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DarkDepriment Nov 2015
You're sad and he doesn't care.
DarkDepriment Nov 2015
It only bothers me when I'm alone
And I think about it
DarkDepriment Nov 2015
He was once your everything
then all of the sudden he wanted to mean nothing
And then the heartbreak eventually became a memory
And now you walk past each other on the streets like strangers who were never ever in love
DarkDepriment Nov 2015
I loved you to much
And you didn't love me enough
DarkDepriment Nov 2015
I could get anything I've ever wanted
And still feel like somethings missing.

But that's just me.
It has nothing to do with being ungrateful, it just means that the fruits of life May not be very fulfilling.
DarkDepriment Oct 2015
Every single day
A battlefield of chaotic traumas erupt
A red blur of trouble finds me
God lets this happen to me for I am suppose to trust him, but how long does that trust stretch before Im broken down and all those who are suppose to stand with me are against me, and I am alone in a world full of humans
DarkDepriment Oct 2015
It was that kind of breakup
That left you both emotional and emotionless
All while wondering was it all worth it?
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