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Mar 2013
She put on her dancing shoes,
And twirled in her dress.
He watched her sing,
And the microphone she caressed.
She sang to him,
"You don't have to call me darlin', darlin',
you never even called me by my name."
The room felt warm with spirits.
Other people looked and were jealous.
When would they find what they had? -
Sometimes it seems you find what you are looking for,
When you're not looking at all.
Someone made her a martini,
And she drank every last sip.
A bottle of bourbon was passed,
And she drank a little of it.
The night shifted and swayed like a dance,
And people sang and laughed,
But her eyes were on him,
And his hands on her.
When the music ended,
They staggered home,
Holding each other. -
They fell asleep,
But the music still rang in their ears,
Like tomorrow would never come.
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