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Jan 2017 · 483
IvyB Xx Jan 2017
Not all can fathom the concepts that what is here was once not and what was here once now isn't. The soil doesn't change, nor do the old trees, yet the buildings are broken down and the people soon leave.
The visuals and sights that have over time been consumed within the air still linger in our breaths.
The road was once dirt, the river once land, that home once someone else's home.
Physical attributes change yet so do the emotional ones. A place of war and blood shed will become peaceful and goodly. A place once deemed dreadful will be contradicted by time and seen as content and amicable. A person once admired and lively will become a person admired and dead.
The air doesn't change but everything else does, allowing the next people to breathe it's past in.
I'm thinking of creating a zine consisting of poetry and photography. I think zines were such hits in the 90's and need a comeback. I'm really excited to start this project. The above is a piece I may be editing and including.
Ivy Botticelli.
Dec 2016 · 794
IvyB Xx Dec 2016
It felt like our love was a boomerang that barely returned itself.

A boomerang that you throw and think surely to God,

This won't come back,

Just like all the others didn't.

But you fling it anyway and miraculously it shows up.

Like the air, the earth, the universe needed to get it back to you.
Ivy Botticelli
Dec 2016 · 566
IvyB Xx Dec 2016
Then all of a sudden,

The light shone a little differently up ahead.

A glint that was familiar,

A glint of sunlight woven into hair.

Whenever he was out it happened,

Like he radiated rays back to the sun.
Ivy Botticelli
Nov 2016 · 372
A complex thing.
IvyB Xx Nov 2016
The act of listening to sad songs and reading poetry is a complex one.
You question life and what exactly is happening in your own.
It clears your mind and makes you realise things.
But then it can be questioned if you realised it or already knew it.
The complex part and most heartbreaking is that when the song ends and the verse is finished all you're left with is the thoughts and that,
that is truly terrifying.
Ivy Botticelli
Jan 2016 · 512
IvyB Xx Jan 2016
In twenty years from now
I don't want to be just another name
In twenty years from now
I still want to be in your life
In twenty years from now
I want someone to stop you on the street
Ask how you're doing
And bring up my name
In twenty years from now
I don't want your answer to be
"I haven't seen her in ages"
In twenty years from now
I hope you say
"She's waiting for me at home"
Jan 2016 · 832
IvyB Xx Jan 2016
And if it's falling that you're afraid of,
we can hide from commitment
and convince ourselves
that we're just friends.
I'll learn the curve of your
smile and you'll connect my
freckles like constellations
and we'll pretend we aren't
falling like leaves in October.
Jan 2016 · 374
IvyB Xx Jan 2016
Often, I picture us
holding hands and watching movies,
sitting on benches beneath oak trees,
hearing you laugh throughout the day,
and catching you smile,
when you think I don't see

and all I can do is hope
that when you close your eyes
your mind is filled
with thoughts of me.
Jan 2016 · 444
A t t i c u s
IvyB Xx Jan 2016
I worry there is something broken in our generation;
there are so many sad eyes on happy faces.
Nov 2015 · 302
IvyB Xx Nov 2015
I envy those who believe in a God,
Believe in a source of higher power.

For they are merely strange thoughts,
embarked from life by another.
Ivy Botticelli
Nov 2015 · 261
IvyB Xx Nov 2015
"We can always rinse the surface,

But the stain will remain"
Nov 2015 · 376
Starry Sunsets.
IvyB Xx Nov 2015
And with our hearts sinking to our toes,

And fingers entwined with none,

We ride off into the sunset.

Looking for a new shadow cast upon the ground,

And wishing on the stars,

It wont end up like last time.
Ivy Botticelli
Oct 2015 · 305
IvyB Xx Oct 2015
Suicidal people are angels who just want to go home..
Sep 2015 · 357
IvyB Xx Sep 2015
We stopped checking for monsters under the bed
when we realized they were inside of our head.
Sep 2015 · 380
My Ashes
IvyB Xx Sep 2015
The world that had been so familiar,
as if it were a second vessel,
shattered around her bleeding toes.

The crimson blood entwining itself in the shards
of her broken past and memories.

With her good heart,
the only hope left,
she bent to try and pick it all up.

To fix it.
Yet, she pricked her finger on the sharp edges,
turning her finger numb
and her love.

She then shattered too,
overlapping her previous life
and delicate ruby juice
with the black ashes she became.
Ivy Botticelli
Aug 2015 · 317
Full Moon
IvyB Xx Aug 2015
Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon,

and each month it cries for a love it will never touch..
Aug 2015 · 322
Screen Love
IvyB Xx Aug 2015
My love, on the other side of the sea.
The only way we can talk is through the dimly lit screen.

Your hand reaches out as mine does too,
only to be stopped by the stupid laptop.

Oh, how I wish I could see your face instead of your picture
and fold myself into your chest instead of only dreaming of your arms around me at rest.

You're the one who completes me my love, on the other side of the sea,
yet the only one with the key is this dimly lit screen..
Ivy Botticelli
Aug 2015 · 369
IvyB Xx Aug 2015
You are identical to the stars;
You shine so bright yet, are dead inside.
Jul 2015 · 315
Rock Bottom
IvyB Xx Jul 2015
I was being pulled by this black spiral,
going further and further and further
down until,
I was hiding under the rocks of the bottom of the sea.
Ivy Botticelli
Jul 2015 · 519
Tissue Papered Hearts
IvyB Xx Jul 2015
His skin was one of tissue paper almost; So delicate yet could tear under the simplest touch. I believe his heart was too.
Ivy Botticelli
Jul 2015 · 302
Printing Dollars
IvyB Xx Jul 2015
Money is man made.

Hears a funny thought!

Why not just print enough for everyone?
Ivy Botticelli
Jul 2015 · 400
Dangerously Beautiful
IvyB Xx Jul 2015
"She said she was dangerous but I said she was beautiful.
Now I understand that they are the same thing."
Jul 2015 · 281
Memory steps
IvyB Xx Jul 2015
"Life as I know it morphs into a memory more and more
as you take each and every step away
from me."
Ivy Botticelli
Jul 2015 · 401
Distanced lips
IvyB Xx Jul 2015
"The huge distance between us is almost as big as the need
I have for your precious lips."
Ivy Botticelli
Jun 2015 · 309
IvyB Xx Jun 2015
"Now I know you're the reason why
my heart is broken and my tears are shredding.
You were the darkest shade of black
I was just a little too bright"
Ivy Botticelli
Jun 2015 · 269
Tricky Circle As Muse
IvyB Xx Jun 2015
"Words conjure the magic of meaning"
Michael Burke
Jun 2015 · 335
IvyB Xx Jun 2015
"Why are you always,

hiding yourself in the shadows of the moon?"
Ivy Botticelli
Jun 2015 · 1.1k
Sneakered Hearts
IvyB Xx Jun 2015
"oh look,
Right over there.
The footprint from your sneakers,
Has left a mark,
Can you see?
Yeah, right on the shattered pieces of my heart"
Jun 2015 · 353
IvyB Xx Jun 2015
"Do you ever think,


just maybe,

we will find the place

where our dreams and reality collide?"
Jun 2015 · 451
IvyB Xx Jun 2015
"Every women needs a man that will ruin her lipstick


not her mascara"
Jun 2015 · 259
Life Film
IvyB Xx Jun 2015
"One day your life will flash before your eyes,

Make sure it's worth watching"
Jun 2015 · 250
IvyB Xx Jun 2015
"My thighs are too big
my stomach overflows,
So why can you see the bones through everyone else's clothes?"
Ivy Botticelli
Jun 2015 · 258
What Have I Done?
IvyB Xx Jun 2015
"What has become of myself?
Never ever have I been seen like this.

You have stripped me right down,
everything on view for your piercing naked eyes.

Don't be fooled,
You have gone a lot further than the fabric on my skin.
You have been past the blood in my veins,
all of my tender muscles.

Much further than the burn of my sarcasm,
the shield in my blue orbs.

You have journeyed successfully to my heart,
have caressed it in your fingertips.

I ask that you don't look further on and gouge your fingernails into the flesh,
ripping and tearing apart my soul.

Although I think we both know that if my final breath was drawn from that,
Your  name would still be the last word that would seal away the oxygen for good"
Ivy Botticelli
May 2015 · 725
You awesome mother fucker
IvyB Xx May 2015
If you are reading this
Than you have survived it all.

Heartbreak and love,
Tears and pain,
Devastation and disappointment.

Yet, wow!
Look at this,
Here you are.
You go you awesome *******,
You rock.
You are still here and you will make it
May 2015 · 617
The game they play
IvyB Xx May 2015
"Their faces change into one of disgust
And their mouths only open to spit out venomous words
As the tears that have betrayed me, roll down my cheeks,
They point and laugh.
Yet the water that escapes my eyes is all for show,
Only for their satisfaction.
As I turn and run down the hall,
A grin overcomes my frown.
I laugh it off as I skip home,
Forever never living in doubt"
Ivy Botticelli
May 2015 · 376
Alone and Together
IvyB Xx May 2015
"If you're alone
I'm alone,

Then I guess were in that together"
May 2015 · 689
Come Back
IvyB Xx May 2015
"For some strange logic,

You seem to be the only constant idea out of all my lingering thoughts.

Oh, how I wish you were here instead of in my head"
Ivy Botticelli
May 2015 · 252
IvyB Xx May 2015
"Hands around my waist,
Your warmth engulfs me.

Whispering in my ear,
Your secrets are my desire.

The rhythmic beat of your heart,
It demands mine to follow suit with a few skips along the way.

Your love dominating the space of the atmosphere,
Taking my breath away with it"
May 2015 · 258
IvyB Xx May 2015
"You wanted a ****,
I wanted too talk.

Yet you thought you would ease into it by starting with my clothes.

You ruined it all by asking for them off,
because you thought I was just another stupid ****.

I never thought you would ask for that ,
but there it was when you wanted my ******* to drop"
Ivy Botticelli
May 2015 · 248
IvyB Xx May 2015
Don't tell me my scars are atrocious,

You will never understand why they have been carved.
Ivy Botticelli
May 2015 · 452
Be A Child
IvyB Xx May 2015
Oh, how I wish I was a child again.
So care-free and naive.
Innocent and wondrous.
Curiosity would fill my mind and all the wondering's I have discovered would complete the gaps.
New friendships would be the highlight of my day and a cut on the tip on my finger would ruin it.
Oh, how I wish I was a child again,
living life to the fullest.
Ivy Botticelli
May 2015 · 788
IvyB Xx May 2015
" Don't ever put your happiness in someone's else's hands.
They'll drop it.
They'll drop it every time"
By Christopher Barzak
May 2015 · 235
Love Me
IvyB Xx May 2015
"Caress me as if you were holding your heart in your own hands.

Scream my name as if it was the only word

that could comprehend with your tongue.

Love me like you had never loved another in your life before"
Ivy Botticelli
May 2015 · 313
IvyB Xx May 2015
" Yes I have left,
But there will be a time when we can rekindle our fingertips back together and dance in the darkness again.
I’ll be right here watching and waiting for when you come join me in the shadows"
Ivy Botticelli
May 2015 · 186
IvyB Xx May 2015
"You write so beautifully" he said

"The inside of your mind must be a terrible place..."
May 2015 · 209
IvyB Xx May 2015
Its a poets curse to be able to write about love but not have it...
May 2015 · 338
Where is his love?
IvyB Xx May 2015
Is this what love is? Heart racing, palm sweating, high-feeling love?
If this is the truth then why doesn't he look the same way? Maybe he just hides it well.
Maybe it was never there after all.

If this is love, then please, count me out.
Ivy Botticelli
May 2015 · 237
Burning love...
IvyB Xx May 2015
"My heart burns for your love but when you dart away from my gaze, its as if you put out the violent flame... "
Ivy Botticelli
May 2015 · 271
Falling for you...
IvyB Xx May 2015
"Falling for you was the most adventurous thing I have ever done.
Going against all of my beliefs and traditions, I dived right in.
I decided I would be the one that would search and accept your flaws along with your beauty but I wouldn't dare tell you that they look exactly the same to me.
My words can do no justice to the gracefulness of your movement or captivating sound that is your voice.
The detail of your eyes cannot be expressed as the beauty of them runs too deep and the velvet touch of your fingertips to precious too tell.
You're not my first love and you may not be my last but one thing I am certain of is I am falling for you"
Ivy Botticelli
May 2015 · 187
IvyB Xx May 2015
I didn't know I could feel this way, particularly for you.
Its like you knew what you were doing when I fell for you.
Then when I finally owned up to it you hid back and consumed yourself in the darkness, blending in with the crowd.
Now I latch onto anything to free my thoughts from you.
Yet no one can help for they cant see,
That the only one that can cure me is yourself, but that wont do much since you're the reason for my tears.
Ivy Botticelli
May 2015 · 261
Have you ever...
IvyB Xx May 2015
Have you ever noticed the way I stare at you from the corners of my eye?
Have you ever heard the way I say your name as though you have done no faults?
Have you ever seen the way your vocabulary slowly slips and Mixes in with my own?
I bet you don't
Ivy Botticelli
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