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536 · Feb 2015
i still want
barelyholdinon Feb 2015
i may not have the skinniest hands
but i still want someone to hold them
i may not have the smallest waist
but i still want someone to cuddle me
and i may not let people in
but i still need someone to love me
459 · Jan 2015
barelyholdinon Jan 2015
roses are red
violets are blue
but the colors are fading
and so are u
every day u fade a little more
and when u finally leave
your blood is stained on my floor
from your wrist and mine stained forever
the scars on my arms remind me
of all the memories  
with the thoughts of u in mind
i realize that i cant survive
i put that rope around my neck
i finally take my last breath
a letter i have left  on my bed
saying i have killed myself to be with u
i hope now u can say u love me too
381 · Jan 2015
this is why i hide
barelyholdinon Jan 2015
i fell for u more then most
the feelings that i have are no longer ghosts
once i confessed my love for u
i  finally found out if u felt it too
u told me u loved me but that was wrong
when i woke up all ur stuff was gone
i cried until i had no tears
and i realized that losing u was my biggest fear
and now there is nothing but darkness in my mind
and all i am now is someone who hides

— The End —