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Jan 2019 · 21
It likes the quiet
James Scanlan Jan 2019
It likes the quiet

Those silent moments of

And then, as your mind stills
And idle, your hands become
It pounces!

It thrusts its icy fingers through my back
And tightens its grip around my heart
Then yanks backward
And down, down I fall
Into unending blackness

It likes the quiet
Mar 2018 · 77
Waiting for Love
James Scanlan Mar 2018
As the day grows long
And lonely
I dream of Love

I dream of a Perfect Kiss

And Delightful Dates

Leading to Wedding Bliss

Oh how I wait

How I wait
For my missing half
One to share
Life's sorrow and laughs

But while I wait for love

Love meant to be

I can't but think

Is she waiting for me?
Feb 2018 · 99
James Scanlan Feb 2018
They sneak and creep
And ambush me
In the dead of night
During day's bright light
Within a whisper
Of silent screams
Subtle sister
Of midnight dreams
Bringer of tears
Smiles and fears
A lifetimes worth
Of sorrow and mirth
They are mine
They belong to me
My bittersweet
Nov 2017 · 128
Time Traveler
James Scanlan Nov 2017
I am a time traveler
Not really, but I might as well be
You see, my heart lives in the past
No more than a few decades ago
Yet it might as well be centuries
We have changed that much
Where today, can you find a woman
And a man
Who court each other?
Who spend time getting to know each other
Before making love?

When I say time I am talking months
Not weeks
Or days
Or even hours
Months where two strangers talk
Go on adventures
Watch movies, sports, and even theater
Until they are no longer strangers
Until they know each other
Until they love each other
And only then
Do they express that love

This is the time in which my heart lives
And I do not see it today
So how can I help but say
I am a time traveler
Nov 2017 · 156
A Piece of String
James Scanlan Nov 2017
I heard a story
Some time ago
Of an Elephant
Powerful and Wise
And a String
Thin as a hair

But the Elephant
Was not always Powerful
Nor Wise
And the String had begun
As an Iron Chain

From birth the Elephant
Strained and struggled
Against the Iron Chain
But always failed
To be free of it

Then came the day
The Elephant gave up
And tried no more
Not long after
The Iron Chain
Shriveled into String

And til this day
That Elephant
Who grew to be Powerful
And Wise
Is held back
By a frail and weak
Piece of String
What hold you back?
Nov 2017 · 75
Louder Than Words
James Scanlan Nov 2017
I told her I loved her
And her silence
Spoke louder than words
Oct 2017 · 73
James Scanlan Oct 2017
I know them well
But not well enough
To know their answers
Thankfully there are people who do know and who help out
James Scanlan Oct 2017
I slept beneath the stars
Last night
I did not want to
I liked my house
With its walls to keep me safe
And roof to keep me dry
But forced out
I was
A camping trip
More like a
"Get eaten by mosquitos"
and out of my house
I went
And learned
The walls of my house
Block out the Wind in my hair
The roof of my house
Hides the Moon
Now I eagerly await
The time I can once more say
Last night
I slept beneath the stars
Oct 2017 · 66
A Seed
James Scanlan Oct 2017
I had a seed
Of love
In it I could see
A towering tree
But also
A humble ****
But a seed unplanted
Is never truly known
So I planted my seed
And now wait for it to grow
Oct 2017 · 69
James Scanlan Oct 2017
Slowly, ever so slowly,
You trickled by
Yet in an instant
(A mere moment!)
The years have passed by
And that which seemed so far away
Is crashing towards me with all the speed
And power
Of a Hurricane
Oct 2017 · 63
Wishing for the Moon
James Scanlan Oct 2017
You are the sun
To me

Sure, there are days
When you hide behind clouds
But there are days
When I bask in your warmth

Oh how I long for you!
Dreams of you brighten my night
Like you brighten my day
And yet. . .

You are the sun
To me

I must stay in place.
Closer to you
And I burn
Further, I freeze

You are the sun
To me

Yet I wish
you were the Moon
Then, at least,
I would have
some Hope
The previous ending didn't seem right
Aug 2017 · 113
The Time We Shared
James Scanlan Aug 2017
The time we shared

                       Was full of    


   ­                     And *Lies
Aug 2017 · 110
Winter's Spring
James Scanlan Aug 2017
We met on the third day of Winter's Spring

The Buds of Ice had begun to grow

Strengthened by Summer's Snow

As I waited for those Frozen Flowers to Bloom,

Born of Nature's Mysterious Womb,

I glimpsed you from aNear

To me a Beauty Without Peer

My heart was Frozen by your Fiery Gaze

And within a Flame for you did Blaze

Aug 2017 · 102
People Change
James Scanlan Aug 2017
It hurts

my heart

to know

That I'm missing you

While you're


Jul 2017 · 103
It's Over
James Scanlan Jul 2017
"Okay" I said
There was no mess
No fuss
No anger
Everything was
On the outside
Something *broke
Jul 2017 · 100
The Mists
James Scanlan Jul 2017
Standing before you
I am lost
Surrounded by endless mists
My breath becomes gasps
My hands tremble
I stumble forward
But you are gone
In the Mists
Jul 2017 · 98
I Want Someone
James Scanlan Jul 2017
I want some to talk to

I want someone to hold on to

I want someone to wake up to

I want someone to love
Jul 2017 · 101
What happened?
James Scanlan Jul 2017
The time went whistling past
Like a train off its tracks
Crashing into Monday
What happened to the weekend?
Jul 2017 · 105
A curious child
James Scanlan Jul 2017
I once knew a curious child
Questions he had more than a few
I often wonder what happened to that child
Perhaps he starved from questions left unanswered
Jul 2017 · 97
A falling star
James Scanlan Jul 2017
I wished upon
a falling star
But I did not know
the stars were in your eyes
Nor that the star which fell was mine
Wrapped in a tear
falling from your eye
Jul 2017 · 122
James Scanlan Jul 2017
My soul is incomplete

Day by day I feel it more
Festering like an open sore
A desire deep inside
A truth from which I cannot hide

It is not a wound
It is not a pain
All efforts to heal it
would be in vain

My Soul is incomplete

It is cake without frosting
Adam without Eve
Fries without ketchup
A priest who does not believe

My soul is incomplete

Day by day
I search for you
All I hope is
That you do too
So that when the time comes
That we do meet
No longer will
My soul be *Incomplete
Jul 2017 · 112
Somewhere Else
James Scanlan Jul 2017
I've never felt more alone

Than when I sat across from you

And knew you would rather be

Somewhere else
Jul 2017 · 98
My Face
James Scanlan Jul 2017
My face is Strong
No Weakness to be found

My face is Laughing
No Sadness to be found

My face is a Mask
In front of Others

My face is Cracking
When I'm Alone
Jul 2017 · 110
Forever Bound
James Scanlan Jul 2017
Roses are red
This life may be a lie
But I'll tell you a truth
Promise you won't cry
Existence is pain
And full of grief
It's not very long
In fact it's brief
But in this life
There's a reason to live
For the unending pain
Is deceptive
For end it does
When love is found
When two souls become one
Forever bound
Jul 2017 · 166
Four Words
James Scanlan Jul 2017
It's funny how words
Can express so much

I want to die

The first, and happiest,
Sentence to change my life
I love you too

It hurts so much

The second sentence,
On the best day of my life,
Yes I'll marry you

I'm sorry. . . so sorry

The third, on the day
My world fell apart,
I. . . I have cancer

But I just can't

The last was on the day
My heart died
She suffered so much
Braver than me
Brave almost all the time  
Almost. . .

*I want to die
Jun 2017 · 135
Feeling... Weird
James Scanlan Jun 2017
It's getting late and I'm feeling
And when I'm tired I feel...
Things just pop into my
Like calling up your
And farting into it
Jun 2017 · 186
James Scanlan Jun 2017
I'm in love with you
And I'm pretty sure you like me too
But. . .
Even I know the timing is wrong
So I call you friend and hope
For the day when we can be *more
Jun 2017 · 129
James Scanlan Jun 2017
The poems I write
Have changed for me
I used to worry
Over whether
People liked them
Or not
But now...
They have become my solace
They are where
I vent my soul

When I feel happy
I write
When I feel sad
I write
When I am exhausted
I write
When I am ecstatic
I write
Every day
I write
It brings me peace
Jun 2017 · 107
James Scanlan Jun 2017
My heart hurts when you say
You liked me
I liked you too
Jun 2017 · 131
James Scanlan Jun 2017
The path I tread
Has been travelled before
I follow in footsteps that are confident
That are hesitant
That are strong
That are weak

The path I tread
Has stopping points
For those who can't go further
For those who turn back
For those who rest
For those who slow down

The path I tread
Is a difficult one
With steep hills and sharp rocks
With pitfalls and snares
With bandits and theives
With temptation and lies

The path I tread
Has peace and tranquility
Has a beautiful view
Has pleasant company
Has many loved ones
At the end
Jun 2017 · 145
James Scanlan Jun 2017
I thought parallel lines
Were the saddest things
Similar interests, humour, and feelings
Perfect for each other
But never meeting

But now I know
something sadder
Two lines, just about to meet,
When one
Jun 2017 · 122
James Scanlan Jun 2017
When did the excitement

die out

When did the roaring fire

start smouldering

When did the endless enchantments


When will it start

Jun 2017 · 91
James Scanlan Jun 2017
My love for you is quicksand

The more I struggle against it

The deeper I sink
Jun 2017 · 81
James Scanlan Jun 2017
Surrounded by Silence
the sound of crying
Echoes Inside
Jun 2017 · 91
James Scanlan Jun 2017
my hands are clean

my conscience is clear

I did nothing wrong!


Why do you stare at me so?!


Don't cry!

Because then I'll . . .

we couldn't make it

no one could

we tried

we failed

i didn't dump you

i couldn't

*you weren't there
Jun 2017 · 210
Do You Know?
James Scanlan Jun 2017
Do you know
how the merest glance
or touch
or word shared with you
makes my heart beat?

Do you know
the exquisite pain
i feel
when we sit and
your hand grazes mine?

Do you know
how i consider carefully
each word
i say when i know
you will hear it?

Do you know
the rage i feel
for those
who make you cry
into the night?

Do you know
how much i strive
to see
you laugh and smile
because of me?

Do You Know

*i love you?
Jun 2017 · 149
James Scanlan Jun 2017
Weary, wet, and wondering why,
I sat and stared at passers-by.
Next to me with an umbrella
Sat a dignified and morose fella
Who had gotten to that certain age
Where he acted like a sage
Passing wisdom to men such as I
Who were young and caught his eye

Young Man do you know
The most precious things in life?
Not the money, fame, or power
That causes so much strife,
But the moments opportune
That occur only once
In a very blue moon
And are never seen again.

"And what moments are these?"
I said looking to please
A man past his prime
By giving him a moment of my time

The exhilarating and petrifying moment
When you're looking in a pretty girl's eyes
And she's bitting her lower lip
Her cheeks are slightly red
And you can stay silent like always
Or muster all of your
and Fortitude
And ask your crush out

The terrifying and unavoidable moment
When mere months later you realize
Your heart is hers to do with as she pleases
And then she asks that question

What are We?
And you can either casully brush it off
Or make vulnerable your heart and tell the truth

That common but complex moment
That men of morals greatly debate
When between
or Fortune
You must decide

And what choices did you make?
Tell me for goodness' sake!

All the right choices, he said
*But one
My longest poem yet!
Jun 2017 · 107
A Box
James Scanlan Jun 2017
Two feet long
Two feet wide
Two feet tall
Two square feet
To hold my life
To hold my fears
To hold my memories
To hold my accomplishments
Too dull to hold my imagination
Too tiny to hold my goals
Too insignificant to hold my dreams
Too weak to hold me
Jun 2017 · 95
I Didn't Know
James Scanlan Jun 2017
Do you remember when we first met?
I said you were cute, like a bunny.
And you said I was mean, like a wolf.

Have you seen a wolf **** a bunny?
A savage figure tearing into
A pitful corpse
That doesn't even satisfy the wolf's

That's what everyone thought.
I was the beast that preyed
On innocent bunnies like you.

But I was soft at heart, like the prey they thought I loved to eat.
But you knew that.
But I didn't know
That wolves hide in bunnies clothing too.
Jun 2017 · 105
James Scanlan Jun 2017
I am the memory
Of that perfect moment
Gone so swiftly
But with you for ever
An instant in time
That is timeless itself
May 2017 · 105
James Scanlan May 2017
Why* *me!
The Love I had!
You were a delight!
A few moments of happiness
No matter when
Now you come with
Why am
**Lactose Intolerant!!
Ice Cream! Oh how I miss you!
May 2017 · 157
James Scanlan May 2017
Life gave me lemons
Simple as that
Others may make lemonade
Or something like that
But I was hungry
So I ate them
May 2017 · 106
James Scanlan May 2017
Beautiful, you are
Cerulean waters so clear
Capturing my heart
My first haiku!
May 2017 · 104
James Scanlan May 2017
Here I stand
In land so desolate
A desert
That was once something more
Now but a memory
Of love
May 2017 · 322
A Deaf Heart
James Scanlan May 2017
My Mind speaks
Listing reason after
But I have
A Deaf Heart
May 2017 · 371
A Clean Slate
James Scanlan May 2017
I gave my heart
Into the care of another
It was thrown back
In pieces two

A stranger came along
And tried to put it
Together like new
But the slightest of flaws
Broke it even more

No longer caring
I left the pieces
On the floor
For feet to step on

But she picked it up
Piece by piece
And loved each part
Of my broken heart
Until there was born
Something completely new
May 2017 · 95
James Scanlan May 2017
Time is the Healer
Of all Wounds
Except the Wounds
Caused by Time
Late night thoughts
May 2017 · 98
James Scanlan May 2017

Breaking to pieces


Showing it not

But for a lonely  


And a


Small and

May 2017 · 149
Fork in the Path
James Scanlan May 2017
I came upon a fork in my path
And there was one less traveled than the other

Take the beaten path
That many people can't be wrong
It's best to be safe

Take the path less traveled
Because it is traveled less
Conform to unconformity

I strode straight ahead
Choosing neither path
And to my surprise, I came upon a place
Hidden from prying eyes
And I stayed a long while
Content with my life
Until I traveled once more
To places unknown
May 2017 · 96
What Could Have Been
James Scanlan May 2017
If within you lies a hidden desire
A secret truth burning with unquenchable fire
Then bare your heart for all to see
I like you, do you like me?
For it is a terrible pain, I'm sure
To hear from someone half out the door
I liked you, did you like me?
And you're filled with such tremendous glee
But she is already gone by then
And all you can think is
*What Could Have Been.
She is leaving in a few weeks.
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