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 Jun 2013 Hersch Rothmel
Night is for the hours
Let a man of God speak or night
Will continue to burn flowers

It's been said napkins are the greatest currency
For it holds the food spittle of man
Like how ambulances sit waiting
To clean up after misfortunes
And make fortunes for the fortun-
Who Ate paragraphs of spider webs
And patted weaves like black men seating at the back of the limited luxurious Q46 bus nodding heads to the noise of Toyota cameras they couldn't afford in the land where they spend $300 million to part the seas for summer entertainment
While they only spent $40 on California cuteness and walked on water with 13 Jesus' and ate at the bottom of the sea with only three tokes from the plastic bag

Let a man of God speak or night
Will continue to burn flowers
For we graduated from 30 hot nights of mathematics
Only to find that the future will always be white and in the *******
 Jun 2013 Hersch Rothmel
You used to have conversations with the beach.
"How are you this year?"
"I am getting older, and I do not think I like it."
"Just feel my waves, it will make you feel better."
And it did make you feel better.
No one else ever reached out to comfort you.
Even drowning is a nice hug.
Not too cool, but not warm at all.
The little boy trying to fly a kite
With no wind in sight
Never gives up
His hope of its flight.
The beach was your best friend.
 Jun 2013 Hersch Rothmel
Today I thought about it.
I didn't do it.
I think about it a lot.
I've done it.
We all thought about it at some point.
We don't all do it.
A lot do it.
We don't all succeed.
I guess if we all thought about it,
And all did it,
And all succeeded,
There would be no one left to
Think about it,
And do it,
And succeed.
But I'll still think about it,
And do it.
So will you.
 Jun 2013 Hersch Rothmel
There is a brown bin on my back porch.
It is filled with pool tarps and bad memories.
It is raining now
And the rain is pelting it,
And if the bin could feel pain,
I'm sure it would be screaming.
I am glad that I can count on the rain to fight my battles for me.
It is like my protective older brother,
Beating the **** out of desperate lovers and child abuse.
That brown bin that I cannot stand.
Let's take turns
You know
Exchanging our
energies because
all we think
that was left
for us was the
energy inside
of us

Continue competing,
for this vital
source of life
through submission
and aggression
although another
source exists,
but hey,
we don't know
any better.

You were so down
after your last
which happened
to be with your
parents, that
you go outside
to smoke a cig
and notice
a beautiful daisy
5 ft tall.

Admiring this
beautiful existence
just allows you
to focus well
enough on what
it truly emits-
the same energy
you spend your
days fighting for
with other people--
That's right,
it exists in all
living things,
and you
now feel
 Mar 2012 Hersch Rothmel
Put down that pen
Relax your hand
Please quit writing
Smash your keyboard
With a sledgehammer
Please quit typing

I’ve had enough with the compliments
On your half assed verses of antiquated love
On your verses of woe is my childhood babbling *******
On your verses of epiphanous enlightenment
I can’t believe that you’re what passes for good poetry
All that praise must be going to your head making you loco
Thinking that you can get away with writing that utter crap
I can’t believe you have so many admirers, so many followers
Hanging on to your every unsurprising word
Mad-Lib poetry, paint by numbers
It’s nice to see that that thesaurus and rhyming dictionary
Are working wonders for your writing
Like you’re some ******* messiah
Writing the perfect words for how they feel deep down
Like you're some ******* prophet
That speaks the word of the masses

Listen to the masses speaking from my tongue:

Put down that pen
Relax your hand
Please quit writing
Smash your keyboard
With a sledgehammer
Please quit typing
You're so close
Though we're not touching at all
And I feel you breathe against my skin.
Your heart is the meter to my life
Its beating times my stride.
I see your soft lips that trace my face
So lightly
It's as if they never did at all.
A hollow feeling
Yet contented that you're close by.
Your breathing is the only sound
I feel your fingertips on mine
And I long to reach for more.
Why so far away?
Why not envelop me,
In all of you?
I long to have all of you,
And I reach out to touch your face
Just to realize the breathing was my own.
A once supposed truth
is always breaking down somewhere,
with someone.

A little boy interested in dinosaurs
finds out they evolved into birds
and are all around us.

He watches a chicken outside and says,
"I do not want to eat dinosaur eggs
this morning mom."
 Mar 2012 Hersch Rothmel
It’s 10:18,
another long day,
another lonely night,
and I just cried for no reason...
Well obviously there's
a reason.
and I guess the reason is...

that I don't know what to do.
I               feel trapped.
I don't want my life to be this
twisted-up "love" story
          ­             its become more of a pathetic tragedy
than anything else
completely different than anything I had ever imagined
going into this over a year ago...

And I guess the truth is...
that I can't play this charade anymore
and I can't pretend that there's
that I should forgive you for
that you did.
I can't pretend that I don't still
sometimes, and
I can't pretend that sometimes my heart doesn't still l
                                                               ­                          o
                                                               ­                            n
                                                               ­                              g  for you,
confused about what happened, why you are suddenly gone, and what this means: having so many wonderful memories together and now having
not even words for each other.

Well I've taken some time
and I've listened to
my heart; it tells    
to let               you

I can't
be with                                          you
I can't be
in love with                                   you
I can't give                                    you
a third chance.
Second chances are all that I've got
and I'm sorry that you ruined your last shot but
I'm cashed out, I'm done,           you
have met my threshold for emotional abuse so c
...I want to find somebody better
But that seems close to impossible
                                                     You       were the best I ever had
So respectful-and-kind-and-nice-and-sweet
You never asked for more
than I
But I gave you too much anyway because that's just how I was... 
But and the end of the day,       you      genuinely cared.
Its more difficult than you would think
to find someone who has truly good intentions.
That truly just... cares.
Even though
ripped you apart, the way         you     tore at my hope
never cheated like                       you     did
hide things like                           you     did
Sometimes its still hard,
to believe that I deserve better
Because like I said,                     you     were
the best I ever
                                                    You    t­reated me better
than anyone else ever has
So I wonder if
I will ever find someone who
will really treat             me                              
I like to believe that I am
I like to believe that I
am worth it...
But right now,
staring at this screen,
remembering                                you
rememberin­g              us,
and wondering just where we went wrong...
I don't know.
I was experimenting with different ways of placing words. Its not my best poetic work , I just vented to the computer, but I think it becomes more interesting with the way the words are placed and such..
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