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Harley Quinzel Aug 2017
Who doesn't believe their child when they speak?
Every time they speak,
It's the devil's speech.
Mother and Father I beseech you!
Why have I never been treated equal?
All you do is ridicule and judge,
Our dear Lord must be crying in the Heavens up above.
Witnessing a child who never experienced love,
Not by them.
Not by these devils,
The parents I'm supposed to "love."
Harley Quinzel Aug 2017
Sometimes I feel like I'm just too deep for you,
That's why you drown in my stew,
Lick and ****...
The flavour in your mouth...
So appatising.
When you taste the richness of my core,
Your appetite has become insatiable,
Have I now become your favourite fruit?
Have I become your favourite taste?
“Sit upon my face”
You can't.
You won't.
Give up.
I am your meal...
Your appetite.
Serve me as you please.
Take a bite, I'm sweeter than I seem.
Harley Quinzel Aug 2017
Soulful Child of mine,
Loved once in time,
Once upon a time,
Before they stole you in the night.
Beautiful Child of mine,
Lovely and bright.
Soulful Child of mine,
I kept you tight.
Held you through the night,
Not enough...
Soulful Child of mine,
Smile so bright,
Last I saw it..
They stole you in the dead of night.
Harley Quinzel Aug 2017
They silenced me.
Slaughtered my words,
Yet expected me to speak.
My voice suppressed.
Hidden deep within my chest.
"Speak when spoken to",
"Voice only what I want to hear",
This is silence of the lambs my dear.
Harley Quinzel Aug 2017
Come in sit down!
Hello I am so and so,
Nice to meet you!
How have you been?!
You've been good? A little dim?
I heard you're having some problems,
Please let me in.
It's my job, I'm here to help!

❝...I can never truly feel the way I "felt", because truth be told..they never knew it but I've always needed "help".❞

❝I don't know what to tell you, doctor lady. You seem really nice, but as you can see... We're wasting each other's time.❞

❝They shrugged it off, swept it underneath the rug, DIDN'T GIVE A ****, :) but Doctor lady. Who really cares, I'm "fine" as I am. "This is who I am", they REALLY don't give a ****. They wouldn't love me either way...Even if I wasn't mad♡❞
Harley Quinzel Aug 2017
They silenced my voice...
So I found other ways to speak.
Harley Quinzel Jan 2017
Every day,
Every night,
I fight my demons,
They aren't the same for you as they are for me,
Different demons that only I can see,
Invisible to you,
But so clear to me,
My demons..
My demons..
Only I can see.
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