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J Watson Dec 2023
I've come up with
come up with a million
a million excuses.
But the thing is I
thing is I don't thi—
I don't think you'd under—
you'd understand
even if I
even if I tried.
Tried to explain. Because I
because I couldn't possibly
possibly form these thoughts
these thoughts into con—
into concrete sentences
even if I
even if I tried.
Because they're mindlessly
mindlessly floating
in the muck
that you and I both
both know is
my mind.
  May 2019 J Watson
"I love you" is such an incomplete statement
There is a missing part and that is...
"I love you because..."
The left out part, to me is the most important
Because it validates the preceding part
Do you love me because I'm readily available to be used?
Do you love me for who I am?
The reason you love me conveys to me
the depth of that statement
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