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As I'm thinking this won't last I'm thinking back to the past when I remember what it felt like to truly love someone. Presently I understand that I'm not in love with this man. I am sorry though, I didn't mean to do you wrong I didn't mean to make you sad, and I didn't mean to make you frown. It's just the memories of him become trapped in my brain. I have no way of releasing them. You have to understand I was broken before shipped to you. Without bubble wrap leaves potential cracks and bruises. I care and love you with all my heart but this must come to an end because it's not fair to you that I play pretend. I don't like you as a lover but as a friend. You are a kind man who took my hand and showed me how a man should treat a women, but I guess Cupid forgot to hit me after hitting you.
Let me find you, be discovered. I understand you found another. I know your far past over me, but I can't say I'm over you because memories spark like when you would used to stuff your shoes. I remember you were afraid to lose me and I was afraid too but I never expected you to become my enemy until I lost you.

— The End —