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Harley Quinzel Dec 2021
Forever floating like the River Nile,
The Thames,
Strong like the stems of a flower,
Which lay beneath it's beauty,
Only to witness it blossom.

It wants for nothing,
But to float within the earth's atmosphere,
To be one with it's surroundings,
To find those who need it most,

Becoming the place for your fears and worries to die,
Whilst you thrive,
It remains here for you,
To guide you,
Love you.

To help you spread far and wide, as is it's nature.
To be there for you in times of need.
It is your feather.
And you are the bird, who needs not for a flock.
Nor a Shepard.
Weightless you shall be.
Forever free.
Harley Quinzel Mar 2018
I'm at a point in my life where things aren't entirely clear.

Bleary as before...Yet the fog is so much more.

Thicker, darker, quicker to cover the sky.

The uncertainty settles in, am I going to die?
Harley Quinzel Mar 2018
I don't want you to feel my pain,
Just know that it exists,
Recognize that it is truly there,
Acknowledge it.
Harley Quinzel Nov 2017
Emotionally, they starved me for years.
Physically, they were always prepared.
Mentally, they just weren't there.
Harley Quinzel Aug 2017
Don't try to understand me,
You'll only confuse yourself,
I don't fit in,
No mold can shape me,
I am a question mark on society,
I don't know myself,
So how can anyone else,
I am an oxymoron,
But still so loud in my approach,
Happy yet sad,
Hot yet cold,
I do not know myself..
So how can anyone else?
Yet insane all the same,
Sometimes, I feel like there's parts missing from my brain,
A frankinstein...
A monster come to life.
Made of various parts,
Dead but alive,
Talk about myself?
You want to know who I am?
Where do I start...
During my creation I suppose God misplaced a couple of parts,
There are a few screws loose up top,
And slightly lower down,
Take a sharp turn to the left,
You will notice there is no rhythmic beating in my breast,
I am a Mona Lisa.
Unfinished, but there.
She was missing something,
And so am I....

My heart isn't there.
Harley Quinzel Aug 2017
He said I was ungrateful.
That I never deserved his attention and affection,
You left me with a life long lesson,
If my own father couldn't love me,
Who was there else to be?
Not my mother...
There was never the possibility,
She said I looked like him,
Adopted his mannerisms,
That I was the living embodiment of him,
She knew I hated to hear it but neither did she care,
It tore me apart to be compared to Him.
Everyone agreed,
Spoke as if it were a compliment,
He was evil...
I was nothing like him,
They say a child born out of hate resembles the devil,
Back then...
I looked like him...
But now,
I look like her...
I guess I'm the product of destruction.
When two evil beings arise,
A demon is spawned.
“You're just like your mum and dad”
“A little bit of both”
Harley Quinzel Aug 2017
“I love you” said the Beast,
Then came the liar and the cheat,
Lastyly the one you never see.
All standing before me,
But none love thee.
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