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marc rios Jul 2022
Hurting is what makes me human
Loving is what makes it worth it
marc rios Jul 2022
Thank you
For being part of my life
And sorry
For being part of yours
marc rios Jul 2022
Did i drank too much medicine
To make me sick?

Did i took your poison in disguise
In thoughts it could heal me?

Did i pushed the antidote away
So you wouldn't go?

Do i just love to self sabotage
And think someone would
Come and rescue?

Or am i just too damaged
To think i don't
deserve any better
marc rios Jul 2022
As you grow and blossom
Some leaves will stay
Some falls and some sprouts
But you just have to keep standing
Because as they all come and go
No one but only yourself
Is always going to be there
To water you with strenght
Fertilized you with dreams
And give you your own sunlight
When you are about to succumb and falter
marc rios Jun 2022
All villain are just
Broken heroes
marc rios Jun 2022
Kept my pride at bay
To win your trust.
Im loosing dignity for you

Withdrawn my right
And questioning my worth.
Im loosing sanity for you

Attempted to reach for the stars
And thought outside of hundreds of boxes.
Im loosing quality time for my self because of you

I tried to gave you everything
And i recieved nothing but misery
Im loosing a lot of battles for you
But i am not further allowing myself to lose me

I am finally choosing to lose you.
marc rios Jun 2022
Fall if you are bound to fell
You cant always win
That's just life has always been
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