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the fools who think hell has fire
chasin' none but earthly desires
they themselves worth that light
makin' their own flames to ignite

i myself have but too many a fight
busyin' my 'self' to all in my might
why not make knowledge our prior
wishin' understandin' to get higher

now this my strike to my very own
'soul yearnin' towards a 'self' cries'
how all this burnin' a heart defies

so if it just got through thy bones
perhaps thy souls are also as tied
though will we all know to abide

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 13/01/1437
'a (freestyle meter) Sonnet'

remain humble, 'cause i know enough
is what i always said, always pledged
'cause in a world with pain 'n' so rough
still it's not all that's bad for bein' sad

know that even in those circumstances
when things might seem out of control
just never give in to them evil avances
'n' as always keep thy character in role

for all things do have their time 'n' place
tho in patience with babysteps we'll face
truly with God is our future for He knows
all of our heartdesires, all of our sorrows

'n' to our Creator only our thanks will go
baby i love ye so deeply, that's all i know
my heartbeat, my pulse, my breath 'n' all
with you by my side forever standin' tall

so comin' back to the words i may befall
it's all from God above that's on our way
to us to avoid or break down those walls
'n' remain on His Path every night 'n' day

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 13/10/1432
this creed be all there is to see
'n' all i am, be all i wanted to be
to be freed be not that, i seek
rather be for you to think of me, a freak

i 'ave no wishes, for all i want be there
get my portion of what be fair
for diner be serv'd not 'til my Master will
'cause He be all my heart shall fill

there be no Love but His that lives
'n' He be the only One that gives 'n' gives
no endin' in His Promises
His Merciful Blessings that will never cease

'tis Him forever 'n' always Love shall lead
my Creator be all i need always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 17/12/1439
'a (freestyle) Sonnet'

when there shall be no more lights to be seen
nor paths nor roads leadin' way to the unseen
chaos be overtakin' as forever bedazzled keen
for we shall never know what truth may mean

tho we're not supposed to enjoy them hymns
we shall be taunted, haunted by those whims
the demons scratchin' holdin' on to our limbs
when darkness prevails alas brightness dims

that very day when knowledge be gone away
when people be makin' their own way astray
that's when their inner fire will make its way
buildin' a play of hell be what they shall slay

be it ours, be it theirs, actions should be made
for by then the price will be too hot to be paid

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 29/03/1437

'a (freestyle meter) Sonnet'

From all of the blanks
floatin' up in my mind
By knowledge indeed
i am but as blind

So without it to prevail
there is no understandin'
For a word just mere a word
when nothin' in the endin'

Tho to believe 'n' witness
firmly within my capabilities
Please would Ye make it one
of ibn Yusuf's accepted abilities

By flowin' through veins
'n' the ponderin' upon
The heart alone to beget
which thread to be on

Thy example of livin'
aswell as Thy deeds
Come to be the only things
that i will ever need

..assalaato assalaamo alayka ya Sayyidi...!

..salawaat'Ullahi wa salaamahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi...!

..revive thy consiousness
       love always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 23/01/1437

them scales be ones again
sources of none but doubts
hence we do sow the grain
tho force it to a lesser gain

more of those where'bouts
will be puttin' it all in vain
for there shall be droughts
when the moreover spouts

as hearts never forget pain
those comin' out of mouths
'n' as deeds down the drain
be it alone to allow to wane

just ways of narrow routes
respect seize to be the aim
nothin' good is comin' out
'n' doesn't benefit a house

when indeed it be so plain
an inner kept unflourished
the boundaries of the brain
seems to be all that remain

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 07/02/1437
nothin' catches my attention really
for i 'ave given up a long time ago
i just stay focused remainin' at flows
what life has to offer 'n' brings to me

'tis just those things that come in a way
that my own priorities seem thrown away
therefore i rewait 'till it itself displays
which road to be upon which tiles to lay

for i would never understand it tho
these plans my God, i still 'ave to see
but Thy promise to me that all be shown
thy wishes 'n' bestowings upon me

my dedication to my Creator alone
for You be headin' me to my home always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 02/06/1440
'a freestyle meter / rhymescheme Sonnet'

ye know, nights have i spent contemplatin'
'bout all of those things life has to offer
'n' why many man do have to suffer
within circumstances aggravatin'

while for years now have i been questionin'
why on earth there is right 'n' why there's wrong
although there are some weak some very strong
was there ever some fault in reckonin'

now for some decades i do have wandered
upon provinces of hypocrisies
sailed oceans of corrupted policies
as every time all bein' squandered

honesty always been kept undefined
perhaps the unexplainable be refined

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 13/04/1437

'a (pentameter) Sonnet'
oh my Lord i am lookin' for wisdom
for as far as i know i do not know
but to look at those things i do know
just by observin' Thy Earthly Kingdom

so there i see flowers startin' to bloom
at warm days fishes comin' up to breath
even turtles that my accompany seek
where i see beauty in every 'n each

oh my Lord i am seekin' Thy Advice
'tis there i be able to truly see
'n' there that i shall be 'n' beseech
where i seek to find my forever moon

so there i shall be 'n' be remainin'
by this Beauty's Name i shall be prayin' always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 10/10/1440

this poetess known as Elizabeth Squires
with ways of writin' by waves to admire
the one i read here caught my attention
managin' all styles of apprehensions

for i love all of her works she gets penned
i say readin' her poems i find well spent
by her, learnin' beauties of Rosarians
i dared attemptin' to the rotarian

this writin' to her, for she to inspire
seein' as one of my inspirations
it's hers becomin' as musin' impends
bein' it against or pro-contrarian

i am a fan of this amazin' ma'am
hopin' she'll keep blessin' us with her slams

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 24/04/1437

'a (pentameter) Sonnet'

forever been friends, never did they meet
'till that auspicious day their hearts got freed
tho never before now in dyin' need
without even knowin' swept of their feet

both unknowin' as discretely secured
lo, this bein' a play 'bout love for sure

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 05/05/1439

'a Sonnettette'
'n' there at heights melodiously she flies
this lovely wonderful lookin' butterfly
the way of caressess from her wings
this wind that breezes whispers 'n' sings

tho landed upon clouds entered new skies
experiences brought by numerous flights
always trustin' upon the waves where to bring
the Only Trust 'n' Love onto which to cling

lessons to be seen in her very own strive
beauty to hold on to 'n' to ponder upon
right from the chrysalis 'n' from there on
none but nurturin' flowers all of her life

she a beloved of God, as she has always loved
her simple love that pollinated all 'n' above always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 11/09/1440

people do say alot of hurtful things
lettin' alone those acts they be playin'
needless like piercin' through every vein
begettin' all tricks while knowin' it stings

light be no more when be gone clarity
blind to what at first exactly has been
fightin' anger, distress or even pain
find nothin' more than discomfortness brings

how do we loose it to insanity
now be Irfan the one that is sayin'
first know humanity is as a whole
hurt one person 'n' ye have slayed them all

alas, i, the sinner knows not a thing
truth be by the One by my eyes Unseen

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 01/06/1437

'a (pentameter freestyle rhyme scheme) Sonnet'
people may think that i am pretty harsh
at times like feelin'less to what they say
the sight of indifference be displayed
i am rude, i 'ave no manners to marsh

while people may think in one certain way
those things they do know of, or do deny
like to reality they keep sayin' "why..?"
'n' with those things they be fillin' their days

'tis just that knowin' to me 'tisn't the same
to whatever we be livin' up to
whatever in this life we want to do
oh yes, we all say "i do in God's Name"

that seems to be how we keep remainin'
but ibne Yusuf be contemplatin'... always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 22/02/1440
'..a pentameter / freestyle rhymescheme Sonnet...'

this place beyond my thought, for i am there
my mind's own journey at sweet transition
most beautiful creatures, best of creation
where meadows of gardens spread ev'rywhere

harmonious feelings' overwhelmin' air
these scents of flowers, that sweet smell of love
like a canopy formed by lovely doves
that calmly breeze that caresses my hair

tho these things i mention are not as real
nothin' there could be described as above
for all that i could possibly think of
would never ever come to what i'd feel

if just one fraction, if i could reveal
of this wonderful place, there where i heal
* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 29/02/1439

'a (pentameter / freestyle rhyme scheme) Sonnet'
isn't it a shame we just then return
isn't it blame, we put upon others
do we not hide our faults to eachother
who is there to satisfy or to turn  

to turn to when there is no one around
who be there to be relyin’ upon
when all be the whims we be drivin' on
what is it that we think that shall be found  

tisn’t lame, we repeat to clarify
it doesn’t get tirin’ nor does get bored
when we do exact, what we had in store
no reality but wants to verify  

isn’t it the same we rely upon
mine is this flame, keepin' me on ‘n’ on always...

عرفان بن يوسف ©AH 28/02/1441

i am not a scholar no man of knowledge
i am just that stutterin' guy on the ledge
rules i do not care 'bout nor do i sorrow
they won't apply on me for i do not know

my days do not differ not from any night
it is 'cause i do not narrow down my sight
i might be the craziest wicked 'ol wizard
upon the earth to have ever been visored

as my lawful play prevails all who leaves
tho by letters alone words will be shown
some may have tricks upon their sleeves

so whatever misconceived or outgrown
no matter what or who anyone believes
that thing i practice will be magic alone

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 23/01/1437
'a (freestyle meter) Sonnet'
for not in my favours it wasn't no
but forever i shall be thankful for
every thing that comes or doesn't show
with every thing i am learnin' more

so how shall knowledge be comin' to me
when yes, to me they shall not let it free
this childish behaviour they 'ave made me skip
the very thing they seem to live

for these pains i 'ave had, would hurt them even more
when i would tell them 'bout them things they themselves prevailed

those shortcomings they do feel but don't understand
they be relivin' by those same actions they themselves make

my Lord 'ave Mercy, shower us all with understandin'
so we all could be knowin' how to be livin' always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 26/10/1440

now tell me what it is with this one day
upon which a wealthy world acts its play
for on the others we forget to pay
true affection in appropriate ways

why is it only then we know to say
"i love ye" ev'ryone now 'n' always

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 05/05/1437

'a (1 rhyme pentameter) Sonnettette x 1 minute poem'

but when lovers unite
there's no day no night
'n' when doves do fly
nothin' comes nearby

the sun, moon 'n' star
all just eagerly ignite
for ever to be in sight
shinin' bright 'n' afar

a rain creatin' bows
colours be for shows
to see variaties light
gettin' rid the plight

oh indeed, love unites
passionatin' into heights

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 08/03/1437
'a (freestyle meter) Sonnet'

fireflies were flyin' as the crickets sang their song
the moon shun bright upon a sky heavenly strong
there was this sight a beautiful lake reflectin' stars
upon melodious waves romantic lights of memoirs

not very long ago rather in some other time it was
when livin' fairytales attainin' any romance class
we dancin' through rains 'n' the magic cloudiness
'n' nothin' could undertake not even thunderness

upon memory's lane all graciously 'n' as highly set
although now which wind made these sailors forget
the lightnings of priorities kept lovely in our heads
comes it all to how we look upon the things we beget

for when divin' to ponder upon all of those "what if's"
shall be far from honest from what love truly gives

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 28/03/1437
'a (freestyle meter) Sonnet'

when butterflies spread their wings
they don't go back into their cocoon
but just go out upto whatever flings
'n' embrace the faith that to be soon

hence the chrysalis already strewn
for time they do not let them wring
their own future graciously drewn
into skies of possibilities they'll sing

from flower to flower life they bring
no death for which they're immune
by as larvae already learned to cling
unto beauty as shinin' as the moon

for there many wonders in it as it is
hidden within their metamorphosis

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 28/03/1437
'a (freestyle meter) Sonnet'

from all of the demons i am fightin'
i myself am the biggest one of them
'cause out of all of those trials sent by Him
none of them as bein' as frightenin'

that choice be upon me where to headin'
tho roads are made able by only Him
onto which desire shall i chase a whim
when knowin' does make life more uplightenin'

forever condemned by my strides within
knowin' myself needin' to be workin'
for when i shall change my mind of thinkin'
owin' none but positive vibes all-in

'cause yes indeed, my own devil am i
but not when changin' visions of my eyes

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 23/04/1437

'a (pentameter) Sonnet'

there's no earthly muse but from God it is
for whatever is by the will of His
all of beauty by His Divine demand
is it not exactly how He has planned

there are no deep oceans 'n' no high hills
for all of my writings in all its skills
would come from none other than God alone
'cause inspiration by Him only shown

upon me no revelation be sent
for my time mostly as sinner been spent
could be mercy my words shall never find
it's my inner fear to be disinclined

i say my lovely Muse, my lovin' God
tho i am not of those walkin' the shod

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 08/05/1437

'a (pentameter) Sonnet'
to all of my children, never were mine
by those exes i 'ave had, in my life
all those promises i 'ave made to ye
all the care 'n' effort put upon ye

nothin' but ev'ry good wished upon ye
'n' all of the times i 'ave shared with ye
never would i want to loose memories
i 'ave shared with ye in all of its truths

for, even when it might be a long time
never could get ye all out of my mind
always be prayin' for ye, all of good
no matter feelin' good or feelin' bad

yes, at times i think.. of those precious days
rememberin' those ways, ye called me 'dad' always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 04/03/1440
'a pentameter / freestyle rhymescheme Sonnet'
so we do hide behind our ignorance
'n' remain pretendin' to be naive
so easy to think of them to deceive
'tis just that we behave that itinerant

thinkin' ourselves to be that superior
excuses we alone do believe in
those **** thoughts of lies we be livin'
that very thing to poison our interior

there is no truth in these tiles we're layin'
if ever there's a time of honesty
we'd still be clingin' onto policies
that we ourselves 'ave been creatin'

no.., we won't repent 'n' won't start prayin'
but our own faith we shall keep on slayin' always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 10/09/1440
never ever shall i forget
what certain people should regret
although presence doesn't show as much
i shouldn't be thinkin' of such

i was walkin' alone down those dark streets
none but myself 'n' selves to meet
where i was thrown i made a Throne
to praise my Lord 'n' Him alone

for my Lord never abandoned me
like my own blood did indeed
my Lord gave me His Most Beloved
'n' showered me with what True Love is

for never ever shall i be on myself
when protection 'n' even health
my Creator gives Himself always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 12/09/1440

oh my Love, why dost Thy tear up this heart
whereas noone has ever lived inside
Thee, no comparison, nor any part
of this felt alone, 'tis Thee Who resides

'tis Thy Love to breath, what i need indeed
forever Ye'll be in this life of mine
my all belongs to Ye, for Thee i bleed
for everythin' that is, be Thine

why dost Thou break it, again 'n' again
this body created be holdin' its soul
why is it for me hard to understand
i don't need to know everything's role

oh ofcourse, Ye know, 'tis within my tears
my love too little, my biggest of fears

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 16/03/1439

'a (Shakespearean) Sonnet'

oh you bringer of glad tides
His most ultimate of prides
if all of creation couldn't lie
they'd all be puttin' ye high

oh you speaker of the truth
His all of messenger's roof
if none of words could give
the worths of how ye'd live

oh you the defined example
His divine very own sample
if guidance would be ample
what'll save us the trample

oh you saviour of mankind
His mercy on deaf 'n' blind
if we ignorant can't display
what's 'tween night 'n' day

oh you the light upon light
His avail with which ignite
if the darkness will prevail
what track wouldn't derail

oh you guide upon the path
His only way without scath
if the wrath is kept hidden
what door will be forbidden

oh you holder of the heavenly key
His knowledge 'n' secrets to ye be

so to get back at this sinner's plea
oh you would ye please rescue me

..assalaato assalaamo alayka ya Sayyidi...!

..salawaat'Ullahi wa salaamahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi...! always...*

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 19/06/1436

well as an excess to thought
shell at a collective illusion
adaptive moral obligation
objective plausible intuition

norms deep-seated disposition
forms believe to self-justification
who be regardless categorical
do survive flourishin' hypothetical

left aside the unpursuaded question
theft arise of any residual inclination
'n' effective sense obey the dictates
went away true appealin' rationality

as the circle widens internalisation
has reason lead to scope off morality
before be noted as if socialisation
therefore is this really this (r)evolutionary...

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 03/04/1433

like Jesus, may peace be upon thy soul
he without a sin may throw the first stone

like Noah, may peace be upon thy soul
he concerned 'bout the people left alone

like Moses, may peace be upon thy soul
he would stand there, but not without Aaron*
(may peace be upon thy soul)

like my Job, may peace be upon thy soul
who these life-lessons in patience has shown

like Jonah, may peace be upon thy soul
still trust God while in this belly below

Abraham, may peace be upon thy soul
to be the very father of belief

Muhammad, may peace be upon thy soul
be the final completion bein' sown always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 09/03/1439

'a (pentameter / freestyle rhyme scheme) Sonnet'
'tis the man in the mirror to begin
for rethinkin' his ev'ry deed 'n' sin
'n' all he has knowingly commited
willeth or willeth he not admit it

'tis this very man standin' before ye
tryin' to cover up ev'ry bad thing
wouldeth he be sincere in how to think
or remain deceivin' many a man

with these acts here showin' he be strivin'
as his truths in life he wouldeth live in
'blivious these webs of lies he be in
never bein' able to forgive him

for when 'tis not reflectin' on his self
shouldeth he not remain in his own shelf always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 07/07/1439
'a (pentameter / freestyle rhymescheme) Sonnet'

turely wulod wnat to witre ye a ncie peom
but i cnnaot seem to get tehse wrods rghit
ye see all my letrets are so mxied up
resmelbin' excat wath be on my mnid

tho smeowehre i hvae hared taht wehn ineded
the fisrt 'n' the lsat lteter rhgilty palced
one salhl be albe to msaetr 'n' raed
wrdos rhgit in the eaxct crorcet odrer

ye see i srue am not taht wreid at all
tho at laset not mroe tahn any one can
wahtveer uopn to, or waht we slahl

jsut nveer be of toshe rdaey to ban
wihcveer ye siltl do not udnrtaensd
do not be of tsohe be jgudin' the man

..lvoe alawys...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 04/03/1439

'a (pentameter / freestyle rhyme scheme) Sonnet'

arcanum arcanarom, argumentum ad hominem
animal disputans, dixi.., animal bipes implume
cessante causa cessat et effectus, damnant quod non inteligunt
audiatur et altera pars, hominus libenter quod volunt credunt

multi famam, consientiam pauci verentur
boni pastoris est tondere pecus, non deglubere
bonum virum facile crederes, magnum libenter

non omnes qui habent citharam sunt citharoedi
currente calamo, cave quid dicis, quando, et cui
gigni de nihilo nihil, in nihilum nil posse reverti

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 14/03/1432

'a latin verbs poem'

now say when shall we find to realize
how they keep lurin' us into their lies
we forsaken abilities of minds
now say how is it ever we shall find

by the "yes's" pronounced, tho "no" we mean
these roads we walk, but do not want to be
why bother, when we do not seem to see
proses we make, upon cliches we lean

metaphors we come up with, eas'ly done
most times not knowin', where it all comes from
for these thoughts alone keeps us reelin'
upon those mysteries 'n' real meanings

for there's more outside our understandin'
when we stop wander inside our feelings
* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 02/03/1439

'a (pentameter / freestyle rhyme scheme) Sonnet'

this place called Hello Poetry is actually very strange
instead of writin', people are just gettin' out of range
for i thought this site looked clean 'n' well-organized
tho certain things goin' on here leavin' me by surprise

things like plagiarists bein' that proud of themselves
now a selected daily poem straight from a Hallmark shelf

..the truth may hurt.., the lies they ****... always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 04/05/1437

'a (freestyle meter) Sonnettette x 1 minute poem'

for the better feed thy souls
but do not take them as whole
tho humanity seems hard to find
reality not even crossin' minds

livin' dreams 'n' fake believes
whatever man thinks to achieve
rather preparin' their own demise
then be takin' their own advice

people's assumptions hypocriticaly
but to serve themselves their daily meal
with consumptions even as selfishly

so had it somethin' to do with how we feel
where by actin' none but what looks supposedly
leavin' nothin' to acknowledge for bein' real

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 15/03/1437

'a (freestyle meter) Sonnet'

are we that blind to see
what is fake what reality
are we as deaf as can be
that hearin' lacks sanity

why do we talk too much
if the action should speak
why do we think of such
if understandin' is weak

havin' no time, always busy
to run after ourselves' made
leavin' all up the most easy
due to ourselves we will bade

what we want, that we crave
that we do, what we display

(so not 'till down at the grave
no words but truth then we'll say)

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 28/03/1437

'a (freestyle meter) Sonnet'

as never had she felt like this within
walkin' by she met somethin' never seen
it was this sight at him that caught her eyes
so her body, so her mind, all tremblin'

although he looks like any other guy
there's somethin' 'round him she cannot define
now his turn he tries to identify
why clearly this woman lookin' at him

tho both 'ave nothin' be fearin' at all
this sense of sensin' still fully unknown
little they know their honest truth be shown

i say oh there must be somethin' therein
when love began to fly, spreadin' its wings
as there their moment of magic begins

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 02/03/1439

'a (pentameter / freestyle rhyme scheme) Sonnet'

how is it possible to close my eyes
when all that is is just passin' by
how on earth should i cover up my ears
when there is nothin' much nor else to hear

i say we truly forgot how to feel
we continue to deny to be real
'n' within those **** lies we be livin'
them unhidden plays 'n' acts we're givin'

ye'd say: 'i do feel 'n' know it all'
by thy many a 'truth' still standin' tall
now would it be no understandin' shall
'n' shall never be when we make it fall

for when we stop our minds elevatin'
then be which story we'd be creatin'

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 17/10/1437

'a (pentameter / freestyle rhymescheme) Sonnet'

i see beauty in all of existence
as ver'ly as nature's own persistence
magnificent flowers spread the meadows
'n' bright colours lightin' up in the skies
never hidden to the beholder's eyes

i can see the sun shinin' through the rain
as there is always somethin' good to gain
for life will cel'brate however it goes
by far into depths of wondrous oceans
but rather be it spilled into motions

see we all get haunt by our own shadows
tho we the ruler of whichever shows
for as long as man's bein' able to feel
from birth upto decay of what is real

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 12/04/1437

'a (pentameter) Rosarian Sonnet'

there at the feet of that mountain ye'll see
a man carryin' two buckets towards a tree
he's beggin', he struggles, he prays to God
oh Almighty give me the strength of a sod

that drought up there 'n' all those years i wear
days of climbin', bringin' some water up there
for this palm shall be givin' dates if is by Thee
so i'll keep mine even when havin' to go to sea

'cause as fruit is given, all is given to 'n' brought
what is mine shall be mine beyond my thought
so of all of those things i might think of to care
'n' many a thing provided by You alone to share

i say, this man shall, 'till his dyin' days he'll be
walkin' up 'n' down that road waterin' the tree

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 20/05/1437

'a (freestyle/flow meter) Sonnet'

we the dwellers on this earth
not even aware of life's worth
the kings 'n' queens of hearts
do not recognize the true arts

just bein' busy chasin' desires
no realisin' that once all retires
we the rulers of whatever likes
blind to the Power that strikes

we to disobey His commandin'
the more pretendin' overtakin'
as we lack every understandin'

we to choose to remain sinnin'
before devotin' into submittin'
we the ones that are mistakin'

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 24/08/1436
'a (freestyle meter) Sonnet'
Most certainly i am not of those
     amongst thee, most pious ones
i just try to stay focused
     'n' remain bein' myself

There would be no reason for
     me to be walkin' proud on this earth
i can neither tear it apart
     nor rival mountain's heights

For there is no understandin'
     within these lives i be livin'
i do not want to play
     do not want to react

Tho 'tis alot of hypocrisy
     i seem to keep knowin' less
i be chasin' after my own lies
     that what suits me best

Would it be truth to behold
     i, if only have listened to the ears bein' told always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 28/08/1439

i know at times i have lost my ways too
forgot 'bout efflorescences of truth
denied all of the good hidden within
for my nature itself quite demurin'

wherewithal we all do have times like these
wherein we fail to recognize beauties
to see life to be ever so comely
when a heart feels only felicity

tho as faremost 'n' so quintessential
to lose focus of the sempiternal
will not bring us further into this life
when forgettin' the knowin' how to lithe

for i know now which thread to hold onto
'n' the very Bein' to put all of my trust into

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 08/05/1437

'a (pentameter) Sonnet'

although thy silence just deafens thee
make it known that ye do matter to me
for yes indeed, i do have noticed ye
strugglin' as ye're balancin' up the ledge
tryin' so hard not to fall off the edge

tho might it be penned thy words do speak loud
as thy hidin' underneath lots of shrouds
for yes indeed, i do have noticed ye
but how would ye string them up in thy head
why life itself is just like a thin thread

now be willin' to see the lines ye made
as all of those things ye've written in 'tween
for yes indeed, ye noticably create
'n' never really were ye the unseen

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 15/04/1437

'a (freestyle meter) Rosarian Sonnet'

i, the writer, yet never am i pleased
whatever been penned down never succeeds
to my expectations, nor to my needs
for the meanin' of words seem to get ceased

i, the gardener, be sowin' this seed
whatever to be said shall never reach
for hearin' be all different to each
no poet am i, no artist indeed

i, be as just human, as i could reach
understandin' alone my heart shall lead
'tis knowledge upon which my mind does feed
no fame, nor admirers, that i beseech

i may be hopin' just someone to read
these ways my letters on paper do bleed

(or maybe how they be finally freed)

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 08/03/1439

'a (pentameter / freestyle rhyme scheme) Sonnet'
lots of people havin' abilities to be
     blind to the one 'n' only truth
might they know alot, knowin' they do not
     the more they get, the less they understand

most of people learn to be learned
     for the purpose of their very own benefits
now just wait a moment, is it really...?
     or might they just be thinkin' it to be
those excuses 'n' explanations been
     puttin' things to their own hands

beg me pardon, indeed 'tis truly
     the lack of bein' able to recognize

i say, honesty is more to me than life
     this difference in which we do thrive always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 02/09/1439

would ye know, would ye really understand
when meanin' itself shall reveal itself
should ye sow, what ye are sowin' right now
or maybe just grow those things ye do like

fears ye be fearin', but truth ye deny
years that'll pass by, experience ye'll say
in those ways ye move, ready to fly

there seems no problem to identify
within those things ye are livin' to know
'n' when ye think no-one is lookin', still
ye keep findin' things to deceive thy own

for there's no struggle in thy days of life
be those very things, thy own disaster
in those things ye keep walkin' after
* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 25/02/1439

'a (pentameter / freestyle rhyme scheme) Sonnet'

thy leaves now fall in such beautiful ways
leavin' a bed of browns, yellows 'n' reds
right where i sat underneath thy shade
protection 'n' comfort ye always gave
calmin' 'n' soothin', when at thee i gazed

thee my definition of life itself
'ave witnessed all, but in silence ye dwell
thy wisdom at pace, ye remain thy place
but 'ave ye not bowed for The Glorious Grace
so earth ye'll protect with thy carin' beds

for this cycle of life, thy sacrifice
is metaphorically just as fine
if only we could talk 'n' able to
understand the realities of our truths

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 26/02/1439

'a (pentameter / freestyle rhyme scheme) Sonnet'
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