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Dec 2014
There’s something about Love and the way you look,
That special symmetry that keeps me off the hook
My heart yearns for you like a diamond to a crook,
So divine are my feelings for you,
Have no doubt, my heart is only meant for YOU...

There’s something about Love and the way you smile,
The crack of your lips illuminates my mind,
It takes my mind plenty a mile
It traps me in a gaze for quite a while…

There’s something about Love and the twinkle in your eye,
That special sparkle that always gets me high
You have captured my mind, that I can not deny,
To be with you is my heart’s desire…

There’s something about Love that keeps me wanting you around,
A strong bond that keeps us bound,
Forever attached, our hearts beat as one,
Deep within my heart it is you that I can not live without…
#love in the eyes of the beholder..
Henry Willson
Written by
Henry Willson  Zimbabwe
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