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588 · May 2015
A heart in despair...
Henry Willson May 2015
Often I find myself waking up to the same dream,
Me and you relaxing by the sea,
Feeling the gentleness of the breeze,
Listening to the echoes of waves and buzz of the bees.
Hand in hand we take a stroll,
Bungee jump from the highest fall,
For a minute my heart takes a pause,
The excitement overwhelms me, but still I want more…
Go shopping in the mall,
Rush back home before rain starts to pour…
Giggles around the fireplace,
Drawn by a steady but nervy gaze,
Deep inside, our hearts converse,
Slowly we entwine in a warm embrace
Lips entwined, bodies tremble at each other’s touch…
You touch my heart, look into my eyes,
Whisper into my ear, “only here do I reside…”
Then like a ghost you disappear,
Along with my happiness, leaving me in despair…
missing her
571 · Sep 2015
Virtuous woman...
Henry Willson Sep 2015
Virtuous woman, queen of my heart,
The love you give is no ordinary art,
You are the epitome of all my heart would want,
It is my prayer that we never part…

I’m forever convinced that there’s none like you,
Forever inclined to erase your hurt,
If only you knew how much you’re worth,
In my heart you’re a blessed soul…

I’m overwhelmed by your eagerness to please,
Amazed by the strength of your smile to tease,
It makes me surrender with great ease,
Your desires I forever aim to please…

No matter what the world may say,
In my heart is where you will always stay,
A love like no other is what we portray,
A devotion deeper than I can explain…
459 · Nov 2014
I thought i knew..
Henry Willson Nov 2014
I thought I knew the depth of love,
Till you came into my life,
What started as only but just a shake of your palm,
Left me overwhelmed by an aura I can't describe...

I thought I knew happiness, till our love grew,
Sharing the best laughter, a radiance that only us knew,
Hand in hand as we walked under a sky so blue,
Day after day, with a kiss, our Love we renewed...

I thought I knew karma, till I started breaking all the rules,
Never would a day pass without me lying to you,
Pursuing temporary pleasures, evading what was good,
Ignoring the possibility of ending up with life without you...

I thought I knew pain, till I looked in your eyes,
Haunted by the gaze that befell my eyes,
Then and only then did I realise,
I had known not how much you meant to me,
Till that moment you left my side...
388 · Dec 2014
My Love...
Henry Willson Dec 2014
If you don’t smile then we won’t glow,
The moment that makes you frown, I don’t want to know,
Out of my life, I don’t want you to go,
Your heart is so warm; I don’t want to go cold,
Forever in my life, I take pride in this Love…

I never want to wake up and realise that you’ve pulled away,
I’d search the world for reasons that led us astray,
For answers as to how we evaded Love and chose pain,
Without you I’d be overshadowed by gloom all over again,
Love is YOU and ME and there’s no other way…

You have me standing in front of the world
Proclaiming, declaring, that you’re my one and only girl,
You’ve shown me how true love works,
Never in my life have I felt so secure
Among all that I’ve sought, it is with you that I am worthy!
#love in its fullness
377 · Dec 2014
A poet's emptiness...
Henry Willson Dec 2014
Through poetry I give out my all
My pain, my anger, my happiness and sorrow
I feel empty within
For none a feeling do I retain
Exploring over and all my boundaries
Satisfying my urge to share,
Emptiness within me I nurture,
My heart an open book with blank pages,
As with each chapter I end, my story fades…
A painful openness, an emptiness I wish I could erase,
Instead, I lie in this bed with a teary gaze…
Night after night my mind is plagued,
Carving through moments, memories that once stole my heart away,
I’m lost, lonely; I fear I know not of myself,
For within me it feels like I’ve given my all away,
Sadly, I hold no answer as to what remains…
#sad, lonely...empty
368 · Nov 2014
A day in silence..
Henry Willson Nov 2014
My heart’s aching, my lips are closed,
My mind deep in silent war,
With each battle lost, my eyes just roll,
To the world, my eyes are just sore,
To us, a day in silence means a lot more…

I’m longing for those moments were our hearts race free,
That special moment were u smile for me,
That beautiful moment that beams like it’s a fantasy,
That special feeling unique to you and me,
Alas, this day in silence robs us of our usual chemistry…

All day long I wonder how we’ve lost our glow,
For together we resemble a perfect flow,
The more we hold back, the more we tumble so low
To the land were Love wouldn’t want to go
A day in silence, the moment our love seems not to grow…

An emotion not expressed is an expression robbed,
All we’ve done is look away and sob,
Elude our hearts from Love’s hope,
Holding within what ought to be out,
A day in silence, a confinement that Love should be without…
just one of those low moments in a relationship..
341 · Nov 2014
A beautiful moment..
Henry Willson Nov 2014
Like the first kiss I look forward to each day,
Its richness forever in our hearts it shall stay.
Its essence forever our minds it shall plague,
A beautiful moment our hearts shall forever portray…

Like the joy at the sight of a child’s first step,
I look forward to feeling the warmth of your hand.
To have and to be with you each day,
A beautiful moment we shall make to stay…

Like the intensity and purity of a first Love,
It is your heart I aspire to have.
So pure, you have me kneeling with a teary gaze,
A beautiful moment as we both surrender to our hearts’ desires…
332 · Dec 2014
Something about love
Henry Willson Dec 2014
There’s something about Love and the way you look,
That special symmetry that keeps me off the hook
My heart yearns for you like a diamond to a crook,
So divine are my feelings for you,
Have no doubt, my heart is only meant for YOU...

There’s something about Love and the way you smile,
The crack of your lips illuminates my mind,
It takes my mind plenty a mile
It traps me in a gaze for quite a while…

There’s something about Love and the twinkle in your eye,
That special sparkle that always gets me high
You have captured my mind, that I can not deny,
To be with you is my heart’s desire…

There’s something about Love that keeps me wanting you around,
A strong bond that keeps us bound,
Forever attached, our hearts beat as one,
Deep within my heart it is you that I can not live without…
#love in the eyes of the beholder..
325 · Nov 2014
Thinking of you
Henry Willson Nov 2014
In my thoughts of you,
There is an underlying love that is
present in every word, in every glimpse.
Even as my mind wonders in a daydream,
It is only YOU that I see...
Throughout the pressures of everyday life,
It is your love that keeps my heart buoyed,
You mush up my mind with your sweet aura,
You're beautiful, more wonderful in my eyes
Than you were before!
The deeper our love grows, the more I discover
a greater sense of beauty in you, about you, with you...
You're amazing and amazingly mine...
I love you

— The End —