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James Sep 2014
Ask yourself what darkness truly is? Is it a tangible thing?
No is the answer to that question. Darkness is simply the absence of light.
What does that tell you about darkness?
I will tell you: Light is real, darkness is only what comes before reality.
Don’t wait in the void, move to the light.
The light is what is real; the light is what you have been waiting for.
Do not fear darkness. Darkness is just an illusion.
Light is not. Light can be touched, it can be felt, it can be measured.
Darkness is only the absence of light, which means that light is sure to come.
James Sep 2014
I never know what to say
Two and a half years will do that to you
You forget that there is a bigger world out there
I want to say something to you
But I lack the courage
I lack the skills
I get so scared
Things were easy before
I didn't have to think because nothing changed
Change is scary
Almost as scary as talking to you

— The End —