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******* HONOURED!

And all you do on this wonderous day is fill it with the smoke of ****
Instead of shotgun shells and carbine bullets.
22 Credits.
Is all I need.
22 Credits.
And I can be free.
22 Credits.
I just need this small deed.
22 Credits.
And I can finally... be me.
Do you even care?

Do you even know?

I hope that you've fallen in Love with this girl, I hope that you're happy together and that you picture you both going somewhere together.

I hope she leaves you without explanation, I hope that she comes back a month from now and then leaves again.

Tears your ******* heart out. But leaves you waiting and wanting and needing...

Every. Single. Time.
I've drained out all my old blood to clean my heart
Hoping that the cleansing will suffice
Taking all of my pieces apart
And checking the new placement of things twice

Hopefully I'll build it right this time
And my insides will let back in some light
If I don't **** it up, and do it fine
It will be the first thing that I have done right

I'll let the color back into my soul
As long as no one steals it from me
But these concepts are too hard to control
And all my love is far too small to see
 Mar 2015 barelyholdinon
As i start to like you,
More and more.
Maybe  one well be happy.
Maybe i can show you what true  love is,
I want to be there for your  hardest times.
I want to be there for everything.
I dont want to see you fail.
I dont want to see you hurt.
I just want you to live happily.
I do want to see you success.
I do want to see you try your hardest.
I dont  want to see you cut, cry, or die.
I dont think i make sence. But this all true,
Just for you...
 Mar 2015 barelyholdinon
You are not mine,
But sometimes i pretend
You wish you were.

I create this idea
That you secretly
Want me...

And i often forget
Its just something
Ive made up.

You do not want me,
And you are not mine.
To Someone i wish was mine.
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