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Nov 2014
My heart’s aching, my lips are closed,
My mind deep in silent war,
With each battle lost, my eyes just roll,
To the world, my eyes are just sore,
To us, a day in silence means a lot more…

I’m longing for those moments were our hearts race free,
That special moment were u smile for me,
That beautiful moment that beams like it’s a fantasy,
That special feeling unique to you and me,
Alas, this day in silence robs us of our usual chemistry…

All day long I wonder how we’ve lost our glow,
For together we resemble a perfect flow,
The more we hold back, the more we tumble so low
To the land were Love wouldn’t want to go
A day in silence, the moment our love seems not to grow…

An emotion not expressed is an expression robbed,
All we’ve done is look away and sob,
Elude our hearts from Love’s hope,
Holding within what ought to be out,
A day in silence, a confinement that Love should be without…
just one of those low moments in a relationship..
Henry Willson
Written by
Henry Willson  Zimbabwe
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