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I wish I could stab God in the heart
Cut God’s eyes out of God’s head
Amputate God’s limbs,
So he’ll never walk again,
Nor reach out for what he wills to hold
Paralyze God,
So he’ll never feel
Destroy God’s reputation,
So he never belongs

Send God out to the firing squad

Give God a disease
From which he’ll never heal
******* him,
So he’ll have to live in poverty
Soil him,
So he’ll never seem clean
Discriminate against him,
So everyone will turn their backs
And never look back

When God dies

Send all to eat him
Blind him
Deafen him
Remove his tongue so he’ll never speak,
Nor taste his meals
Burn his nostrils,
So he never smells what is sweet
Control his mind,
So he never knows what is real
Give him to all that has been left to waste
Strip him of all the senses of which he relies

Just so all of you can see
That the ones we are ******* over

Are really just you and me
1d · 2
No More
Only death fears death
When there’s nothing else left
To be afraid of

No more
2d · 177
Smiles of Peace
I lie in bed at night
And think

What angel could have brought you to me?

But the only angel
Is the angel that I see

Laying beside me

Fast a sleep

Smiling In peace
May 16 · 298
The Sorrow of Love
Jace Albine May 16
When it all calls
But no one is present to answer
Because they're fast asleep
Within their beds of blissful ignorances
As time gently closes the door
On their smiling countenances
Forever within the peace
Of their love's slumbering hearts
May 16 · 66
Sayings Left Unsaid
Jace Albine May 16
You smile
At the corner of your lips
And glow
With the understanding of knowing
Of what is left
May 16 · 138
Time, Lay Down Our Arms
Jace Albine May 16
Eventually we all have to cease to fight
And the struggles of this life,
In all ways,
Leads to a peaceful night

Whether experienced within our days,
Or within our deaths
Time, lay down our arms
Until there's nothing else un-left
Apr 28 · 122
Do Tell
Jace Albine Apr 28
If you tell the truth
Some still
May not believe you
Jan 17 · 226
Jace Albine Jan 17
Together we will swim through the river of sadness
Until it turns us into madness

We will look into each other's eyes

Feeding each other
Each others lies

There will be no more tears to be cried

No longer tears to be dried

In this world of bliss
We could live


We will be

But nigh

We will together be

Forever in

Jan 16 · 53
Jace Albine Jan 16
The cruel irony of a *******
Is it’s also a **** me too
Jace Albine Jan 12
All my works are upside down
They’re waiting to be turned around
It shouldn’t take this long to figure out

But it has

Ask a way
And it will be shown

Where is home?
Jan 1 · 54
Gentle Reminders
Jace Albine Jan 1
Is it desperation?

Is it loneliness?

I say nigh.

I still have the patients left to hear the excuses.
I oblige.

Will it satisfy?
Will I be able to see through the lies?

My hot head can't acquit.

I set forth an hour to find the time,
But I don't know any longer why I try.

Why I try so hard and yet I still cannot find.

If it is not me then let it be known.

If tragedy is a gift with in time then who am I to judge?

Will I be used to one another's ends?

My mother can attest to the fact that I will not give in.

If it's serious then I must see.

If its just forgotten along with me amongst it all
And all others who have ever been
Then not enough attention will be given without.

When I speak to you
I must confess
It was the highlight of some of my days that were well spent.

I can't be you and I'm not the same.

Even Cinderella must revert back into her old ways
Before she can accept a great change.

I could give a dream that would have any other dream be dreamt,
But if the dream doesn't include me
Then why would I include anyone else alone?

I'd like to find what happens after midnight's moon
Does it alter our reflections back onto ourselves?

If all your friends disregard all that we have spoken
Was it really a man you sought?
Or just a thought,
Another amongst many others
To provoke?

The lot of my friends have said
Why would I give it all away with out an end?

I tried to tell them plain
Because the love that accepts what I am for me is a love that will remain.

And besides everyone I've ever met
I've felt something toward the other one,
But then again
Who am I to say?

For we will all go the same way one day.

And here I interject,
We are all together in this life
Least we forget.

You heard me rehearse over a thousand times,
But most of us are already gone.

Does heavens pitch have to be so strong?

I wonder still where their spirit can be found marching on and on?

I'm well aware when I say the most despicable of things.

I duly gave a warning to them all,
I want to tell a story that still remains.

I try to wake them up.

I will to make them see and believe in how good good can truly be.

I learned very early on freedom is the right for us to say what we wish to say.

Anything that you've ever thought.
Has meaning and every dream within your mind exists with in reality as such.

Maybe some day we will not be able to not explain without being misconstrued.

I cast away the shadows of doubt.

Like a stone that skips until it sinks,
But that's not the bottom of it it all.

It's folded so many times
When will we recall?

And If we don't know freedom
All will go without.

Missing the point
I can't cry enough.

Life is the miracle before language drifts away
I needed more,
But I had less to say.

For there's a difference that you cannot see
Words might hurt,
But the mind can try to cope

And I know that it will
In existence we have been given
Existences skill.

But if you start to **** a part of a being
You will be beckoning and elope the soul as it will,
Which has no filter to tell you where to go


You speak freely amongst it all,
But a promise is unruly broken,
In loves name
To those who love cares not to remain.

You can't **** a child into love.
You can't expect your offspring to be apart of your beliefs
For in giving birth you have created a new being
And if I'm left all alone
I rather be alone from z to a
Or any other language
That a conscious being
Would say.

People have to decide for them selves.
I hope that they can comprehend the factors of human lives that can make them understand.

If I, you and we merge with everything,
Tell them all that it was meant to be.
At least I'd like to believe.
Because without a thought the plot is begot
And if "God" the almighty means for our very beings to have its plans.
Then what would I have to say?
I'm sure it wouldn't matter if it was not,
But yet as I write with my ape like fingers out of my human brain that connects with it all,
That is to say,
I'd like to think that a part of the whole is what I am and If I was not then I wouldn't know what...
But, sure, ******* off
And see my sadness grow.
There's no time left to know and to not know.

There's a new year every day from the last that it was,
But even more pressing still
is that every moment is the moment that we live in and reside.

The scars of the past show our times time.
Sure it could be true,
But from the place that I sit I can still find a way to heal.

A way that is new.
I wish that people knew I could write good things too even if I was deprived of love.
Dec 2021 · 55
God’s mind
Jace Albine Dec 2021
Is it as long as the stars remain within our grasps?

A time within time

When we’re hoping and praying that it will last

As I walk across the surface of another planets mass
I wonder still

What keeps me at task?

Is it a thought?
Better yet, an idea?
Or be it a dream to be held?

Why not so?
When all those stars were just reflections of ourselves

Reigniting a new burning passion
To be whole

And in its simplicity
To be told

The complexity of the most intrinsic of goals
To behold

And to hold

Yet held

And further still

To be completely felt
Dec 2021 · 70
In a Poet’s Dream
Jace Albine Dec 2021
In a poet’s dream
The words dance amongst the emotions seams,
As we peer through the cracks
Of the starlights silver screens imageries

The imaginations quarrel through all possibilities

Our mind’s pick roses until the thorns make our fingers bleed

And with that blood
We spell out
All that we have seen

When we did Look,

Perhaps to some,

A little too deep within the phrases of our light’s realities

And when we all awake to find
The poet dreaming
With worlds behind
The poems beloved verses
For our love’s divine

I can only pray thee
That the poets sublime requiem
Is not left all alone
Within the poet’s


Dec 2021 · 49
I’m Jelly
Jace Albine Dec 2021
I’m jealous of the glass you bring to your lips
And that it’s not my kiss
I’m jealous of the bath you bathe in
And how it’s not my loves rain
I’m jealous of your skin
And that I have not yet been so porcelain
I’m jealous of the hugs that I’ve been given
And all those who could not feel our love
I’m jealous of every existence
For it is not the same as mine
My beautiful dove
I’m jealous
I’m jealous and I’m...

What I mean is not to be so mean.

I’m the power of existence being...

I’ll stay safe

Safety Is the world
And withIn all our hearts

But that is the lie
Fore I remember what it’s like to be alive

I’m jelly



Hold me my one

I am a life.
Jace Albine Nov 2021
Countries are like religions

They are all make believe
And I don’t believe in them equally

When people fail to have reverence for all existence’s existence
That is when they have failed in their faiths deliverances
All living things are delusional
Thankfully science supersedes conscious intervention

That is where the truth lies
That is where universal understanding will be found
Nov 2021 · 42
Jace Albine Nov 2021
When the blade is touching the skin
And you can feel it digging in,

And one cut is all that it would take
To remove yourself from this worldly place,

I hear the angel cry out to me;
Not yet ready for me to wake up and see.

After this dark night’s dream,
Where I have a restless sleep,

I’m still walking along the grounds to find
All that will be found within due time.

But one day,
Not too far from now,

I know I will begin again to plea,
“Why, oh why, can I not be free?”

So in my mind I go beneath the weeping willow tree
Where I rest my thoughts internally.

And with nothing more,
Other than the over content meadow
And the infinitely brilliant
Oct 2021 · 47
A Heart Beats
Jace Albine Oct 2021
Don’t forget that a heart beats blood.
It was over before it started us.
Our words speak in time for our minds to forget.
Just what our hearts have yet to have bled.

The soul carries.
Humanities been forgot
Turns out it was worth something
Just not worth a whole lot.

One in all
Or all in not

My body resurrects
And kickbacks the cloth

Three zero five alive
Drugs and marry
Love decides
Hell will reign on those who dived

Dived and yet still
Potion the insanity of a living beings ills

Not yet one worthy to confide
Sep 2021 · 147
Haiku #Unknown
Jace Albine Sep 2021
Too weird to fit in
Too normal to not belong
Sep 2021 · 430
Jace Albine Sep 2021
The love
That people
Are made of
Jul 2021 · 61
Creation is beyond words
Jace Albine Jul 2021
O me, oh my

The scent of burning sandalwood
beside the people’s transcribe

Not a care is given
By the by and by

Good god
Bad god

Sometimes it’s felt like more than enough

Doors are closing
Faster then you think

Move swiftly
Life’s a briefly drifting breath

And to all those who have believed
I’m more than enough assured of

Everly after’s awe-inspired day
Jun 2021 · 216
I'm Incapable of Love
Jace Albine Jun 2021
The idea I get.
The sensations are lost.
Maybe there will be a time in the future
Where I don't feel so crossed.
Jun 2021 · 197
God's Eraser
Jace Albine Jun 2021
Draw me a—new.
Jun 2021 · 38
When We Fall in Love
Jace Albine Jun 2021
The power within always understands
Its all knowing vincible existence
Our lives ride upon the surface of lands
The matter condensed to this point, its stance

I am thinking a thought within its choice
The thought is contained and held within me
I hear the voices, the voices rejoice
There remains a place where all things must be

I think a thought I thought I once had thought
There is a start where all beginnings roam
At my door a stranger, trice timed, yet knocked
We figure out what there is to have known

I realize excruciatingly slow
That somethings lie; inevitably so
Jun 2021 · 122
It Appears to be Now
Jace Albine Jun 2021
While I’m still finding myself.

And where were you?

Jun 2021 · 42
When We Fall in Love
Jace Albine Jun 2021
The power within always understands
It’s all knowing vincible existence
Our lives ride upon the surface of lands
The matter condensed to this point, it’s stance

I am thinking a thought within its choice
The thought is contained and held within me
I hear the voices; the voices rejoice
There remains a place where all things must be

I think a thought I thought I once had thought
There is a start where all beginnings roamed
At my door a stranger trice times has knocked
We figure out what there is to have known

I realize excruciatingly slow
That something lies inevitably so
Jun 2021 · 309
In always
Jace Albine Jun 2021
If I have forever to edit

It’s always going to be perfect—imperfectly.
May 2021 · 138
Inner Power
Jace Albine May 2021
A generation is born onto each individual person

It’s theirs alone to conduct what they will
May 2021 · 43
The Vessels Within
Jace Albine May 2021
Shining lights on the shadows of the past
can dispel even the darkest of figures

But when turning sights towards the future
Blackness consumes what is no longer there

A stars momentary glimpse catches my eye
And I learn the harshest of truths

Vibrations change formations
And so too does me and you

Sullied youths
To wisdom?

Or troubled pasts
To hatred?

The choices of the day reign
While we are awake

Making what we will
And just as much so
As we will not

Navigating through social constructs
Like pioneers through the great big void

Traveling through galaxies beyond our scope
As in searching for some long forgotten home

Places in time that we can call
Our own

The Ever changing abstracts of to know
And to have known

I keep that brilliant brightness within my eye
And go on with the rest of my time
May 2021 · 146
Life’s Little Ordinances
Jace Albine May 2021
As I live my life
I have come to realize
That the growing pains

Never stop

But with each new plateau I’ve reached
There comes a subtle reprieve
And a newly gained perspective
(Over all things)
May 2021 · 613
The Moment is Nigh
Jace Albine May 2021
Every moment you spend dwelling on regrets
Is another regret you’re going to get
Make the best of right now
And forget about the rest
Mar 2021 · 236
Jace Albine Mar 2021
It was never lost on me,
When I wasn’t looking for it. . .
And don’t get me started on the “M”
Mar 2021 · 190
The World’s Wide Web
Jace Albine Mar 2021
Internet usage is like a labyrinth
That leads your mind’s consciousness
Through its projections.

But nevertheless,
One can hardly resist getting lost
Within its intellectual maze.

Can it be used for beneficial means?
It would be near impossible
To find one who’d disagree.

But choose wisely,
You see,
For what entertains
Life’s wastes.

Know when to disconnect,
Or you may find
You spent your entire life’s time
Lost within its never ending
Vortex of distractions.

You’ll become
Just another one
Of the Spider’s flies.

A victim
Within the World’s Wide Web.
Jace Albine Mar 2021
Who’s speaking the truth
When everyone is saying
something different?
Inward wisdom
Doesn’t get confused
Mar 2021 · 37
This Will Change You
Jace Albine Mar 2021
Just by looking at these words
I impress myself upon you

A cop-out?

Something imaginable to say
Something intelligible

We are one
Why would you try to deny
What you are?
A poem that is reading you
Jace Albine Mar 2021
Inside the minds eye we think to ourselves
Outside everything all at once
In life I came to understand the simplest things
In the most complex way that I could imagine

The body knows to breath
Life knows how to be
I am amongst it all
And forever

With these hands I hold the flame
An old joke dies
And in its wake
Births quietly
Acupunctured skin folds flap and flew
Ventriloquists budding
A hairy dog
Grass masked the mane of the dandelions roar
A powerful broad sweeping stroke off a solitary water painters pen
Insects burrowing in the garden
A whisper of somebody worshiping the gods that they were told to know
Easily finding meaning within a limited scope
The ****-fest of mankind
And our limited ability to perceive the entirety of it all

I do recall
The words that I’ve used

Electric flesh
I am
And so are you

And to each other

We present

Our edited lives
Jace Albine Mar 2021
You can lead a person to thought,
but you can’t get them to think.
Mar 2021 · 215
Best Wishes
Jace Albine Mar 2021
When you wish someone illy
You waste the wish to wish yourself well
Or perhaps someone you love
Mar 2021 · 142
The Flag Yearnings
Jace Albine Mar 2021
Every time someone waves a flag
They don’t understand what they are actually of

And maybe that’s enough
Maybe that’s just enough
I could pull my hair out for every mistake
I could realize how mankind has been taught what they know
But I rather not go bald over what beseeches.
Jace Albine Feb 2021
Could you love me for a day?
Could you play pretend?
Could you act as if our love will have no bitter end?

Could you love me for a day?
And then go away
never to see me again?

Could you love me for one day?
Like we're the only two
swimming through eternities blue?

Could you love me for a day?
And then when you awake
get dressed and forget my name?

Could you love me for a day?
Knowing that that moment will last forever,
in that time, and in that place?

Could you love me for a day?
Could you give me that piece of mind?
And I will try to be there when we die.

Could you love me for a day?
Kiss my eyes
and make me believe it's going to be okay?

Could you love me for a day?
Could you love me in just that way?

Could you love me for a day?
And I will let you escape.

Could you love me for a day?
Without a heart, or a cause to break?

Could you love me for a day?

Could you love me?

Could you. . . ?

For just one day?
Feb 2021 · 141
For Fook’s Sake
Jace Albine Feb 2021
Words are at our command to express meanings as we see fit.

In censoring words we are no longer in command of them,
but they are of us.
Not being able to use all words is like not being able to paint with all the colours available.
Jace Albine Feb 2021
They Built up their metropolises
Their hives
Forged through generations
And on the back of spent lives

Their very bones now a part of the structures
Remaining within their concrete tombs


Just so we can get fat and watch television?

Follow the paths that they have carved for us?

To create and build what we want,
If we’re lucky?

And what we’re forced to,
For very little pay or compensation,
If we’re not?

To sell our very life blood?

No, it’s not the artists that have sold their souls

That’s a great big lie
To make you too afraid to be free

To live and enjoy life as you please

That’s what they would have you believe

And so they danced with the forest children
Until they got bored and wanted to make something new

Something big

Something they could live inside

The cycle restarts

And it didn’t restart just for a single man

Or one

Or even a few

It restarted as a concept

It restarted as a reality far beyond the grasps of an intellect

Like a universal calling
But without knowing what number
You were going to get next

It burns in the fires of Babylon
down to the river Ganges
and bleeding onwards into the Styx

Where the flood of the Nile
Turns and bores it’s way backwards

It could be on any planet

In the dream of any species conscious enough to care

It could be made amongst the stars

It could be in the malls and the parking lots filled with your cars

It could be in the vessels of the unknown and in between times

It could be a flash in the pan

Or it could last a life span

That it was here at all
That was the point

It travels upwards and onwards

And to and fro

It has no concept of stop

It only wants to evolve as it grows and grows

It’s there and it’s us

It’s apart and it dissolves

To be one and to be all

Or to be none and nothing

That’s the question that our fears are quick to resolve

Looking into it
Until you cannot look away

That’s the madness that keeps people slaves

The cycle is never really the same

It’s more like a spiral that knows where it’s been

And to do this dance of life

I would do it all over again

And I’m sure that I will
Just for the thrill

After all this time
I can’t help but wonder still

Where it all will be found. . .

And so it will be
Just as it’s been before

Back into the forest they’ll go
To live in their never ending homes

Becoming the children

That they used to know
Feb 2021 · 61
Dear Misery,
Jace Albine Feb 2021
I’m not the only one,
But I shouldn’t be
of any.
Feb 2021 · 47
Jace Albine Feb 2021
There are two types of people in the world

Those who let you know that you have food on your face

And those who don't
Feb 2021 · 142
The Island Man
Jace Albine Feb 2021
In relation only to himself
knows only what he can
Or what he thinks he can
He ties and a boars his prize
The hide
The island man
Has no fear to feast
No rain drops trickle for thirst's being to subside
The island man only has space to confide
Is technology up to its *****?
Does the island mind have enough for needs to be met?
Is there a need yet for island man to have not yet got?
Should island man go and get?
Island man looks for the stars
When he finds them all
Island man knows that they were never really that far
He looks back down on the clouds
And the effervescent ocean that houses his house
Island man finds himself at home
With all the other island people who love him so
Feb 2021 · 313
The Alchemy of Language
Jace Albine Feb 2021
base metal to gold
mission has been accomplished
the story is told
A haiku well undersold
Feb 2021 · 283
Jace Albine Feb 2021
The search for “god”
Is over before it begins

All things present may look their own ways
But they can’t deny existence within their beings
Feb 2021 · 55
Anecdotal Antidotes
Jace Albine Feb 2021
The only cure given,
In life,
Is death

All other remedies
Have to be made
By ourselves
Feb 2021 · 437
Jace Albine Feb 2021
With my cocked head

Tilted towards the sunset

I watch the lonely day die
Jace Albine Feb 2021
Sometimes people grow apart
Sometimes they come together

A rare beautiful love
Is the kind of love that lasts forever
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