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Henrie Diosa Nov 2021
our fingertips towards our toes
our legs are long, long, long
our chin to chest, our knees to nose
our heartbeat to the song

breathe in. breathe out. and elongate,
to straddle; point our toes
and in. again. and out. again.
be plastique to the pose

look up: our pinkies at our crown
with arms above, in fifth
our elbows up, our shoulders down
no tension in the wrists

our core engaged, our spine aware
of every vertebra
and gently smile, no tension there
throughout the port de bras

our calves should burn, but move with ease
lengthen, lengthen,
                                      and — release
Started for ballet class learning logs, finished for the #TopTweetTuesday of August 24th. Ballet stretches are nice. They wake up parts of you that you didn't even know were sleeping.
Henrie Diosa Nov 2021
i hope world war three breaks out tomorrow
so our professor cancels class
i hope the sky lights up on fire
and we all get an automatic pass

i hope the economy falls into shambles
and news anchors say we're all doomed
i hope a bomb falls on a church during mass
burned but not consumed

i hope all the world leaders resign
i hope you get punched in the teeth
i hope an intercontinental ballistic missile finds
an irreparable coral reef

i hope when i run that the sun burns my eyes
that's cinematic weather
i hope that you find me before they find us
so we can explode together

i hope the future historians have trouble figuring out who wins
i hope they never understand
i hope the ******* find us singing
hand in unlovable hand
I've been listening to a lot of The Mountain Goats. I think it shows here.
Henrie Diosa Nov 2021
i met god once again today,
or maybe she met me;
i fell in love the selfsame way
i fell into the sea

and every breath of brine i took
was one forgiven sin,
yet though the angels call me home,
they will not let me in.

yes, i have died a thousand times
of causes great and small,
and on i hope to die again
to prove i’ve lived at all!

for i am a plaything tangled
in the playwright’s wretched plot
and i trust that her great story will
in time, forget me not

for a wretch like me could never see
the yield of what i’ve sown —
so lead me not where tempters lie —
i’ll get there on my own.

this sorry fleshy prison is
the opposite of free —
with stones inside my pockets
let me march into the sea
Henrie Diosa Nov 2021
some spirit just told me
my uncle's gonna fold me
i'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer
but he took the danish crown
and he's married to my mom
and i think he killed his brother for power

well the clues start coming
and they won't stop coming
put on a play and sent the man running
doesn't make sense to anyone
your words fly up
but your thoughts stay down

so much to do, so much to see
get yourself off to a nunnery
you'll never be killed if you ****
you'll always be loved until—

hey now, you're ophelia,
girl i feel ya, go away
hey now, prince of denmark,
get the show on, this play
to be or not to be
the soul of wit is brevity

hell's a hot place
and they say it gets hotter
you're bundled up now
wait til you're underwater
frailty thy name is woman
judging from the mess in your sheets
ya sinnin'

learn to skate
when the ice gets thin
wear all your clothes
and go for a swim
doubt the stars are fire
doubt truth to be a liar

hey now, stab a rat still,
did i just **** claudius?
hey now, prince of denmark,
half depressed, half glorious
to be or not to be
you can't play a flute
and you can't play me

hey non nonny
hey non nonny
hey non nonny, hey, hey

poor yorick alas
i well knew his clown ***
kissed him square on the lips, and he's dirt now
and i said hey, even kings decay
might stop a hole to keep the wind away
and i'd quite like to sleep in the earth now

well my folks start dying
and they don't stop dying
bear what ills you have instead of flying
unmask your beauty to the moon
can't see him now
but you'll smell him soon

so much to do, so much to see
here's some rue and here's some rosemary
you'll never be killed if you ****
you'll always be loved until—

hey now, hold your cup high,
to health of our thane!
hey now, prince of denmark,
hamlet, thou art slain!
to be or not to be!
i do not set my life on a pin's fee

to be or not to be!
you can't play a flute
and you can't play me
Yes, it's Hamlet to the tune of All Star by Smash Mouth. It's what the bard would have wanted.
Henrie Diosa Nov 2021
To hollow bones I had been born,
my weight, then, led their flight;
But you had so much heavier borne,
that I was feather-light.
Henrie Diosa Nov 2021
I'm captain of my struggle ship today,
Throughout the toss and turn and slip and slide.
Without a map to set me on my way,
The treacherous and rising sea I ride.

The walls will leak, the sails will tear and give;
The wind will run the struggle ship aground.
But I will try to bodge and steer and live
Until my fabled pirate treasure's found.

'Til then, behold the struggle ship afloat
Upon a sea of thick and boiling oil,
Composed of sails of lace and petticoat,
And hulls of sandalwood and silver foil.

If others pass the storm that we all take,
At least I prove the weakness was my make.
Henrie Diosa Nov 2021
In the rain he walks, dejected.
— What a tired little soul! —
Keeps the air of one rejected
As his only living goal.
Why, a butterfly would irk him
If it landed on his shoe,
And I bet no-one could work him
Though he hasn't much to do.
In his pretty melancholy
He will loiter in the park
Where the gentlemen will call; he
Mutters Shakespeare in the dark,
Making it his lame ambition
Just to wear a lover thin —
As he's failed his lover's mission,
Why should anyone else win?
So he walks, pretentious *****,
All a-trimmed in mourning black
And he drinks his bitter coffee
Then he goes to hit the sack.
He pretends there's some great novel
That he's keeping in his mind
So he locks up in his hovel,
Where he takes his ****** time.
He will play chess solitary
As he's drowning in his spleen,
Saying how he'll never marry
As he captures his own queen —
Why, a kiss would surely burn him,
If someone would have the gall!
And to love I couldn't turn him
If he's ever loved at all.
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