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Jul 2016 · 258
LiviKawa Jul 2016
i miss you
yet you are not mine
to miss
Jul 2016 · 342
LiviKawa Jul 2016
you give me everything
yet why do i feel
like its not enough?
Jul 2016 · 522
LiviKawa Jul 2016
bet you hope my lips taste like sugar
but be careful
they will posion you
and then that will be the end
ill leave you in heartbreak
because thats what im best at
i hate this, ill probs redo it soon
Jul 2016 · 363
when did it come to this
LiviKawa Jul 2016
i am hesitant everytime
im about to hit send
and overpowered with
crippling guilt everytime
i say "i love you"
Jul 2016 · 332
LiviKawa Jul 2016
i like to fall asleep in the sun
fingers just dipping into the sand
as if dipping them in chocolate

i like to close my eyes and forget
the insecurities that line my thighs
and hope they fade with every ray

but i can feel your eyes on me
and i can feel you spacing out
and all i can manage is deep raging guilt

im so sorry
Jul 2016 · 246
LiviKawa Jul 2016
its going on 8 months
and who knew we'd be here

yet i feel so disconnected
and i cannot say i like
the one im in love with
Jul 2016 · 197
LiviKawa Jul 2016
my mind is cloudy with guilt
that i cannot stand
yet youre an obsession

if i could stop now
i dont know that i would
Mar 2016 · 3.5k
Reckless- Revised
LiviKawa Mar 2016
We call ourselves the reckless youth
Trying to figure out where we are and where we’re planning on going
With lyrics tucked under our tongues that say more than our voices ever will
Where sleepless nights cause purple crescents to appear under our eyes
And replay words from past days through and through our heads

We call ourselves the reckless youth
Looking at the world through maroon eyes
With empty alcohol bottles that we clench onto with our warm sticky palms
And the sheet-ropes we make to climb out of the windows at 3 in the morning
Dealing with the voices and uncertainties of tomorrow
Wondering whether we will wake up inside of our beds smelling of lavender
Or in a field sprawled out among other teenage bodies reeking of beer

We call ourselves the reckless youth
With the memories of Christmas lights that are over-expired
That brought kisses that won't mean a thing to anyone as morning brings massive headaches
Because worthless kisses are now more valuable to us
Then the ones our parents now forget to give

We call ourselves the reckless youth
Because our generation is made up of lost souls
And scars that line the insides and outsides of our bodies
The same scars that we hide behind smiles and stories that swim in our heads
This is our disease and it is contagious
Coming with the temptation of sneaking out to the flowers that grow around campfires
And the reminiscences of lust still stuck to the grass like dew
Ghosts of the lingering fingers that caressed the parts we’ve hidden from society

We call ourselves the reckless youth
Our lives making up pages in a novel that consist of skinny jeans and over-sized sweatshirts
Of the promise that we’ll see better days
And the sun that is still trying to be shielded with broken sunglasses
Tan lines from 7 am runs because the voices in our heads are way too loud

We call ourselves the reckless youth
Addicted to computer screens and turning away only to measure our waists
Ignoring the constant fire outside our door
Deciding to stay inside a burning house instead of running to safety
Here we continue to try and create something new
A life of fantasy where there will be use of different flames
To destroy all of the memories of reality
Because we are misused

We call ourselves reckless
Not because we aren’t wise
But because our wisdom comes in different forms
Like the tidal waves of people crashing upon us
Who tell us we are not good enough
And the words that continue to build inside our bones
Yet we know that these flowers braided in our hair
Will forever be worth more than the diamonds that line their clothes

We call ourselves the reckless youth
When the adults tell us no
But we insist on saying yes
Because it’s not that we are afraid of death
We are afraid of living
Here in this pace where we’ll be dead
Far before we have the chance to live

And maybe we are wasting our time
Though time is a luxury we cannot yet afford
So we will continue to climb out windows
Sneak through back doors
Where we then strip our bodies of the loosely fitted clothes
Quickly dipping our naked frames under the cold water
Forgetting what has made us tired
What made us upset
Which come with the wilting petals of all the things we did wrong
All the regrets we cannot take back

We call ourselves the reckless youth
When we watch the black sky and its stars well past midnight
And look for the familiar sight of home within the walls of our imagination
Where reality slips into a blur of pink and orange clouds

We don’t call ourselves reckless
Because we decided to escape reality, ourselves and society
And blow out clouds of ***** air from deep within our lungs
Or burn holes in our throats from fermentation
We are the reckless youth
Because we chose to be wise
To be strong
To be infinite
This was my first ever poem, so i went back and revised it ((: super long but its one of my favs i guess
Mar 2016 · 211
LiviKawa Mar 2016
i dont think people realize
how temporary they are
we live to die
then we're forgotten
Mar 2016 · 398
LiviKawa Mar 2016
Its comical how
Ive never written about
The sweetest times of my life

Like the trip to Hatteras
With the abandoned golf course
And the hours of skating down
The newly paved road
And the boys who provided
Some of the greatest smiles there will be
With the small geese
Which we provided bread
And the 4th of July fireworks
With the sun-kissed skin of my best friend and I

Or the newer trips
At my house with the loft
And the 4 mile ride to the beach
With the divot where there were hours
Of my boy and I talking
And kissing
And eating
The love and music
And kicking his *** at every game

Its comical how
I cannot seem to write everything down on paper
But I can relive every moment of them
Each night in my dreams
Mar 2016 · 285
LiviKawa Mar 2016
it almost makes me laugh
because i know i dont want you
but i find myself thinking of you
and our time at the beach
when we got drunk on a closed down dock
with those sweet angry apples
and kissed with the sun began to rise
you were never a lover
yet i can say i love you
and i worry that youll fall away from me
and forget how our minds are so close
because boy you are water
and im still stuck here
Feb 2016 · 365
Another 10 Word Story
LiviKawa Feb 2016
im done feeling like ****
this is me moving on
Feb 2016 · 467
LiviKawa Feb 2016
I've got music in my head
Lyrics tucked under my tongue,
Yet I am lost of words to whisper to you
In the dead of night
Feb 2016 · 423
young life
LiviKawa Feb 2016
there are five people i know who are becoming parents
all under 19 years old
all still in school
all excited as ****
danielle- the one who has already given birth
her mixed little boy, sweet as a peach
kaitlyn- the one who is beginning to show
with a boyfriend and a life i never imagined
noah- the one who is 8 weeks along
already buying clothes for his little tot
faith- the one who is a freshman
whose parents want an abortion, but all too ready boyfriend
brooke- the one who is ready to pop
i met her at a birthday party three years ago, and now shes having a boy

and then theres me

livi- the one who is not yet expecting
but already way too prepared
Feb 2016 · 447
BaBy BlUEs
LiviKawa Feb 2016
the thought of our creation
growing within me
makes me ache with thoughts of the future
and although i am young,
and there are so many complications
i cannot help but imagine and daydream
of the day with your hand on my belly,
all engorged like a melon,
with the tiny kicks
of tiny feet
that are just waiting to say hello
Dec 2015 · 317
LiviKawa Dec 2015
i was a fawn
scared to stand,
fragile and shy
and i thought you a hunter
but you picked me up
and made me fly
Dec 2015 · 319
LiviKawa Dec 2015
youre not my first love
but when i think about 10 years from now
all i see is you;
i cannot answer;
but would it really matter?
**** no;
youre my home
youre my everything;
i am so deeply, terrifyingly in love with you
i cannot even let my mind wander
to the what if's of our unknowns;
i just want to flow with you
to the darkest corners
and the lightest;
you brighten my life
shining through my skin
and illuminating everything around me;
anywhere you go
i swear i will follow;
this is a love from the story books
and i dont think i could ask
for any diction
any detail
to be different;
your soul is pure
and i am so in love;
i will prove this to you i swear it
every day i live
i am in love with you
Sep 2015 · 270
high school
LiviKawa Sep 2015
you think this doesnt hurt me
but there is chaos in my lungs
everytime i am near you
Jun 2015 · 376
LiviKawa Jun 2015
What ever happened
To the happiness that came
With the first lightening bugs
Making summer official?
Or the tadpoles
We'd all look for everyday
As soon as it started to warm up?
What happened to the bittersweet
Of the scrapped knees
We'd get coming down from
The tallest branch of the magnolia?
What the hell happened
To the cousin manhunts
And the gatherings of
Drunk uncles and aunts
All beneath the fireworks?
What the **** was I thinking
When I said I wanted to grow up?
This **** *****
May 2015 · 2.9k
LiviKawa May 2015
"stumbling home
in the evening
with my breath
smelling of cheap beer
and cigarettes;
people worry,
I tell them not to;
I do this for me,
not for attention
or sympathy,
I do this to feel
more alive,
because I feel so
dead inside
and my thoughts
are racing;
drinking shuts them up
for a couple of hours
and I feel better;
I feel sick,
but I also feel
like I can do anything;
like nothing can hurt me;
is this what death
tastes like?
I hope so"
This is not mine. I do not take credit for any of it. This is one of our fellow hp artists.
May 2015 · 387
LiviKawa May 2015
I just wanted to make you happy
But I am water
And you are oil
As hard as we try
We cannot mix
We end up
Just touching surfaces
Apr 2015 · 498
LiviKawa Apr 2015
i have gotten to the point
where couches and trunk seats
just dont do it for me,
lawns and attics
arent as exciting as they used to be,
alcohol and ****
are just another excuse to forget,
words on a screen telling me
i am beautiful
have lost all meaning
i have gotten to a point
where i want to just be held
without the thoughts of
"how am i going to get in her pants"
with only the looks of love,
and not the kind that is hiding the lust
i want for once
to be cared for,
to actually be treated right
but i think that is too big
of a burden for anyone  
to try and hold
Feb 2015 · 1.0k
LiviKawa Feb 2015
They say red is too hot, and pink is too passive
That orange is too warm and yellow is too sickening
Its said that brown is way deathly and green is all about growing
Blue is too naive and purple is for the royalty

And we have tattooed these bodies with all the colors in our minds
Yet we are still only perceived as black and white
Feb 2015 · 1.1k
NatUrAl DisASter
LiviKawa Feb 2015
i get notifications
with your name in all bold
and i think of the words that roll off your tongue
the ones only i have heard
forming on your lips
and then all of a sudden
i am thinking of us
limbs splayed across each other
wondering if this is reality
or only something we created ourselves
because when i am here by myself
i find that i am craving you
more and more
and every time i realize that i cannot have you
never in our lifetime
do i start to wonder
what in the hell are we doing to ourselves
that make us lust after one another
when we know how toxic it can be
because i am a tornado and you are a hurricane
and the only thing that will survive
this natural disaster
is heartbreak and debris
of what we once were
and never will be again
Feb 2015 · 1.4k
LiviKawa Feb 2015
Do you know how many
Poems I write that
Leak your name?

The subtle hints
Of twinkling eyes
And that burning smile

The words explaining
The days that you create havoc
And heat between our bodies

The whispers of
Love and confusion
And an all consuming lust

Do you even realize
The amount of poems
That are in my head
That scream out your name

Because if you did
Oh god
If you did
There would be chaos
I love you and I'm afraid to admit it
Jan 2015 · 1.4k
Hr Til Midnight
LiviKawa Jan 2015
Your words tease me
And they play fantasies in my head
It's 11 o'clock and I should be asleep
But instead I'm laying here
Thinking of your passion
And the intensity of what you want me to do
Things only for me to hear
Take control baby
I'm all yours
Jan 2015 · 902
LiviKawa Jan 2015
What is living
If our eyes don't gleam with excitement
If laughter isn't constantly escaping
If we never make mistakes
If we don't tan in the summer
Or have to wash dirt off of our feet
From those long walks in the woods

What is living*
If we are constantly worried about our sizes
If money is always being counted
If we always are hiding behind technology
If the only thing we fill our bodies with
is alcohol
Or drugs because depression is the only color we see

When did living become something that we have to be told how to do?
Nature has been forgotten
And so has our love
Dec 2014 · 1.5k
5 Word Story
LiviKawa Dec 2014
"Lies do not becomes us"
Oct 2014 · 1.0k
LiviKawa Oct 2014
My body
Is made of
Strings of stems
Linked together
With budding flowers
Emanating the
Most wonderful scents

It's made of
And millions of

But this shell
Is the only thing
You can see
And oh how
I wish to show you
The things that grow
Within me

Because then
Maybe you'd show
Me yours too
And I might get
A chance to discover
The Blues and Blacks
That make up the stars
In your veins
Oct 2014 · 1.0k
LiviKawa Oct 2014
If you think
I give a ****
Then you'll be
Sorely disappointed
When I come out
On top
And you're still
Gravelling on the ground
Oct 2014 · 536
LiviKawa Oct 2014
We have to go
Where we can smile
And laugh
Push each other around
Without looking over our shoulders
Getting approval from the others

We have to go
Get away from here
Because our time is precious
And too many people waste it
When they are trying to find
Things to fill it with

We have to go
Somewhere where time flows
And we can sit and not have
To remember anything
Where all that's important
Is the sun
And the trees
The grass
And each other

We have to go
Because somedays
We just have to find someplace
Where we can just live
Sep 2014 · 773
LiviKawa Sep 2014
My vision is cloudy
While my veins are filling with alcohol

My body becomes numb
With each cigarettes he hands me

My headaches grow louder and louder
From the memories of forever

You burned down my walls
I'll burn down your house

I ******* hate you
And I think you love it
Aug 2014 · 1.5k
LiviKawa Aug 2014
I cannot think
Of words that can
Explain the look in your eyes
When you saw how wild
You were making me

It's was intense
And beautiful
And it made me remember
All the things that
Made me fall in love with you
Deleting later probs
Aug 2014 · 2.2k
LiviKawa Aug 2014
We are far too different

I live for the rush
The danger and adventure

You live with a plan
The stability and foundation

But yet we both yearn for the kisses
That only come at 2am
And the I love you's
That have all the depth to them
That there ever could

When we are together
The planets align
And the moon calls our name
I cannot think straight
With your hot lips pressed to mine

We are far too different

Yet we are perfectly put together
And I wouldn't trade you for the world
Aug 2014 · 3.0k
LiviKawa Aug 2014
What is happy?

It's having low expectations
And not caring
About anything
But yourself

But I care about you
And I expected us to be
Something it never was

What is happy?

It's trying to walk
Even though
You know your legs
Are broken
But making sure
Everyone sees how hard
You are trying
Aug 2014 · 905
LiviKawa Aug 2014
It would've been perfect
If the clouds
Hadn't of kept hiding the moon

But then I look back
Your hands on my waist
Your lips on my neck
Your hips grinding into mine

There is nothing
I would've changed
About the clouds
Or the ever present moon
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
LiviKawa Jul 2014
It was a clear shot to the chest
And I felt myself falling

Not in love with you
Not out

I felt myself falling
Into oblivion
Jul 2014 · 2.1k
Strip Tease
LiviKawa Jul 2014
Oh baby,

I'd stand in front of you
And give you a strip tease

Then I'll saunter on over
And drop to my knees
Jul 2014 · 732
LiviKawa Jul 2014
I watch your lips
Dancing around
From the words you form

I watch your eyes
Gleam with excitement
From the sights that they take in

I watch myself
From deep within

Falling in love

All over again
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
LiviKawa Jul 2014
I'm never gonna be
As popular as you
As talented as you
And pretty as you

I've already
Acknowledged that
Accepted that

But that doesn't mean
It still doesn't hurt
That I'm not any less jealous

I'm just gonna roll with it
And try to be me

Whether people like that or not
**ill still cry in my sleep
**hate how im alone
**keep it all to myself
**because there are things you just don't say to people
Jun 2014 · 920
LiviKawa Jun 2014
I fell asleep fast
And began dreamin of you slowly
Remembering first your eyes
And then the touch of your fingers
Across my skin
Your words stared off muted
Only air and movements of your lips
They increasingly got louder though
A whisper at first
So soft and kind
But as they continued to grow
My heart began to race
And this morning I woke up
From the screaming that escaped your mouth
Causing my dream
My memory of you
Become a nightmare
Scaring me into sleepless nights
Jun 2014 · 574
Rain (10W)
LiviKawa Jun 2014
The rain is my blanket
The thunder is my lullaby
Jun 2014 · 3.3k
LiviKawa Jun 2014
It drags me under
Spits me up onto the sand
My lungs filled with seaweed and water
Making it impossible to breathe
But panic isn't an emotion
Its a friend
A familiar presence
Because the ocean has done this
Far to many times
For me to be surprised
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
LiviKawa Jun 2014
Let me stand in the bed of your truck
A bottle in my hands
No shoes
Or jacket
And scream about Neverland
Let my voice carry across the stars so that I can hear it tomorrow
As I lay down for bed
And I will remember this
Jun 2014 · 601
LiviKawa Jun 2014
We are from the same tree
But our branches will never touch
Because you are on the northwest side
And I am on the southeast
Jun 2014 · 736
LiviKawa Jun 2014
I hit the pavement so hard
That even my bones bruised
And now I look like an abused victim
With patterns of black and blue
Slowly turning green and yellow within time
But little do you know
That when you gripped my body for the first time
You also threw me to the ground
And my hands couldn't find the pavement before my body did
So I was suspended in the air for a moment
Trying to remember what it was like standing
Before I fell for you
Jun 2014 · 680
Grey Storm
LiviKawa Jun 2014
I'll be honest
I miss getting lost
In the grey storming sea
That made up your eyes
Jun 2014 · 973
LiviKawa Jun 2014
My skin is stained
With the guilt of time
So fill my notebooks
With  blood-red tears
That fall from your eyes
Maybe this will be
The perfect distraction
Jun 2014 · 947
(10W) Sunset
LiviKawa Jun 2014
This sunset has blinded me
With a sickening red haze
Jun 2014 · 803
LiviKawa Jun 2014
My words are only a whisper
In your ear
Yet my voice is coarse
From screaming so loudly
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