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1.3k · Jan 2011
Corsets around me
tightening on the last harp string,
allowing no air
for me and the world to share
so deadly and painful
but **** and beautiful
I will endure,
to have it once more
to give it all
to allow myself to fall
to change all of me,
for all the world to see
I will make it through
to be more like you
imitation is suicide,
to swallow all my pride
I will hang
in all popular things
then be more like me
I die in the noose of society
1.3k · Jan 2011
Invisible bunnies fly on the walls
While purple pandas dance in the halls
Where there is no time or space
Pink clouds sail on green seas
And angels fly in and out of me
The heavens above cry out rain
Where lovely flowers are born again
And chaos of colors swam
Where honey flows gently golden and warm
The daylight seeps in to the silent dark
The fabric of time torn apart
Where the sun and moon are complete
A place where there is no cold or heat
The road is long
And equipped with guides
In each masquerade on need for disguise
In a world were nothing is what it seems
The world only exists in my dreams
1.3k · Jan 2011
I look at you looking back at me
So tell Mirror, what do you see?
I see those tears in your eyes
I see how the mascara runs as you cry
I see a scared little girl face
I see you trying to find your place
So tell me Mirror what do you see?
For all I see is me
1.2k · Oct 2012
I’ve been known by many names
And been called a plethora of things
I desire your soul’s music
For sweet melody my core sings

***** and **** they say
Demon, monster and sinner too
Please, for the love of God
Believe lies, they’ve whispered to you

But they only see the facade  
The kabuki painted and worn
I’ve danced so many times
My costume stained and torn

Look beyond the mirage
I wish only for you to see
What everyone else ignores
The one and only me
1.1k · Jan 2011
Silent screams in my head,
For they still want me dead.
But I won't give into sin,
I'm damaged still, within

Holding on to what is dear,
Allowing no one to come near.
Dying to try and to mend,
This pain too, say end.

Wanting, waiting to be free,
Innocence fleeing fast from me.
They leave scar that won't heal,
Love I no longer can feel.

Withering from lack of light,
No end to suffering in sight.
But I won't give into sin,
I'm still damaged still, within
1.0k · Aug 2013
Like a thief you stole,
Foolishly, I didn't desire it back.
Your vivacious colors, red clashed,
With my ugly deformed black.
One swift autumn night,
All was calm and placid,
Simple combination, changes
from solid matter to acid.

We fell to the ground, you see,
Crashing violently to the earth.
Not beautifully shooting stars,
But black hole, from its birth.
After all these lonely seasons,
I laid love six feet silently,
I judged, incarcerated,
When the criminal was me.
994 · Jan 2011
There once was a girl who would cry,
And every night she'd go home
And wish she would die
One day came home form school
And took out her tool
To find out cutting is the most ultimate high
937 · Mar 2012
Star crossed lovers, were we
Passion burning bright
We took upon wings
It began to take flight

Wordless conversation
Your name on my breath
Macabre heart melodies
And the dance of death

My ultimate act of hope
An act of valor
Desolate tears
Adoration colored pallor

Acid dipped colloquy
Mind tires, succumbs
Angelic contradictions
Senses numbs

Whispers of footsteps
Paramours’ ceasefire
Blood spilled emotions
No longer my desire

Unwept severed promises
Hearts struggle to breathe
Disunite in same direction
Faceless anonymity
892 · Jan 2011
Drapped in her glitter
Covered in shimmer
What matters most of all?
Mind on empty
What sets me free?
Waiting, wanting the fall

Cradle silhouettes choking
Memories' fire smoking
How do you escape hell?
"Do as you're told
Do nothing bold"
Damnation preaching they sell

Fragile disposable teen
To the world, lost and unseen
Throwing her life away
Dreams, parasite infected
Her wings, her voice dissected
Escape? "Not today"
807 · Jan 2011
Blazing Radiance
Heaven's tears washing us away
I anticipate the blows
Ash plummeting from
The lights sparkle, twinkling in silence
The crash, the burn
My heart melted against the iron, the wood
Sparks grip, clings to my chard lungs
Hope is a bridge
I cross over quickly
Into the blackened hands of humanity
729 · Jan 2011
Please don't be my novacane
Because that is no good for me
Don't try to numb my pain
Pain is my sweet misery

I don't want a love additcion
Because I know you won't stay
I couldn't bear your rejection
Your love is a drug to me
673 · Jan 2011
Close your eyes
Make believe
That "all the world's stage"

Painted smile
All the lights
Pretense golden cage

Let it rain
And wash away
Only pity and rage
607 · Jan 2011
The Reflection
The mirror’s glass shattered by my fists
The glass lying at my feet
Broken into millions of pieces
Every time I look at my reflection
All I see is deceit and secret untold
What have I done to myself?
Have I totally changed?
I can’t see me anymore
I see her! But don’t believe she’d me or she there
How could I change so?
I slide down to the floor
Cutting myself on my own glass
The mirror I shattered
The life I took away
My blood on the floor.
580 · Jan 2011
Another soul wandering on an open sea
Searching for the shore
Till you came, reached out to me
Showed me a different route than before

Out of the sea of desolation
And dragged me away to the earth
Breathe new life into my wrecked soul
You gave me second birth

You were the lighthouse in the dark
With siren's song, lured me in
Your love kept me, held me from the start
Took a bite from the apple, my greatest sin

You gave me reason to live
But i choked from the apple, eaten
I plunged back into shallow water
Battered, broken, and beaten

Your lies, sweet as honey
And seeped into my mind
Then you shoved me under once again
You with another, I did find

The water ripped away the scabs
That was already healing on my heart
No thread could ever mend
The stabs in the back, which tore me apart
580 · Dec 2012
Sweet Lies
Tell me sweet lies,
falsehoods about us.
let it seep in,
then fester and pus.
Tell me sweet lies,
falsehoods about you.
Of activities of grandure,
how you grew wings and flew.
Tell me sweet lies,
falsehoods about me.
How my voice like ocean waves,
and his my eyes sparkled starry.
Tell me sweet lies,
falsehoods about us.
Permit me to dream,
of a love which will never be.
With lies i'll never trust
579 · Jan 2011
Another Splinter
Another piece of wood stabbed in my heart
Another sharp pain
Tarring me apart
Another piece wedge to deep
Another nightmare when I go to sleep
Another obstacle to keep me together
Another piece of wood, just another splinter
566 · Jan 2011
Addict's Lullaby
My darling,
We sold our hearts on the open market, our profit: series of lies,
false desires and shattered hopes.
We knew the risks,
knew the tribulation and yet we became love addicts.
Who would have thought, us two little girls would become this?
Dying shells of innocence.
Who would want us now?
What would become of us now?
Where did it all go wrong?
Where did we go wrong, my love.
Where did it go wrong?

Spiders lacing a sticky web of secrets have choaked our vibrance,
left with only remants of joy and diaster.
What are we suppose to do?
For so long we danced with the Devil.
He was the only one who had wanted us.

Now I say goodbye to you.
I beg of you not to morn the days of us.
I beg you to remember the days when like the wind we blew free with no permenant direction.
I must leave you, but I will not stay long in this world we have created.

We will forever have the memories when ignorance was bliss and innocence was just passing.
I love you and if I could I would be lying right beside you,
stroking the sun lit hair.
I leave you, my love.
I believe our last addiction will be our last...
560 · Jan 2011
Somewhere, some place
In love's vast wasteland
And Heart's lament
Time and eternity begin

Somewhere, some place
Hands touch, eyes meet
Patching that heart fashioned hole
So the feeling cannot seep

Somewhere, some place
Their addict's lullabies
Falling in, then up
Lost in his eyes

Somewhere, some place
It's radiance shines
Omnipotent and omniscient
Roads with no obvious signs

Somewhere, some place
Defying gravity
Beautiful contradiction
In our unstable reality
547 · Jan 2011
Frozen in time
Cold in a winter of lies
Dark icy spring
Trapped in a snowy past
Tears dripping from my eyes
Hanging around like lost dreams
Crystal statues still, quiet
Frost clinging like harsh words
Smooth glass unbroken
Winter's dark cold grasp
Chocking the life out of me
509 · Jan 2011
End of Childhood
The monster came by night
To wipe away our dreams
To take us to another place
Where nothing is what is seems
He laid us in the garden
Of shadows and of fear
Lied us down by streams
The ran blood and tears

We watched acts of violence
That no child should ever see
Watched as he took away innocence
And my lost friend from me
She locked away in Wonderland
For the rest of her years
Locked up in Fairyland
Only to be chased by her fears

I watched as phobia took over
And she began to die
I couldn't help
I was too, dying inside
480 · Jan 2011
A trail of ****** footprints follows behind me
As I walk upon the broken glass
The pain is ignored because it too shall pass
In the darkness holding my one candle light
One illumination in the dark night
Out of the window to the roof do I climb
Not one thought of turning back crosses my mind
I reminness on happy times a few
As I bid this cruel world "a due"
I wonder if I'll be missed
As I jump off into the deep dark abyss
469 · Jan 2011
I have given this a lot of thought,
and soon I will tell the truth,
the girl you see before you,
isn't the girl you thought you knew.
She is shattered like the mirror glass,
and lying open on the floor,
the girl you once loved,
has ceased and is no more.

She is replaced by another Spirit,
that was created after years of hurt and pain,
she was broken and came undone,
has nothing in this life to gain.
But you allowed him to do this!
And he ***** all of me.
But you were so enclosed in your life,
or were you too stupid to see
or you didn't care what happened,
you sat and let my die over and over again
and it killed me, you know,
you left me to die alone and without a friend.
455 · Jan 2011
Above the purple sky, is a dream
Ready to produce a hallucination
None,  no man  can see
A thousand symphonies beat
Trance through my winter
Beauty floods the bare delirious time
Those blue eyes, ache for life
Show me the beat for a thousand symphonies
Or else my reverie will go insane
437 · Jan 2011
I watched her as she slipped away,
away from reality,
day by ever passing day,
falling away from me.

I couldn't see what was chasing her,
or what she might be chasing,
but I just couldn’t leave her there
with her fears racing.

It was like watching her sink.
drowning from her past,
taking over how she thinks,
I knew she wouldn’t last.

Why she was like this?
She’d didn’t understand.
And trying to not be sick,
but wonder land was not wonderland.

She, was still phobic,
she couldn’t get help from me
no longer wanted to be,
I watch her enter the sea,
trying to escape reality.
431 · Dec 2011
Damaged Still Within
Silent screams in my head,
For they all want me dead.
But I won't give into sin,
Damaged still within.

Holding on what is dear,
Allowing no one to draw near.
Dying to try and to mend,
This pain too, shall end.

Wanting, waiting to be free,
Innocence fleeing fast from me.
They leave scabs that won't heal,
Love, I no longer can feel.

Withering from lack of light,
No end to suffering in sight.
But I won't give into sin,
Still damaged, within.
416 · Dec 2011
Ruined by relationship suicide
I'm no stranger to fiction
Refusing striking, cheating, *******
Keep denying the urge to merge
My resistance the source
You and I were out of place
You trying to advance inside
Why you trying to hop on the back of the bus
When the gate is already closed
The **** is open for new ideas
Does my sigh  say free admission
381 · Jan 2011
If my heart were made of mirror glass
then all the pieces would have shattered,
and the pieces would be too sharp
to be put me back together.

I would have noticed you caught yourself
torn, between me and my reflection
not knowing who you really loved
I would have died from your rejection

So I broke into a million pieces
and rejection I could not flee,
shards of me you tried to repair
and you bled from the cut you received from me.
367 · Jan 2011
Three words
There are things I need to say
From the emptiness of my heart
Things so dire
Should have been said from our start
Now it's too late to say those things
When I foolishly walked away
You are far gone now
My heart left in decay
Three words so dear
Should have left my lips
Watching your eyes sparkle
And your body, warm, responded
Like an inferno under my fingertips
For we though we had forever
Our time a short eternity
All I do is regret
And pray you still love me
340 · Mar 2011
My Letter to the World
This is my letter to the World
A World  that rejected me
The lie the World has told
For the World to judge me.

— The End —