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A trail of ****** footprints follows behind me
As I walk upon the broken glass
The pain is ignored because it too shall pass
In the darkness holding my one candle light
One illumination in the dark night
Out of the window to the roof do I climb
Not one thought of turning back crosses my mind
I reminness on happy times a few
As I bid this cruel world "a due"
I wonder if I'll be missed
As I jump off into the deep dark abyss
Please don't be my novacane
Because that is no good for me
Don't try to numb my pain
Pain is my sweet misery

I don't want a love additcion
Because I know you won't stay
I couldn't bear your rejection
Your love is a drug to me
I look at you looking back at me
So tell Mirror, what do you see?
I see those tears in your eyes
I see how the mascara runs as you cry
I see a scared little girl face
I see you trying to find your place
So tell me Mirror what do you see?
For all I see is me
The mirror’s glass shattered by my fists
The glass lying at my feet
Broken into millions of pieces
Every time I look at my reflection
All I see is deceit and secret untold
What have I done to myself?
Have I totally changed?
I can’t see me anymore
I see her! But don’t believe she’d me or she there
How could I change so?
I slide down to the floor
Cutting myself on my own glass
The mirror I shattered
The life I took away
My blood on the floor.
Invisible bunnies fly on the walls
While purple pandas dance in the halls
Where there is no time or space
Pink clouds sail on green seas
And angels fly in and out of me
The heavens above cry out rain
Where lovely flowers are born again
And chaos of colors swam
Where honey flows gently golden and warm
The daylight seeps in to the silent dark
The fabric of time torn apart
Where the sun and moon are complete
A place where there is no cold or heat
The road is long
And equipped with guides
In each masquerade on need for disguise
In a world were nothing is what it seems
The world only exists in my dreams
Frozen in time
Cold in a winter of lies
Dark icy spring
Trapped in a snowy past
Tears dripping from my eyes
Hanging around like lost dreams
Crystal statues still, quiet
Frost clinging like harsh words
Smooth glass unbroken
Winter's dark cold grasp
Chocking the life out of me
Silent screams in my head,
For they still want me dead.
But I won't give into sin,
I'm damaged still, within

Holding on to what is dear,
Allowing no one to come near.
Dying to try and to mend,
This pain too, say end.

Wanting, waiting to be free,
Innocence fleeing fast from me.
They leave scar that won't heal,
Love I no longer can feel.

Withering from lack of light,
No end to suffering in sight.
But I won't give into sin,
I'm still damaged still, within
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