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Like a thief you stole,
Foolishly, I didn't desire it back.
Your vivacious colors, red clashed,
With my ugly deformed black.
One swift autumn night,
All was calm and placid,
Simple combination, changes
from solid matter to acid.

We fell to the ground, you see,
Crashing violently to the earth.
Not beautifully shooting stars,
But black hole, from its birth.
After all these lonely seasons,
I laid love six feet silently,
I judged, incarcerated,
When the criminal was me.
Tell me sweet lies,
falsehoods about us.
let it seep in,
then fester and pus.
Tell me sweet lies,
falsehoods about you.
Of activities of grandure,
how you grew wings and flew.
Tell me sweet lies,
falsehoods about me.
How my voice like ocean waves,
and his my eyes sparkled starry.
Tell me sweet lies,
falsehoods about us.
Permit me to dream,
of a love which will never be.
With lies i'll never trust
I’ve been known by many names
And been called a plethora of things
I desire your soul’s music
For sweet melody my core sings

***** and **** they say
Demon, monster and sinner too
Please, for the love of God
Believe lies, they’ve whispered to you

But they only see the facade  
The kabuki painted and worn
I’ve danced so many times
My costume stained and torn

Look beyond the mirage
I wish only for you to see
What everyone else ignores
The one and only me
Star crossed lovers, were we
Passion burning bright
We took upon wings
It began to take flight

Wordless conversation
Your name on my breath
Macabre heart melodies
And the dance of death

My ultimate act of hope
An act of valor
Desolate tears
Adoration colored pallor

Acid dipped colloquy
Mind tires, succumbs
Angelic contradictions
Senses numbs

Whispers of footsteps
Paramours’ ceasefire
Blood spilled emotions
No longer my desire

Unwept severed promises
Hearts struggle to breathe
Disunite in same direction
Faceless anonymity
Ruined by relationship suicide
I'm no stranger to fiction
Refusing striking, cheating, *******
Keep denying the urge to merge
My resistance the source
You and I were out of place
You trying to advance inside
Why you trying to hop on the back of the bus
When the gate is already closed
The **** is open for new ideas
Does my sigh  say free admission
Silent screams in my head,
For they all want me dead.
But I won't give into sin,
Damaged still within.

Holding on what is dear,
Allowing no one to draw near.
Dying to try and to mend,
This pain too, shall end.

Wanting, waiting to be free,
Innocence fleeing fast from me.
They leave scabs that won't heal,
Love, I no longer can feel.

Withering from lack of light,
No end to suffering in sight.
But I won't give into sin,
Still damaged, within.
This is my letter to the World
A World  that rejected me
The lie the World has told
For the World to judge me.
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