moment between
Love and hate
Where my hands shake
And terror takes hold
When I imagine you
Know how I feel
Feb 23 · 41
11pm on a forest lake
Jamison Bell Feb 23
An obsidian lake lit up by white fire before an army of cypress trees.
That seem as though they marched upon this lake only to company halt at its beauty.
So awe struck by the depth of this void.
They failed to notice they were sinking into the marsh on the lakes brim.
Now stationed here until time consumes them.
Wisps of clouds skate upon the onyx surface until called upon by the sun.
The silence here collides into the chorus songs of the frogs, the birds, and the wind through the trees.
Fireflies, aglow with a cold light, dance with their reflections along the shoreline.
A fish jumps and the ripples approach like waves of black satin.
A crescent moon glides across the celestial sea like an ethereal swan.
In the waters flawless reflection of the heavens one feels trapped between two galaxies.
Just, just leave me here.
Jamison Bell Feb 20
I should be able to tap out.
That’d be nice.
If I could just place my hand over my heart. Give it three quick taps.
Feb 12 · 60
Wait till the end
Jamison Bell Feb 12
Do not praise your children.
For I ask you what have they done?
Have they accomplished some great task?
What battles have they won?

They’re weak and insufferable creatures.
Riddled with stupidity.
I’d just assume have a yak.
Then a child here next to me.

I saw one once out on a farm.
Crying and wailing away.
If I hadn’t had found that well.
It would have gone on all day.

My friend had one, a girl I think.
It did nothing but ***** and ****.
Then it would laugh like a demon I say.
Until it latched onto a ***.

Horrendous monsters these children are.
They only want and whine.
Consuming all that was good on earth.
And breaking what is mine.

All those words overhead
Are simply just untrue
Not a day goes by that I don’t stop
And smile when I think of you
Feb 12 · 50
Purposely lost purpose
Jamison Bell Feb 12
I wake up with a cigarette clinging to my lips like a wee man hanging from a cliff.
I relieve him momentarily by swilling a beer.
I peel myself off my leg and hope my aim is true.
If my leg starts getting wet.
I know something’s off.
General Tso stops in for breakfast whilst I judge the breast of the weather *****.
Fill up the worlds tiniest salad bowl before setting fire to it.
My eyes redden like morning suns before an afternoon storm.
There was something I was suppose to do today.
Or was it yesterday?
I’m hoping tomorrow never gets here so that I don’t have to stress about whatever it was I forgot.
Imagine that?
Wishing for death as opposed to having a memory return.
**** yeah.
Cast some thoughts into the ether, burn a bridge, and stare into the sun for a while.
One more cigarette before bed.
One more night alone.
Feb 12 · 52
Jamison Bell Feb 12
I’m not good
Nor am I drunk
I just am
Jamison Bell Feb 10
So check this out.
I go to this bar one night.
Usual place I’d avoid because I just couldn’t imagine there’d be anything for me there.
I’m scanning the place like I’m secret service
And I see her
It was like my heart had seen a ghost.
I’m talking straight ****** and Shaggy a “gh gh gh gh ghost!”
Everything in me just came to a screeching halt.
And none of it was wearing a seat belt.
So it came rushing forward hitting me in the back of my head.
It wasn’t so much how she looked.
Her smile, her ***, none of that non-sense.
It was just her.
Save for every molecule in my body simultaneously exploding at the speed of light; nothing was going to stop me from meeting her.
As cringe as it reads in text as it does to hear it in person, it was magnetic.
I made no presumptions about her.
I didn’t need to.
Because from somewhere, from some point in time. I knew her.
Whether we died in a tragic gondola accident somewhere in the Alps back in the 60’s.
Or perhaps we were banging in a clay pit in Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted.
I don’t know.
The draw to know her, was, is, and will probably be the strongest force I’ve ever felt.
Every second I spent around her was what I imagine walking in space is like.
Just surrounded by starlight, breathlessly in awe.
My will didn’t survive that adventure,
and that’s ok.
I’ll be alright.
Would I go back?
Would I do it all again?
Does ****** want a ****** Snack?
Feb 7 · 303
Ashes and ice cubes
Jamison Bell Feb 7
I was never there with you
Where you were
I couldn’t go
Far away I roamed
Through ancient forest
Haunted by stories
Of things that are gone forever
Over rivers of sunlight
And blue deserts
I’d wander tirelessly
Until I found someplace
Echoless and boundless
Where I could be alone
To think about you
Jamison Bell Feb 6
Somebody once wondered why happiness was so fleeting. Until someone else pushed them off a bridge because they wouldn’t shut up about it.

It left me thinking. I put down the Chihuahua I was punching and began to wonder silently to myself. Perhaps that person was onto something.

Perhaps happiness is fleeting so as to be appreciated more when it happens. Like a sunset after a thunderstorm or a ******* from a ***** hobo.

Could perpetual happiness survive the world we live in amidst the ruin of so many? Doubtful save for the ignorant and that ***** ******* giving hobo.

I think, sometimes. That there is a genuine happiness to be found in balance. That soft spot between the sheets of safety and security. But not the wet spot.

It’s all a derivative of the choices we make and the sacrifices we endure. This ideology of happiness is obtainable. Just probably not for you because you ****.
Jamison Bell Feb 5
I just want to understand
It’s all I ever truly wanted
Was to know the “why”
For what it is

A celestial classroom set perpetually adrift on a magnetic plane
There’s no teacher, though the questions number eternity
And go unanswered

If I can’t have the answers
I’d just assume go
Jamison Bell Feb 5
I want to burn it all down but I don’t want the responsibility
To laugh at a joke I didn’t hear while drinking from an empty cup
To see her again for the first time and then never again
I’d consume her from the within and never shat her out
Wherein did I leave myself?
The old me.
Under that bridge
Still waiting for the storm to pass
He’ll die there, if he hasn’t already
To hear Fur Elise once more
Under an August moon
I’d die to live in the heart of another
What good is there in good if apathy is king and are we out of maple syrup
Jamison Bell Feb 4
Some of us write from the heart
Some of us from the head
The thing we all have in common
Is one day we’ll all be dead

So we put our thoughts to words
Penning our woes and such
Silently screaming into the night
Using poetry as a crutch

If you’re lucky someone will hear you
Your words might strike a tone
Though most of us will go unnoticed
Forever remaining alone
Jamison Bell Feb 1
A genuine person, wouldn’t be a genuine person.
People, whether as a group or as individuals are disingenuous.
It’s a human thing.
You see.
We’re a fairly young species.
You must keep this in mind when dealing with us.
You’d think that having been around for thousands of years,
we would’ve learned a thing or two.
We figured out the technical stuff.
We went to the moon, cured polio, and found the goats ****** is very similar to ours.
Though, that’s about it…..figuratively speaking.
Though when it comes to being better versions of ourselves.
We kinda threw the baby out with the bath water, into the trash, off to the dump, and set it on fire.
You see.
Despite our extremely advantageous position in the tree of life.
We're not very high up,
ethically speaking.
It’s because we are so young.
And stupid
**** are we stupid
I don’t know if there’ll ever be a world
where we treat each other with unbiased kindness.
Champion empathy and compassion.
Crave honesty unto ourselves and others.
And abolish The Red Hot Chili Peppers because **** if they aren’t just awful.
It’s a nice thought though,
isn’t it?
Kind of like how an **** where everyone pronounces you the king and you get cake and balloons fall from the sky and **** all your enemies, is a nice thought.
Tis all it is though.
one day we might get there.
Hope springs eternal.
Jamison Bell Jan 29
The snow was deep but she had found the sacred burial plot
An ancient granite archway over a tomb that read only Cain
She looked up at the crescent goddess and closed her eyes
Embers arose from the ground and danced about her
She whispered her spells fluidly and a fog crept in from the moors
Her freshly sharpened teeth bite her lip until blood spills
Whispering one last spell she takes a smile upon herself
The stones supporting the archway begin to fall out of place
Embers brighter than before envelop her arching form
She feels a surge of warmth emanating from her core
Granite falls and breaks, the smell of rot permeates the air
She collapses to the ground her red dress splayed out
A dark figure emerges from the shadow of the tombs embrace
It draws a deep breath to take in its new time and world
Kneeling down beside the beautiful raven haired woman
It traces its ashy finger down her cheek to her lips
Long had its hunger suffered against itself in vain
Her neck slightly throbbing with every faint breath
The silhouette of her body like the angels who dance with fire
A shimmering of moonlight catches its eye against its will
A gold clasp on a leather bag she’d brought along with her
Securing the bag to itself it found amongst the items currency
It took the gold and stood up before dropping the purse on her face
Then went up the road to Dairy Queen for a chili dog
It met some tourist and got a ride into town on their way through
It set about the next night feasting on  virginal blood
Forgetting all about the lady back at the tomb
And it lived happily ever after
Jamison Bell Jan 29
Well we could
Pick up the trash, burn it all down, or feed a hungry kid.
String up a **** from a tree and admire what we did.
We could
Rebrand the racist and just incase it’s suggested we call them *****
Arrest any action like burning books and other stupid stunts.
We could
Grind up the dead, eat the rich, and then maybe plant a tree.
Elect the ones who actually want to urge transparency.
We could……..
Not celebrate, instead educate, and maybe plant more grass
Or simply do what power does and tell us you will pass
Or we could
Just write about it, then fight around it, until the day we die.
It’ll then get passed like a joint to our kids how to propagate a lie.
Jan 29 · 65
Never mattered
Jamison Bell Jan 29
I’ve read about it.
Seen it in the movies.
Watched other people experience it.
I got left out.
They told me I would.
They said it was because I could never matter.
I thought about that for a long time.
While other kids were playing.
I was walking around wondering.
For a while there I thought that surely someone would come along.
A person to whom my existence would mean something.
Instead I got the four horsemen.
To whom I loved as deeply as I could.
I raged hard against the tides that sought to hold me back.
To prove myself worthy.
In the end.
No matter what I did, I was still of no matter.
I watched from the gutter as the four them made their ways.
My days are closing in on me.
I’ve isolated myself.
I know now I’ll never know how.
Or why.
So I’ve gone from wondering to wandering.
Up and down the cavernous halls of my thoughts.
I still have questions.
That can’t be answered.
Idiotic, insipid, nonsensical, cringeworthy questions.
What is it like to be loved? To be wanted around? To be desired? To be cared for?
To matter?
Someone once told me.
“It’s like feeling the sun on your skin, even when it’s raining.”
I’ve been cold for so long.
I didn’t even know being warm was an option.
Jamison Bell Jan 29
Here’s the vig where nihilism is concerned. You have to learn to live with unanswered questions.
Because, the answers don’t matter any more than the questions.

Nonetheless, here I am.
Bowl in hand.
A lil orange fire flares up every time I want to forget.
It’s become my truth
My only truth
Jamison Bell Jan 27
Oh woe is the heart that is denied that which would give it a reason
Hath thou discovered my will I mighteth made the season
Tis not to be this mystery, this bane of loneliness
Exceeds my grasp, just out of my class, forever in distress
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