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Amani Niros Khan
The words that my pen write, Are the words that my soul utters.. Welcome to my world of poetry
43/F/Mumbai    Teacher
Brian McDonagh
22/M/West Virginia    All rights reserved copyright 2016-2020. I'm an open book, a quirk looking for light, and a human hungering for love in any truth and manipulation.
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
F    Follow my writing on Commaful:
Oupa Gedion
23/M/Johannesburg    Inspired by her, the woman that walked out of my dreams into earth.
38/F/Fiji Islands    In solitude, I abide.
Sawyer Rhiannon
17/Gender Fluid   
Zoulaikha Al-Aghbari
16/F/Pluto    living under a cloud.
Roberta Compton Rainwater
70/F/Mississippi    A contemplative who writes.
M/United States    "I'm yearning for the glory days of most deft perfection/ My pen moving in motions that defied known direction/ Well-placed words can swallow whole the ...
Carson Alexander Defelice
17/M/FL    I'm not poetic I'm permanently apathic and this is my only way to make you see the way I do
Kewayne Wadley
30/M/memphis tn    Live to Love, Inspire to Love
20/F/British Columbia    [her life was her art] [poetry was her blood] [insta @ollysart]
122/M/Seattle    "How things seem to seem is not enough. We must somehow discover how things really seem!" - Bertrand Russell
philadelphia    Just an artist with open eyes. I'm not really a writer. It all began with me ranting my feelings onto pages, but, soon evolved into ...
Infamous one
Hello friend! My name is infamous1! I've been writing for years, its my voice. I'm being more creative no longer self destructive. I started writing ...
Edna Floretta
Port Clinton, Ohio    Edna Floretta is a video and performance artist who lived and studied poetry in San Francisco for three years.
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