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James Scanlan May 2020
I wasn't supposed
to Survive
They had wives,
I had nothing,
No one.
I wasn't supposed
to Survive

But the Truth is
THEY knew what I did not

THEY knew my mother's tears
THEY knew my wife's mourning dress
THEY knew my children's cries

Just as I would sacrifice myself
THEY would sacrifice
For me

So that I could see my wife
My kids
My mother

They are why I am here
They are why I go on

They are why I am

a Survivor
Sometimes we cannot see ourselves how others see us.
This is dedicated to anyone who had someone who who saw something else in you worth saving, worth sacrificing themselves for.
Especially those in the military.
James Scanlan Jan 2019
It likes the quiet

Those silent moments of

And then, as your mind stills
And idle, your hands become
It pounces!

It thrusts its icy fingers through my back
And tightens its grip around my heart
Then yanks backward
And down, down I fall
Into unending blackness

It likes the quiet
James Scanlan Mar 2018
As the day grows long
And lonely
I dream of Love

I dream of a Perfect Kiss

And Delightful Dates

Leading to Wedding Bliss

Oh how I wait

How I wait
For my missing half
One to share
Life's sorrow and laughs

But while I wait for love

Love meant to be

I can't but think

Is she waiting for me?
James Scanlan Feb 2018
They sneak and creep
And ambush me
In the dead of night
During day's bright light
Within a whisper
Of silent screams
Subtle sister
Of midnight dreams
Bringer of tears
Smiles and fears
A lifetimes worth
Of sorrow and mirth
They are mine
They belong to me
My bittersweet
James Scanlan Nov 2017
I am a time traveler
Not really, but I might as well be
You see, my heart lives in the past
No more than a few decades ago
Yet it might as well be centuries
We have changed that much
Where today, can you find a woman
And a man
Who court each other?
Who spend time getting to know each other
Before making love?

When I say time I am talking months
Not weeks
Or days
Or even hours
Months where two strangers talk
Go on adventures
Watch movies, sports, and even theater
Until they are no longer strangers
Until they know each other
Until they love each other
And only then
Do they express that love

This is the time in which my heart lives
And I do not see it today
So how can I help but say
I am a time traveler
James Scanlan Nov 2017
I heard a story
Some time ago
Of an Elephant
Powerful and Wise
And a String
Thin as a hair

But the Elephant
Was not always Powerful
Nor Wise
And the String had begun
As an Iron Chain

From birth the Elephant
Strained and struggled
Against the Iron Chain
But always failed
To be free of it

Then came the day
The Elephant gave up
And tried no more
Not long after
The Iron Chain
Shriveled into String

And til this day
That Elephant
Who grew to be Powerful
And Wise
Is held back
By a frail and weak
Piece of String
What hold you back?
James Scanlan Nov 2017
I told her I loved her
And her silence
Spoke louder than words
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