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i want to learn more about chemistry and a glimmer of astronomy,
more insight into equine dentistry, and maybe a little of what's wrong with me,
why i cant seem to every get my act together,
why my feet fall far from themselves, my footsteps look so scattered,
purposelessly, i desperately crave for them to have mattered.
why i cant stop destroying beautiful things,
and why i cant stop feeling like a caged bird that sings.
tears well, i start chokin'
thinking, am i broken
head's gone soft from the potent **** that i've been smokin,
i look inside to breathe things i try to defy
sometimes one sighs at lifes many try-
ing moments, but sometimes life slips you a challenge
and before your eyes
you acknowledge the gap
and start to rise
and defy the norms of human interaction
remove the de- from the motivational caption
and now through rappin, i'm exploring my mind
sometimes shocked
sometimes intrigued by the **** that i find.
My preferred pose,
This undirected elegance,
Does it even matter to you?
Who caged me in.

Blurred by taste,
Seized by touch,
Now you look my way,
Wishing to turn, escape,

Again & again,
You who does not love me,
Yet locks me away,
Unlock me, unlock me,
But it's me whose got the key...

They say.

— The End —