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 Sep 2019 Edith
she: what is it about me?
he: what do you mean?
she: me...?
he: uh...
she: what don't i have?
he: uh...
she: i'm overweight...
he: um...
she: i'm unattractive
he: what?...
she: i'm boring
he: no...
she: i'm dumb
he: uh, well....
she: i give up
he: well, i....
she: nope, that's it, i give up
he: oh, come on...
she: quit trying to talk me out of it
he: i was only...
she: i'm done, good bye
he: wait, what, where are you...
she: have a good life
he: what about dinner?
 Sep 2019 Edith
a wandering voice
light touches, soft whispers,
smiles that only appear for you,
laughter, giggles,
afterglow of blissful nights,
basking in your warmth,
that is bliss.
 Aug 2019 Edith
Olivia A Keaton
this is our song
by the lake
with shining lights lining the deck,
though you shine much brighter.

this is citronella
on our skin
trying and failing
to keep the bugs at a distance
though you hold me closer.

this is sunset
among the clouds
the clouds that bloom not a drop of rain
though my eyes shed enough rain for the both of us.

this is a happy time
a safe moment in a flat state
in a lover's arms
a wonderful peace of mind.

I could never be happier
for a citronella sunset evening.
 Aug 2019 Edith
Olivia A Keaton
the sun is nothing but a flower
the petals created by the blur
of my own vision
 Aug 2019 Edith
Your animals, are all dead
Your scenery, a chasm recycled
Your conclusions, temporary

Your leftovers, aren’t hungry
Your gyms, occupied and empty
Your ***, missionary

Your wealth, poorly sought
Your depth, see the second line
Your groceries, a dollar short of mine

Your plagues, rehearsed til true
Your wage, spent to amuse
Your sage, bottom shelf at the back

Your relationships, are melted buoys
Your complexities, remain toyed
Your mirrors, indifferent

Your fantasies, live on T.V
Your property, a loan that bleeds
Your arguments, sit at the baseline

Your seconds, triumph
Your minutes, tangle
Your hours, stay

Your days, lose sleep
Your weeks, fail to keep
Your months, ask for better permission

All these years...and I’ve boarded up.
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